The Sub

"So is this it?" His eyes cast down. No attempt to meet mine again.
"I don't know. I think it is." I reply. His back turns and then it hits me. It's over. No matter how much it hurts. It's the memories I crave, and the future I crave. I can't be what he wants. He can't be what I want. "This is it."


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3
        "Jacey, I need to ask you about the Chemistry Team you participated in last year. Mr. Birch, your teacher wanted me to ask you if you wanted to participate again this year. So do you?" His tone is very formal, no emotion at all. It’s odd hearing someone speak like that. Even the teachers here at least sound a bit brighter, or darker… but not so dull.
        “No thank you. I’m just focusing on having a bit more fun this year.” I tell him flatly. Why do I sound so hateful?
        “That’s all then.” He tears his eyes from me.
        No, don’t look away. I like your eyes. That part of me wails. I need to control this newfound personality. Where did she come from anyways?
        "Goodbye, Mr. Hemmings.” I express much nicer.
        “Until next time, Jacey,” I glance at him once more and see he’s chewing on his bottom lip.
        I’d like to do that.
        My eyes widen at my own thought! Why am I so… distracted by him? He’s a dang teacher for God’s sake. It’s not going to amount to anything anyways. I mean I may never see him after this week. Besides he probably isn’t looking for some ridiculous teenager.
        “There you are!!!” I hear Alexa before I see her. She emerges from the stairwell behind me. She pulls me into a tight embrace. “What’s your next period?”
        I rummage through my bag and pull out my schedule. “Uh, it’s Creative Writing. What’s yours?”
        She squeals rather loudly. It makes her brown hair bounce around.
        “So I’m guessing we have it together?” I inquire; she nods with a ridiculous grin on her face. “Well let’s get going. I don’t want Mrs. Holloway bitching at on the first day.”
        “Agreed!” She links arms with me as we walk down the stairwell and into B Building.
        “I would have eventually made my way down here. You were here already right?” I ask Alexa.
        “No, I was in the top of A. Why would you think I was in B?”
        “Why would I assume you were in the top of A?” I say sarcastically. “It is the first day; I don’t have your schedule memorized yet.”
        We take a seat in the back of class, no one likes sitting up near Mrs. Holloway. I grab my journal, knowing she’s going to want us to write about our summer or something.
        “Did you hear the gossip yet?” Alexa asks me.
        “No, it’s only the first day. Jeez, you know everything already?”
        “Well, I keep hearing rumors about a hot substitute for Chem this week. “
        My cheeks flush. “I had him for homeroom and first.”
        “Well is he?!” Her voice goes an octave higher.
        I bite down on my bottom lip. My lips curve up when I think of his beautiful blue eyes. “Yeah, he is.”
        “Oh, awesome!” She turns her attention to some annoying kid throwing a paper airplane. She yells at him to grow up. The guy just laughs at her.
        I find myself thinking about him again. What the hell is wrong with me?
        “Alright there, Jacey?” Alexa asks me.
        No, I just have major thing for a damn teacher. And I’ve barely spoke to him. Oh! It’s also probably illegal! “Yeah, I’m fine.”
        Mrs. Holloway walks in and surprisingly doesn’t assign us anything. She just gives us a syllabus, and then lets us talk. Actually every class goes this way. Alexa and I have second, third, fourth, sixth, and ninth. So we only have to survive four classes without each other this semester.
Alexa walks with me to our cars. We always park beside each other.
        “When did you get the new car?” She leans against her car. “It’s really nice!”
        “Thanks, dad gave it to me this morning. It was so random and unlike him. I’m grateful though. I don’t know if my old beetle would have made it another school year.”
        “So, you like that sub, don’t ya?” Alexa teases. I blush and shake my head.
        “It’s stupid, no I don’t. I just find him cute.”
        “Okay, whatever you say! He is so hot though. He’s a teacher though, J. Don’t do anything stupid.” She smiles sweetly then climbs into her car.
        I mimic her sliding into the driver’s seat.  We wave then pull out. I follow her for about a tenth of a mile before I turn down Madison Street while she stays in route going down Broadway.
When I get home mom gives me the grocery list and I go to the market for her. Dad is at work still. He won’t be home until later tonight.
        I turn the cart down the next aisle. I always have mom write her list according to aisles so I can get everything quicker. As I’m scanning the shelves I accidently hit someone with the buggy!
        “I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you!” I apologize awkwardly. The man turns around. Shit. 
        “It’s fine. Jacey, is it?” It’s Mr. Hemmings.  “Accidents happen.”
        “I’ll just be going then.” I say quite awkwardly while my cheeks turn a deeper crimson.
        “Hey, Jacey wait!” He calls as I am about to turn and leave.
        “Yeah?” I ask confused.
         “You should rethink joining the Chemistry team. I’m helping coach this year.”
        “And your point is?” Okay, this is weird. 
        “I’d like to have you on the team. Please consider it.” He winks.
        What?! He just winked at me!! My inner-self is doing a double back tuck in the air right about now.
        “I might.” I say then walk to the next aisle.
        What was that? I lean on my buggy gathering my wits. Was he hitting on me? 
        No of course he wasn’t,” my logical self-counters. He just wants me on the team to help them place again. That’s all.
        I finish shopping then go to check out. I scan the area looking for Mr. Hemmings. He must not be checking out yet, or he’s already left. Part of my mind sighs while the other is disappointed. I seriously need to get home and stop thinking so much about a teacher!!
        I help mom put away the groceries and then she starts to make dinner. I go to my room and start making a schedule for myself. My desk has one of those big calendars on it, so I can plan ahead for school and such. It makes my life a bit less stressful. I stay on time with everything this way.
        After dinner I shower and lay in bed. I dream of blue eyes and chemistry teams.


Sorry for such a short and boring update. Things will get better, and more intriguing as the story builds! 
Hope you have a great day/night! :)

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