My brother or my lover

How long will Bella be able to keep her relationship with ashton irwin a secret from her brother louis. Especially when Louis comes to stay. Will he find out? And if he does will he approve?


2. seeing her again

Ashton's pov

People started pilling out of the plane doors I was waiting as patiently as I could to hold my precious girlfriend Bella in my arms again. As she walked up the ramp I spotted her, I could tell she was crying and although I wasn't supposed to I ran to her. I had to push past a few people but when I finally got to her I grabbed her and kissed her with passion. " I missed you so much" she said giving me a hug. "Why were you crying?" I asked I ask pointing to the mascara that had dripped down her cheek. "I just missed you and i missed getting to say your name without it being weird because I know Louis wouldn't be 100% on board." She said before we walked out of the gate hand in hand. As we got to the car I spoke,"your gonna have to tell him sooner or later." I said. "I know but I'm kinda scared of how he'll react and I also kinda like the feeling of having a secret boyfriend." Bella replied before hoping in the car.

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