Raido Rebel

Hey there! My name is Claudia barker. I am the dj for a popular radio station. Not to brag, but I am quite the techno geek, I've cracked a few codes in my day.... Anyway, I'm 18 and living in the witness protection program. When I was 13 I witnessed the murder of my parents, and my little brother. One day, This guy comes to kill me to, but luckily one direction saves me. Read about my life in "radio rebel" This is a 1d fanfic. It's my first 1d fanfic so I hope you like it!!!


5. a/n

Hey guys! Sorry for putting the whole song in there, I know it took up a lot of space, I hope you don't mind! I hope you all are enjoying the story and where it's going! Lemme know what you guys think!

<3 you guys!


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