Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


5. chapter 5

chapter 5


Nialls pov

I was on my way to Business law and i was happy because of two reasons.One i didn't have to go to tryouts for any sport since i already was in the soccer team and two because i knew that i would see Bethany in business class.I went to my locker and took everything that i needed and started walking down the halls.I was thinking about something when i bumped into someone. " Hey watch it" someone said.All to familiar i thought.I looked down and saw Bethany on the floor.I reached my hand out for help but she stood up by herself. " I don't need help Horan she said."I was Just tryin' to help Mota" i said and she walked away and i sighed.

I walked into business law and sat down wondering where Bethany were. She rushed in minutes later storming into the door since she was late."Any excuses to why you're late?" Mr.Johnson said and looked at Bethany with a disappointing look on her face.

"I spilled water on her shirt so she had to change , sorry Mr.Johnson" i said since i didn't want Bethany to get into any trouble."Uh yeah, yeah he did uh spill water on my shirt" Bethany said and looked at me with a thankful look. "You're excused miss Mota now sit down and write everything down on the board.She sat next to me which i didn't expect."Thank you Niall" she whispered

"That was nothing i was just trying to be nice like always" i whispered back to her. "Well I'm sorry for earlier i could of been nicer and i acted like a bitch to be honest and I'm really sorry" she whispered."No I'm sorry for being mean to you" i said and Mr.Johnson looked at us and we got back to work.The class ended and we were lucky because we didn't get any homework.which was weird since we always get homework from Mr.Johnson.

I met Zayn , Liam , Louis and harry since we always have lunch together.We bought our lunch and sat down at our usual lunch table."Got a crush on mota eh?" Liam said and smirked.Ugh i forgot that i was in the same class as Liam he started laughing and i was blushing like a mad man. I saw The girls walking into the lunch hall.They sat down and started eating their home made lunch.All of us boys fancied one of the girls but none of us said anything since we weren't really aloud to.Bethany caught me staring and she smiled and i blushed.I quickly looked away and so did the other guys.We continued eating our lunch.

Next class was stage band and this was my favorite class since i have it with all off the guys and Bethany and her friends.One thing i hated was that there were a few girls that had a crush on me so they picked this class because they wanted to see me.We went to our lockers which was next to each others and grabbed our stuff.I walked past Bethany and smiled at her and she waved and continued to grab her stuff.I walked close to her."Hi again" i said "Uh hi Niall" she said and smiled."Excited for class?" i asked her."Eh not really , i just want to go home, anyways i have to go" she said and walked past me.

When i came into the theater i saw the girls and Bethany already sitting there.We sat down and the rest of the people in this class came in. We were about 20 students in this class i think. Cresh came and sat next to me.

Cresh was the worst ,she fancied me and she was like a stalker she called me and texted me all the time it was getting annoying.The guys knew it and they pointed at a seat between Ariana and Bethany and i nodded at them and walked there and sat down."Hi" i whispered to the girls."Hi , why aren't you sitting with the boys?" Ariana asked me."Cresh sat down next to me" i said and they nodded understanding why i didn't want to sit there.

Mrs.Carter came in and she smiled."Hello class and welcome , so today we are going to be working with the theater class and we are going to have this big project.You will be paired in boy bands and girl bands and compete.Pick your teams you can be a maximum of five people in one group only.Yes i thought to myself , us boys can form a band now.I walked back to the boys and we started to discuss a band name."What about The wanted" Liam asked us.we all disagreed to the name."What about Dungeon Dragons" Louis asked us.We all shook our heads."I know , Niall and the Muppets" i said and they laughed at me while shaking their heads" ,  "One direction?" Harry asked us and we all thought for a minute and we all nodded. " Cheers for One direction then" we all high-fived and i saw the girls laughing and talking probably doing the same thing.

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