Golden Crown

After 2 years of absence, Anastasia is finally back in New York. But what happened when she discovers that everything has changed ? Are her friends still the same ? Welcome to the world of New York golden youth...


4. Dirty secret

Bonjouuur ! So I had my first test and I think it wasn't bad at all, I hope I'll have a good mark :) Finally the fourth chapter is here, it wasnt easy to write it because I wasn't inspired at all but I hope that you'll like it ! In the next chapter, you'll see the first dialogue between Zayn and Anastasia since her return, I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE REAAAAADY ! ;) Please comment and like to give me your opinion or advices,I take everything :D Have a good reading <3 


The story is mine, it is coming from my imagination so please don't copy it.


Anastasia’s POV

Camilla and I were now sitting on a leather sofa in a desk.

“So, tell me what your explanation is?” she said. I could feel determination in her voice. It was obvious that I couldn’t lie.

“Alright. But please just… Don’t judge me” I took a deep breath. “Do you remember Harry’s birthday two years ago?”

“Oh yeah! It was the kingdom of debauchery!” she was giggling.

“Well, during this night I… No. First promise me that you’ll never talk about it to anyone”

“Okay, it’s a pinky promise.” she said while she was crossing our fingers. “Now tell me.”

“During this night I had sex with Louis Tomlinson.” I was really embarrassing and I didn’t even say the worst. I could see her eyebrows frowning in incomprehension.

“Okay wait. Louis Tomlinson? Riverdale’s quarterback? Where is the problem? I mean he is smart, sexy, funny…”

“The problem is that I was supposed to be dating Zayn at this moment so that mean that I cheated on him. But the worst is that three months later I learned that I was pregnant and after Louis… I couldn’t act normal with Zayn, I felt so dirty and…” I started crying. “Louis was the last guy I had sex with; I knew he was the father. And I still don’t know how but he learned it and he started harassing me, telling me to break up with Zayn or he would tell him the truth. I didn’t know what to do, I was trapped and it was my entire fault. One day I talked to my mother and I told her everything. You cannot imagine how disgusting she was; after bringing drugs at home, now I was bringing a baby… She talked to my father and on the evening I was already in a plane going to Switzerland.”

The room was silent; we could only hear my irregular breath and my tears. The bomb was dropped. Camilla took me in a hug and told me “It’s alright now, everything’s gonna be alright…” I could hear in her voice that she was chocked even if she was trying to reassure me.

“You should’ve talk to me Ana; I’m your best friend. I will always stand by your side, no matter what happened, that’s my role.”

“I know but, I couldn’t. It was a vicious circle and… Yeah I was trapped”

Silence. Again.

“But, where is the baby now?”

“He is in Russia, with my grand-parents. He is the cutest baby boy I ever seen” I showed her a picture on my phone. “His name is Adrian. I see him every time I can; he’s the reason why I’m working at school now. I want him to be proud of me”

We were both smiling in front of the picture. We stayed all night in the desk, speaking about all the things that I missed. It was cool to recover my best friend and to talk as normal teenagers. After that night, our friendship was stronger than ever. The evening finished better than it had started.

The next day

I was walking toward my locker when I noticed that someone was leaning against it. Oh no: Louis Tomlinshit. And I couldn’t escape, he also noticed me. I took a deep breath and keep walking.

“Could you please step aside?” I asked in an irritated tone.

“No. But what about a little discuss? Where were you during these two years? I was worried!”

“This is none of your business. And you? Worried? I think it is the best joke I ever heard!”

“Anastasia you left with my baby and I don’t even know where he is now; of course it is my business!”

I ignored him and turned around to go to my classroom but he grabbed my wrist. I could see that everyone was paying attention to the scene. Second day and already the target of gossip…

Zayn’s POV

Liam, Harry and I were on our way to our classroom in the hallway when we noticed that everyone was looking in the same direction. We saw Anastasia and Louis Tomlinson who seemed to be arguing. He was grabbing her wrist and I could say that she was in pain. But what angered me was that no one was helping her, everyone was just staring at them. I couldn’t leave her in trouble so I walked towards them before the astonished eyes of Liam and Harry.





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