Raido Rebel

Hey there! My name is Claudia barker. I am the dj for a popular radio station. Not to brag, but I am quite the techno geek, I've cracked a few codes in my day.... Anyway, I'm 18 and living in the witness protection program. When I was 13 I witnessed the murder of my parents, and my little brother. One day, This guy comes to kill me to, but luckily one direction saves me. Read about my life in "radio rebel" This is a 1d fanfic. It's my first 1d fanfic so I hope you like it!!!


2. 1d

I leaned on the sink with my head resting In the palm of my hand. I looked at myself in the mirror. It was time to get ready but, I was Tired.... I wish I could go back to sleep....

'You've got that one thing!!!.....My phone blared one directions song because that's my ring tone. Yes I am a fan. Not one of those obsessed weirdos, but yes I like them..... A lot.

I picked up my phone.

"Hey claud!" Devon yelled into the speaker. Devon is my assistant I guess you could say. He's my friend to, but me helps organize my schedule. He also protects me.

"What do you want?" I answered grumpily.

"Just reminding you that your live interview with one direction is today!" He shouted.

My eyes nearly fell out of my head.

"O my gosh I almost forgot! Thanks Devon!" I squealed as I hung up the phone.

I'm meeting one direction today! Their interview is going to be On the radio at 4pm!!!! I can't wait!

I slipped into my favorite black skinny jeans, and pulled a white tank top over my head. I pulled my signature black leather jacket around my shoulders, then put socks on and shoved my feet into my jet black combats. Ok I'm a little bit of a bad girl, and at times, yes a rebel. But so what? What's life without a little fun?

I looked at my rings on my nightstand. I picked a few of my favorites and put them on my fingers. I put my favorite necklace on to. It was miniature handcuffs, linked together. The chain went around my neck and the tiny cuffs lay gently on my chest. I grabbed my phone off my bed and snatched a granola bar before hopping into my car. I had a dark blue mustang. Pretty sweet right? Yolo! Anyway.... I jammed my keys Into the ignition and sped off. Today, I'm going to meet the one and only......ONE DIRECTION!....

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