Golden Crown

After 2 years of absence, Anastasia is finally back in New York. But what happened when she discovers that everything has changed ? Are her friends still the same ? Welcome to the world of New York golden youth...


2. What were you thinking?

Bonjouuur ! I saw that some of you guys red my first chapter but no one has left a like? Was my chapter really bad? x) Well in case it was, I leave you with this new one. I hope you'll LIKE and COMMENT it haha XOXO

This story is mine, it's coming from my imagination so please respect my work and don't copy it.

Anastasia’s POV

“Relax Ana, everything’s gonna be alright…” was saying my little brother Dimitri.

Today was the first day of class and to be honest I was scared, I was realizing that I’ll be judged by more than 200 people in less than 2 minutes. I had no room for error. I already knew I could count on my outfit: Valentino black satin shirt, high waist jeans Levi’s and Balenciaga ankle boots and of course Celine’s Luggage bag.  Now it was all about freestyle.

“Ana! What are you waiting for? Get off!” said my brother.

He had just finished his sentence and I was already out. Here we are: the lions’ den. A dozen pairs of eyes rested on me accompanied by whispers. I tried the best I could to ignore them and made my way to the reception. Once I had my schedule, my books  and the code of my locker I walked towards it but on the way someone bumped into me and all my books fell.

“Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t watching” I immediately recognized this voice

“Camilla?!” she looked up at me and her face became instantly cold. Wow that wasn’t a good sign. I was going to talk but she left, hustling my shoulder.

“You should watch where you’re walking bird-brained.” Told me a girl of her new clique with a haughty tone.

Keep calm Ana… Okay so I just have been humiliated but everything is alright! I hope that you get the ironic tone. I made my way to my locker and then to my classroom, trying to ignore all stunned looks I passed. First class: two hours of Mathematics. Oh noooooooooo what the hell did I do to deserve this! I hated Mathematics more than everything else, even more than Rosie Hallwood, a stupid bitch who was my roommate in Switzerland…  In short: I hated Mathematics. And I was already late! I could already hear Mr. Stanfield’s voice from outside. I cracked and went. I didn’t even have time to apologize; I was too surprised by what I was seeing. Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Zayn Malik. In my class. SERIOUSLY?!

Zayn’s POV

Our eyes were locked. Nothing else existed. I wasn’t ready to see her so fast I mean… Wow! The girl I love, I mean loved was right here in front of me; and she really embellished. Luckily for me I was seating next to Liam so it was impossible for her to be placed next to me. So there were two choices: Harry or this guy really strange who was coming from Ireland. I thought is name was Nick or Niam… Well I didn’t care. Mr. Stanfield’s voice broke our gaze exchange; finally she sat next to the Irish. The teacher was telling us the usual speech about how much this year was important and blah blah blah. I didn’t listen; I was focusing on Anastasia and the Irish who were chatting. What did they talk about? Why were they laughing? Why is he looking at her this way? Liam and Harry noticed that I was disturbed as the whole class who kept making round trips to watch us successively but Anastasia was normal. I remembered that she never showed her feelings to anyone except me and Camilla; I guess it didn’t change. The bell rang, it was playtime and I really needed to smoke. Everything was changing in my life and I was powerless: I didn’t like it. I was smoking next to Harry and Liam when arms from behind surrounded me.

“How is the sexiest guy of New York?”Whispered Perrie in my ear

“Well I’m better now that you’re here sweetheart” I turned to face her and kissed her softly on the lips. She started talking about her return and her class; the good thing was that no one told her about Anastasia’s return and the love story that we shared. If she learned about it, I would have to face a new crisis of jealousy and I really didn’t want it at this time. I was kissing her forehead when I caught her eyes, again.

Anastasia’s POV

Damn, that hurt… I just wanted to exit and smoke but then I saw them. I mean him, kissing her forehead. I didn’t know that it would hurt me so badly to see him with another girl than me; I thought I had forgotten him. But who was that? I had never seen her before. And a blond haired, what a surprise! My conscience kept telling me “What were you thinking? Of course everything has changed; you don’t have anyone now except your brother and maybe Niall”. And now it was raining. Argh! This day couldn’t be worse. And Dim said that everything would be alright: LOL!

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