Golden Crown

After 2 years of absence, Anastasia is finally back in New York. But what happened when she discovers that everything has changed ? Are her friends still the same ? Welcome to the world of New York golden youth...


3. Time to party!

Bonjouuur ! So finally the third chapter is here ! The inspiration came naturally so I'm kinda satisfied about myself haha ;) It is the longest chapter that I wrote for the moment, I'm not sure to be able to do as well next time x). I hope you'll enjoy it! Comment and tell me what you liked and what you didn't like. Oh and a little 'like' would be a real pleasure :)

The story is mine, it's coming from my imagination so please, don't copy it.


Anastasia’s POV

End of the day, thanks God! It couldn’t be more horrible: haughty looks, Camilla’s humiliation, Zayn and his girlfriend… But the good thing was that I met an adorable guy: Niall Horan. He was coming from Ireland but he moved to New York last year with his parents and apparently his integration had been really hard; we could even say that he wasn’t integrated at all. I didn’t understand why. I mean he was probably the coolest guy I ever met! But he looked a bit like a nerd so he had been put in loser’s square, which was ridiculous… I was in my bedroom, elongated on my bed and accepting friends’ invitations on Facebook when someone knocked: it was Dimitri.

“Hey! What are your plans for tonight?”He asked me.

“Well I was planning to watch a movie, maybe Frozen or the Lion King (yeah I looove Disney’s universe) why?”

“Well get ready, we’re hanging tonight! Jade Thirlwall is organizing her usual return party, everyone is going and I swear that you’ll not stay at home tonight!”

“What? Jade who? But I can’t go to a party where I am not even invited! And with all the luck I had today I’m sure that I’ll find a way to be ridiculous and everyone will make fun of me!”

“Am I dreaming or… You’re afraid???”He said with a mocking air.

If there was one thing to not tell me, it was exactly this one. Anastasia Losiowski had never and will never be afraid. I walked towards my dressing and took a Dolce&Gabbana red dress and Zanotti gold high heels. Let see who’s afraid now. Everyone get ready, it’s time to party.

Zayn’s POV

We were having dinner in the dining room and it was obvious that no one was comfortable. No one was talking even my little sister Waliyha who was usually always telling us jokes. I was staring at Ellen with all the disgust I could have, everything was her fault. I could see that she was blushing and was giving nervous looks to my father. My father felt the tension around the table and tried to start a conversation.

“So… How was your day Zayn?”

I stayed silent for a moment before answering.

“Well as a return day I suppose.”

“I heard that Anastasia was back! Is that true?”Suddenly asked Doniya with enthusiasm.

Oh please, even at home I wasn’t tranquil. During all day, people were asking me how I felt with Anastasia’s return; coming from Liam or Harry there was no problem but when it’s from people that you never noticed before…Weird! I just nodded to Doniya and that was it: end of the conversation. I couldn’t stand this atmosphere so I left the dining room without any word. My father tried to curb me but I just ignored him, I had to get prepared for Jade’s party and then I had to pick up  Perrie at her house. The evening began rather poorly…

Anastasia’s POV

I just came in Thirlwall’s triplex and I had no words. It was absolutely beautiful. There were a lot of people chatting, drinking, and smoking but most of them were simply dancing. Dimitri abandoned us to join his friends, traitor… So now Niall and I- I wasn’t invited so I invited Niall so we could be both intruders- were standing next to the entry like two idiots. He was telling me something but I couldn’t hear because of the noise. He finally grabbed my hand and we walked together toward the bar.

“Let’s get drunk! It’ll be easier to have fun then” He gave me a wink.

This guy was truly awesome; I sometimes had the impress that he was reading in my mind. We started drinking different sort of cocktails like Sex on the beach, Tequila Sunrise, Caipirinha… At the end, we were unashamedly. Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty’ was played by the DJ so we ran to the center of the dance floor and we started a really sexy stuck-tight. His hands were placed on my hips while I was waving them sensually. I could feel that everybody was looking at us but I didn’t care, I was too drunk to be worried about it. His lips found their way to my neck and I felt that he was biting me; my head bent backwards to leave to his lips more space. I didn’t control anything. The song ended and we stopped dancing. We were looking at each other, smiling when he suddenly pulled out a transparent bag from his vest. Cocaine.

“Are you in?” He asked me.

Zayn’s POV

I had just arrived in Jade Thirlwall’s house with Perrie. I was looking for Liam and Harry when I saw something that I did not like at all. Anastasia was here, dancing sensually with this fucking Irish. We could say that they were about to fuck in front of everyone in less than two minutes. And they were dancing on ‘Talk Dirty’, what a funny coincidence! When he started to bite her neck, I thought that I could kill someone here without any hesitation; my fists were so tight you could see their knuckles whiten. Was this jealousy? Finally, the song ended and I saw him proposing something to Anastasia. Wait. Is this asshole really proposing her cocaine?! I saw that she was hesitating; she began to look around her and then she saw me. I didn’t know why I did that, but my only reaction was to kiss languidly Perrie. As I was kissing her, I couldn’t help but think “Why am I doing this?”

Anastasia’s POV

I was hesitating. Should I start again? I already had drug problems and I didn’t want all this efforts to be ruined. I was looking around me, hoping to see Dimitri. I knew that if I caught his look, I would’ve the strength to resist. But instead of meeting Dim’s eyes, I met Zayn’s. As soon as he noticed that I was also observing him, he began to kiss his girlfriend languidly. I was about to accept Niall’s proposition when someone next to me said:

“No, she’s not. Now ranks your shit and take your drugs alone!”

Niall slowly nodded and went to the balcony. I turned to meet Camilla’s eyes.

“Thank you.” I said

“You’re welcome.”

We were both staring at the floor, didn’t know how to start a conversation. I finally spoke.

“I think we should talk.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

We made our way to an isolated room and here we were: the explanations.


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