The Sub

"So is this it?" His eyes cast down. No attempt to meet mine again.
"I don't know. I think it is." I reply. His back turns and then it hits me. It's over. No matter how much it hurts. It's the memories I crave, and the future I crave. I can't be what he wants. He can't be what I want. "This is it."


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1
        "Honey, you need to get up." My mother knocks at my door. I roll my eyes a laugh before answering her.  I've been up for an hour already.
        "I'm up mom." I open the door and see she's still in her pajamas and has a robe on. "Will you make me some breakfast please?!" I ask very childlike.
        "I remember you asking me the same thing your first day of kindergarten; and now here you are on your first day of your senior year asking it again." Her voice cracks and I think she might cry.
        "Mom, please don't cry." I say and rub her shoulder. "You'll make me cry then." I actually won't cry, but that usually stops her. Once again it works. She sucks in a breath and then smiles.
        "Your father wants to speak to you before you leave." She tells me and grins. Then she goes down the hall towards the kitchen.
        I shut my door and then gather everything I'll need for the day. I glance in the mirror at myself. My auburn hair is curly on the tips, and my green eyes are almost too bright. I pull up my top a little so I'm covered enough. I grin at the little pudgy part of my tummy. I may be one of the few people who actually like my extra weight. I'm happy with the way I look.
        I grab my bag and purse then turn my radio off. I sigh; right as I did one of my favorite songs from The Fray came on. With one last glance I'm out and I go down to my fathers in home office. "You wanted to see me?"
        "Yes." He says looking at me after sitting his paperwork down. My father looks a lot like me, or I look a lot like him. His green eyes are a darker sage though. "I know it's not your birthday, or anything significant besides starting your senior year; but I felt you needed something. So come here," he beckons me with his hand and leads me to the window. He moves the curtains and says, "That's all yours," with a huge grin!
        "Dad! Are you serious?!" I practically scream looking at my new white BMW!! "Dad, how did you afford that?!"
        "No need to know, honey. Just enjoy it. You deserve it! You've been so patient through the hard times lately and since I got the new job, I figured why not?!" He explains.  I'm in too much shock to even speak. He explains how he can afford it now with his new position and some big company I've never heard of.
        Last year my dad lost his job and so did a bunch of other people in our area of Seattle. He along with a bunch of others worked for an independent publishing company. So when the company crashed, so did everyone’s lives who worked there. Without my dad’s income I had to take up a part time job to help mom and dad out. He found a job towards the end of summer, which is this one, now everything is fine. Obviously! I mean he just bought me a BMW!!!
                “Dad are you sure? I mean this is really over the top!” I feel like he’s wasting way too much money on me. I mean, this is crazy!
                “Honey, we have a little more money than we need right now. So just think of it as a late 18th birthday gift. Please, just take it.” He pleads. He looks so happy, how can I say no?  The past year has been so hard on him and I could see it in his eyes. Now he looks happier than ever. He seems so happy he can afford to give me this.
                “Alright dad, thank you so much!” I throw my arms around him and hug him tightly.
                “Go on and eat, then go on to school. I expect a call when you get there telling me how good it drives.” He kisses my cheek then ushers me out the door.
                My mom has breakfast laid out for me. I eat my pancakes and she tells me that I have to go to the grocery store for her later tonight. Oh, more driving time for me! I grab my bag and keys, after adding the new one of course, then go out to my car! I throw my bag on the passenger’s seat and put the key in the hole. The interior of the car is just as beautiful as the outside. I can’t help but let a huge grin spread on my lips. The car drives beautifully to school. I park in my usual spot and then get out. Instead of calling my dad, I just text him quickly. I wave at the four guys across the lot staring at me, well probably my car, and then walk into the building.
                The first day usually takes forever. We have to all go to our home rooms to get our schedules; except the freshman. They don’t know their homeroom yet so they all go to the gymnasium.  So we’re stuck in home room for a good two hours until all the “freshie’s” get the hang of the school.
                I’m literally the first person in the classroom. The teacher isn’t even here! What the hell?! I take a seat in the middle of the room and pull out my phone. A few minutes later some kids start to pour into the room so I put it away. Great, I don’t have homeroom with any of my friends. Everyone else seems to know each other and they sit in their little groups. Luckily we don’t go to homeroom much, so I won’t have to be a loner a lot.
                “Eh, hem.” The teacher, I think clears his throat walking into the room and closing the door. Damn! He’s fine! He’s so young! How can he be a teacher? Everyone finally quiets down then he begins to speak. “I’m Mr. Hemmings. No, I am not your teacher. I am the substitute until your real teacher gets back from his vacation or whatever.” He bites down on his bottom lip and his tongue swipes over left side of his lip. Like he’s missing something maybe? “I expect the same amount of respect you’d give your regular teacher. If you’re anything like I was then I expect more than what you give your teachers.” I can’t keep my eyes off of him. Damn, he’s so beautiful. Even when his eyes meet mine I don’t look away. He grins and then I blush and finally tear my eyes away from him. Thank god he’s just the substitute and not our teacher. I’d never be able to concentrate if he was.
                After another lecture he lets us do whatever we want. I go back to messing around on my phone and listening to my conscience laugh at me for having a thing for the new substitute. Surprisingly we aren’t in homeroom all day. The freshman must have gotten through everything quickly. I make my way out of the class quickly and then go to my first period. I mentally slap myself after realizing that I have his class for first period. Damn it, this is going to be weird.


Authors note: Hope you liked my first chapter! Vote or comment maybe?! Thankssss! (: I'm also posting this is wattpad so if you see it there know its also me!

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