My brother or my lover

How long will Bella be able to keep her relationship with ashton irwin a secret from her brother louis. Especially when Louis comes to stay. Will he find out? And if he does will he approve?


1. flight back home

Bella's pov

Yay today was the day I finally get to come Home to Sydney after spending 2 weeks in Doncaster and a week in London. I was on the plane half asleep as I had to catch the plane at two forty in the morning. I was missing Home and most importantly my secret boyfriend ashton. I had my earphones in blasting music through when ash's demo vocal for she looks so perfect stated playing. I started crying. My eyeliner was going everywhere. When the song finished we had turn all our electronic devices home because we were about to start landing. "almost home, almost in his arms" I said to myself. The last 10 minutes felt like hours. But once we landed I was my usual happy self.

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