Golden Crown

After 2 years of absence, Anastasia is finally back in New York. But what happened when she discovers that everything has changed ? Are her friends still the same ? Welcome to the world of New York golden youth...


5. I just can't stop loving you

Bonjouuur ! So I see that people read my book but no one ever like or comment. It is really hard for me cause I have the impress that my book sucks and it doesn't give me the envy to keep going so please, next time press the button like or comment or I think that I'll stop writing :( Hope you'll enjoy this chapter even if I didn't have inspiration at the beginning... XOXO


Zayn’s POV


As I was walking towards Louis and Anastasia, I could see that people were hanging there phone to film the scene. In Riverdale, everyone knew that I hated Louis Tomlinson; I think it goes back to the day I saw him trying to kiss Anastasia after one of his football games whereas we were still together. Yeah, that’s it. Most of the girls here were charmed by this dickhead and I honestly didn’t understand why. In gross, it was going to degenerate and everyone knew it. If I was involved in a fight because of a girl, Perrie would literally kill me. I could hear Anastasia’s complaints.

“You’re hurting me Louis, let me go NOW!” she said

“Not before you explained me.” He answered. That’s when I decided to interfere.

“What didn’t you understand? She told you to let her go, so let her go.”

“Or what Malik? You’re going to hit me? Or cry in your momma’s arms?”

Okay. That was the sentence that he shouldn’t have said. I started beating him, sending my fist right across his face. The fight was becoming interesting when I felt someone retain me. Louis quickly stood up and pointed me with his finger as he was retreating.

“It’s not over Malik!” he cried.

I wanted to answer him but I felt my nose bleed. I tried to reduce the damages with my hand but it was useless. I finally hear Anastasia’s voice next to me.

“Oh my God Zayn, I’m so sorry! Everything is my fault! And you’re bleeding; you need to go to the infirmary!”

“No don’t worry its okay I…”

“No it’s not” She cut me. “I’m bringing you to the infirmary and you’re not allowed to say no!”

As we were walking together to the infirmary, I intercepted a wink from Harry. I was putting me royally in trouble and he was giving me a wink?!



Anastasia's POV


Why the hell did I insist to go to the infirmary with him? And what am I supposed to say now? I suddenly heard Zayn’s voice, interrupting my thoughts.

“What did he want?”

“Nothing. I mean, it wasn’t important.”

“It wasn’t important? I just had a fight because of you and you’re telling me that it wasn’t important?”

“Zayn please…”

“No stop it Anastasia. You’ve always hidden me things and I can see that these two years didn’t change anything. You know what? I don’t want to be seen with you. I have a girlfriend: I love her and she loves me. So next time, don’t bet on me to get in trouble because I wanted to help you whereas it wasn’t important like you says. I’m just going to ignore you, just like you did these 2 years with me. I don’t even know why I’m still talking to you after what you did.”

This is not how I imagined our reunion. The way to the infirmary was endless. If I was alone, I probably would have cried but I have pride and a Losiowski never shows his weaknesses. We were now in the infirmary and the nurse was taking care of Zayn’s nose. Once she finished we went to our classroom, all eyes were on us. Zayn shove me to go sit and I could hear laughs. It was really embarrassing.

2 weeks later

It was official: this school year was probably the worst ever. I had no friends excepted Camilla but she was always busy, Niall didn’t want to talk to me since Jade’s party, Louis was still harassing me but I had no one to talk to and Zayn was still with his girlfriend (I learnt that her name was Perrie Edwards) and absolutely indifferent when I was next to him. I mean not even a look during these two weeks; it was like I never existed. Moreover, the dinner tonight had been horrible: mom and dad insulting each other, then my mom rejecting the fault on me and calling me a whore… I needed to escape for a moment, to forget. That’s why now I was at Club 11, THE place to be for every students of Riverdale. After drinking an entire bottle of champagne, I was drunk enough to get on the bar and dance. My movements were fuzzy, reflecting perfectly my mind.


Zayn’s POV


I was at Club 11 since two hours now, sitting alone; just me and my tequila sunrise. I needed to escape for a moment from this stifling feeling that prevailed at home. No family, no girlfriend and no friends; in gross, no problems. I watched people on the dance floor when a figure standing on the bar caught my attention. I immediately recognized her: Anastasia. And many men had gathered around her what I didn’t like at all. I made my way towards the bar and forced down Anastasia, causing widespread protests. Once out of the club, Anastasia sat down her head in her hands. I could hear her crying and her body shivered (not surprising, she was only wearing a silk shirt and a mini skirt when we were in the autumn in the middle of the night). See her so vulnerable broke my heart. I pulled my coat and gently put it on her shoulders. I then took her in my arms, my head resting on hers and rocked. Her crying slowly disappeared and we stayed in that position silently. After remaining thirty minutes, I proposed her to sleep at home what she accepted; it was obvious that she didn’t want to see her parents now. Once in my bedroom, I gave her white t-shirt and one of my shorts for sleeping. When she went out of my bathroom, I couldn’t help but think that she was the cutest girl I had ever seen; even better than Perrie. We were now on my bed and as in the past, I surrounded her hips with my arm. I know I shouldn’t do it but I couldn’t resist; she was so… Perfect! I was thinking about our couple, two years ago, when her voice interrupted me.

“I never forgot you Zayn. And I never stopped loving you.” She muttered.

I was absolutely stunned. I was about to answer when I hear her light snoring. She wouldn’t remember tomorrow morning; I probably should forget her words.

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