The hidden ones...

Jacob sat there, staring at the wall... Waiting for Cry to come back. He never realized that she really was a master of stealth and that she was right behind him in the shadows... Covered up. She jumped up from behind him and kissed him on the cheek. It startled him but then he enjoyed it realizing it was only her. "So I see you've been practicing your stealth, my dear." Jacob said to her smiling. "Of course! You taught me, bby." Suddenly someone emerged from the door with a gun in their hand pointing it straight at Jacob, after a few minutes the man finally said "I guess me finally meet again... Toyo" Jacob widened his eyes at that name, he hadn't heard that name in centuries.. "How do you know that name?" The man took offense and took off his cowl. "Mabye that will help..." Jacob suddenly gasped, "We need to talk.. Kyoto." Kyoto grinned wickedly. "So we do.."


1. Discovered

Kyoto and Toyo were walking down the street in the dark talking silently.. "It's been a long time Toyo and The Brotherhood needs you back.. Maybe you should come back brother.. It would mean a lot, and I don't wanna have to kill my own blood-brother" Toyo merely chuckled "Well maybe you shouldn't have warned me.. I might be the one to kill you first if you don't keep you're mouth shut.. That's always been the problem with you Kyoto, you really need to stop warning people before you strike." Kyoto paused and thought for a moment "Well maybe our master should help us then.. Toyo." Toyo glared at him "Well I Would but..." He paused as he heard foot steps behind him, he looked back and saw Cry. "Cry?! You aren't suppose to be here!" Cry glared at him and said "Well maybe you shouldn't say that.. I mean I probably knocked out six damn people that were eavesdropping on you idiots.." Kyoto chuckled heartedly "Quite the Feisty one eh?" Toyo glared at him and remarked, "Well I seem to remember you're little apprentice and she was quite.. Well, let's just say on the large side." Kyoto simply chuckled and moved on... "Let's just keep walking brother, and bring your apprentice along.. It seems she'll just help her self anyways." Cry smiled graciously "Well it was easier to spy on you idiots than you think"

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