Golden Crown

After 2 years of absence, Anastasia is finally back in New York. But what happened when she discovers that everything has changed ? Are her friends still the same ? Welcome to the world of New York golden youth...


1. Hello baby guess who's back...

Hi guys ! Here is my first chapter, it is a little inspired by Gossip Girl's first season. I hope you'll enjoy it, don't hesitate to give your opinion. Have a good reading :)

This story is mine, everything is coming from my imagination so please respect my work and don't copy it.


Anastasia's POV

After 7 hours of flight I'm finally in New York : thanks God. I looked out the window while the driver of the limo was trying to navigate in the crowded streets. I wouldn't say that I'm unhappy to be back cause I missed my family and my habits here but I was a little stressed. Actually I went to Switzerland 2 years ago to Le Rosay Institute and I never told to any of my friends, I didn't even have the time to say goodbye : I just disappeared. Now, I was wondering what will be their reactions when they'll see that I'm back to Riverdale Country School. Time's running fast, especially when you're a part of golden youth. One day you are popular, the next you are a loser and you can be sure that those who were supposed to be your friends  are first to criticize you. I never had any problem before but now it's different, it's a new start. When I went to Switzerland, I left my bestfriend Camilla Mazuchelli. We were like twins and I really missed her but I don't think that she will easily forgive me... We'll see tomorrow at school, I'll try to talk to her. I just hope that she will let me the time to explain and to apologize. I also left my boyfriend, Z...

"Miss Losiowski, we arrived" said the driver, opening the door and interrupting my thoughts.

"All right, thank you Marcel" I said with a smile. "I guess it's time for a new departure... C'mon Ana, you can do it" I muttered.

As I walked toward my house, I collided with someone and my bag fell to the ground. "Let me help you" said a guy hoarsely. He was stooping but when he stood up I immediately recognized him.

"Liam ? Liam Payne ???" He looked at me surprised.

"Anastasia Losiowski ?! Wow ! you've changed ! There's a long time we didn't see you in the Upper East Side, where was you ?"

Okay, that was exactly the question I was afraid of. I stayed quiet for a moment before speaking

"Well, I just needed to escape a moment from the Upper East Side, I was fed up with all the drama here I mean, you know... But now I'm back ! What about you ? How you doin ?"

"Well I'm seeing Zayn this afternoon. Do you want to join us ?"

"Oh, um no th-thanks" You guys can not imagine how embarassed I was, it was pathetic...

"Okay. So I suppose that I'll see you tomorow at Riverdale ?"

"That's it."

"Good news, bye Ana !"

"Bye Liam" I answered but he was already gone.


Later the same day


Zayn's POV 

I was sitting at the bar of the Odyssea waiting for Liam. This guy is always late, that's crazy. Liam and I have always been best friends and as long as I remember hehas NEVER been on time. I was drinking my Cappucino when I finally saw him arriving.

"Hey ! How are you ?" he said with a smile.

Yeah, Liam never stop smiling.

"It could be better..." His eyebrows frowned in confusion so I started explain him "My father cheated on my mother. She discovered it during these holidays, while we were in Dubai so she left and now... We have no idea where she can be. But the worst is that my father's whore is now living with us. Her name is Ellen Thomson, such a slut..."

"Wow, your holidays must have been the worst ever... How are your sisters ?"

"I actually don't know. There isn't dialogue since my mother left us."

We stayed silent for a moment as I looked to my empty glass with a melancholy air. "O.M.G girls ! You'll never believe it ! She's back on Facebook !" shouted a blond girl to her clique.

"Who are you talking about ?" asked a ginger one.

"Anastasia Losiowski !!! And apparently she's back in New York..." I looked at Liam who didn't seem to be surprised.

"That's one of the thing I wanted to tell you. I saw Anastasia this morning and she's officialy back. We'll see her tomorrow at high school."

I stayed quiet, my face wearing her impassible mask and I finally said "I honestly don't give a fuck."

"Don't lie to me Zayn Malik" said Liam, "I know you better than anyone else and I saw you when she left without telling us. I know you still care about her".

"No I don't ! Anastasia belongs to the past, I have Perrie now". Liam wanted to reply but my phone's bell interrupted him. It was a message from Perrie Edwards, my actual girlfriend. She wanted me to join her at Bergdorf 'cause she was looking for a dress for Jade Thirlwall's big party of tomorrow night and she needed an opinion. I hated shopping but I really needed to forget how much my life sucked at this moment so I accepted.

"Sorry bro' I have to go".

"No problem" said Liam "I see you tomorrow".

As I was walking to Bergdorf, I couldn't help but think about her. Anastasia is back...

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