The Sub

"So is this it?" His eyes cast down. No attempt to meet mine again.
"I don't know. I think it is." I reply. His back turns and then it hits me. It's over. No matter how much it hurts. It's the memories I crave, and the future I crave. I can't be what he wants. He can't be what I want. "This is it."


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2
        I go to the bathroom to kill the five minutes between classes. That'll be a good excuse for walking out when I was already in there.
         I stare at myself in the mirror. My cheeks are flushed.
        What the heck Jacey? 
                I shake my head and mentally laugh at myself. I don’t want to get all wrapped up in a guy already… let alone my substitute teacher! That’s illegal anyways, isn’t it? Either way it’s stupid of me to think about him in anyway other than a teacher.
                I grab my bag from where I dropped it on the floor than walk out. The hallway is crowded as usual. I scan the hall for Alexa; she’s one of the few people who I actually like at this school. Also she’s my best friend. I can’t see her anywhere; she must be in B Building of the school. I’m in A.
                When I walk back into the class, there are already some kids in there. I sit next to Cameron, he’s usually nice to me so why not? I glance up to Mr. Hemmings and he gives me a friendly smile. I return it then shift in my seat to get more comfortable.
                “How was your summer?” Cameron asks me and then we engage into a simple conversation about out summers. His was a lot more exciting than mine considering he worked at the community pool. I just worked at the Dairy Queen down the street from the pool. We saw each other every few days during those hot summer days, but we rarely talked, I was always busy and he always had to get back to the pool.
                “Ahem,” Mr. Hemmings clears his throat. I look around and see Alexa is not in my first period. Well at least I have Cam to talk to. “I’m Mr. Hemmings. I am your substitute for a few days until your teacher gets back…” He launches back into the same speech he gave during homeroom. He starts to explain some other things so I begin to pay attention. I start to catch on to his accent. He’s Australian; I wonder how he ended up teaching in America?  
                “Your teacher sent me a few emails about this class, so basically he wants me to hand out your syllabus for this semester. But first I have to take roll.” He goes through the list slowly. “Jacey Carter?”
                I raise my hand.
                “Is there anything you’d rather be called?” He asks as he has for everyone.
                “No just Jacey.”  I answer.
                “Okay,” he calls the next name and so on. After about 3 minutes he starts passing out the syllabuses for our class.
                CHEMISTRY 2 is printed in bold capital letters of the cover. I open it. The first few weeks are simple lessons on the Periodic Table and Atomic Masses. The further I read the more complex it gets. This is going to be a hard class to ace.
                “Your teacher has provided you with a copy of the Periodic Table and some simple chemical reactions on the last three pages of the syllabus. He will be back on Monday, and he wants me to prep you for a short quiz on these items. So tomorrow morning we will start. Until the bell rings we’re going to play a game.” Mr. Hemmings tells us. “Basically, since I’m going to be here for a week I need to know all your names. So, I want you to all write your name on a slip of paper.” He hands a pad of sticky notes to Todd; he takes one and then passes the pad back. “I will collect them and out them in this jar.” He holds up a big beaker. “After that I’ll draw names and if I call your name you will help me get the game started.”
                “What exactly is this game?” The red haired girl asks. This school is too big for me too know all the names. There are at least 450 students in my class. So I don’t know everyone’s name.
                “So, I’m going to hand out the slips at random and I have to guess if they’re correct or not. Then the ones I get right will put your name back in the jar. Then I’ll have my assistant swap the names around again. And so on. Even though I just took roll, I can’t remember but a few of you,” at that moment I swear he glances at me. I shake the thought out of my mind. It was just coincidence. “Then I’ll reset the game and choose one of you to go. Since the school is so big I highly doubt you all know each other.” Everyone nods.
                When he collects all the papers and puts them in the beaker he covers it with his hand and shakes it up. He takes his time digging through the papers.  
                Please be me, please be me! A part of me screams. She’s raising her hand and waving it like an excited child. I brush her away.
                “Jacey Carter.” He calls and looks directly at me. Hmm, he remembers me. “Please come up here and help me.”
                I nod. I walk up behind the desk with him. My little goddess starts doing a back tuck and cheering.
                Shut up! I hush her but I feel my cheeks heating up. I’m really happy I was chosen.
                “Jacey,” Mr. Hemmings says my name sweetly. I want to hear him talk to me all day…
                Whoa, where is that coming from? I need to stop thinking about him. Now.
                “So what do I need to do?” I ask nicely.
                “Go ahead and randomly pass out the names. Obviously don’t give the girls a guy’s name and vice versa.” He hands me the beaker. Our hands brush shortly and I feel a current rush through me; and I’m about ninety-eight percent sure he smirks at me when I gasp in air. “Also, can I speak with you after class?”
                “Yeah sure,” I say calmly. Inside though, my goddess is back to her cheer routine. I hand out the slips at random. Then the game begins. It takes about twenty minutes for him to get all the names in the right order. Then he picks Todd to go and give the game a shot. Todd finishes faster, he has remarkable memory. When the bell rings I stay where I am behind the desk and wait for Mr. Hemmings.
                “Jacey, I need to ask you about….” 

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