The hidden ones...

Jacob sat there, staring at the wall... Waiting for Cry to come back. He never realized that she really was a master of stealth and that she was right behind him in the shadows... Covered up. She jumped up from behind him and kissed him on the cheek. It startled him but then he enjoyed it realizing it was only her. "So I see you've been practicing your stealth, my dear." Jacob said to her smiling. "Of course! You taught me, bby." Suddenly someone emerged from the door with a gun in their hand pointing it straight at Jacob, after a few minutes the man finally said "I guess me finally meet again... Toyo" Jacob widened his eyes at that name, he hadn't heard that name in centuries.. "How do you know that name?" The man took offense and took off his cowl. "Mabye that will help..." Jacob suddenly gasped, "We need to talk.. Kyoto." Kyoto grinned wickedly. "So we do.."


2. Brotherhood

Cry was getting sick of walking and asked "Can we pleeeeease stop somewhere..? I'm not some wolf or warlock like you guys!" Kyoto suddenly became alert "You're not?! Toyo what is she?!" "Shut up Kyoto I'm demon and wolf." Toyo smirked "But you just said you weren't.. Whatever." Toyo stopped suddenly to a unknown sound, "Maybe you both should shut up and get over here before I knock out both of you and kick you both in a ditch." Kyoto looked at Toyo and said with a remark "Dang, watch you're tongue Toyo, maybe you should shut up first before someone pulls you're damn tongue out of your mouth." Just then seven bandits jumped out of no where which startled them caused them to trip. "Looks like the Brotherhood has gotten out of shape, speaking that we've done this a thousand times before and still seem to startle you idiots." Kyoto merely shrugged, "I've rarely seen you do that syok and to be honest I've only seen that twice.. "Shut up Kyoto, before I shove my axe up your ass." Kyoto chuckled, "I think you need to stop warning me before you do it." Toyo glared at him "Stealing my words eh?" Kyoto grinned "Just learnin from the master." Suddenly Cry grabbed them both by the collar and pulled them up into the air "Maybe you idiots should watch your damn backs before you run your mouths" Kyoto and Toyo both looked down to see five more bandits that would've been behind them ready to strike them down if Cry hadn't moved them, then Toyo said with a remark "I think I will.. Oh and Kyoto I don't think you're chubby little apprentice would be able to do that.." Kyoto looked away with a little embarrassment but simply said "She's working on it." Suddenly an arrow went straight into Cry's knee and she dropped them both. Kyoto screamed in terror but Toyo expected it and opened a portal to Tokyo and grabbed Kyoto by the neck and grabbed Cry's still barely reachable foot and went inside of it, about ten minutes later then landed in the sewers of Tokyo and Kyoto said disgusted, "Couldn't find a cleaner place, perhaps?" Toyo smiled and said "Oh I could've, I just enjoy hearing you whine and cry because of the smell."

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