Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


4. chapter 4

Bethany's pov

i couldn't decide if i wanted to join the cheer group so i went outside to the theater's drama club which was next to the dance hall so i didn't bother to change clothes.i saw the list of clubs that was available for anyone.

clubs ( available for everyone to join)

Drama club

Sing ( acapella)
Sing ( band)Dj club

Biology club

Ugh.Not any of these clubs interested me i mean i do like to sing but i have stage band as a class so i I'd rather not join any acapella or band club.I walked back to the gym and looked at the sports and i decided on cheerleading since it seems really fun and i love tumbling because i was a in a cheerleading group in my old school and when i came to this school i had to change it to sport class since you can only have 7 subjects in this high school.

I'm really excited to try out for cheer since i knew that Jade talked about it this morning.Ariana told me today at lunch break that she was going to pick volleyball and Viktoria was going to choose ballet of course.I was so nervous for the tryouts.

I Opened my gym locker and grabbed my towel.I went to the shower stalls and washed my hair and body with my strawberry shampoo from bath and body works that my dad got for me.I dried my hair and put on my blue pizza sweater and my black high waisted jeans.I let my hair down and i only applied concealer and foundation since i was going to put my dance clothes on again.

I locked my gym locker and headed to my usual locker.I opened it and pulled out my clothes from my gym bag and i only left my dance clothes , shoes and my water bottle.I saw Niall at his locker since he was going to his English 11 honor class,No I'm not a stalker i knew that since he goes to the same class as Liam.

I walked to the Cheer gym hall.They had their own hall since they need special tumbling equipments and other stuff.I put my dance clothes back on and i tied my hair up in a high pony tail and i saw Jade walking into the cheer hall and she had her hair in a pony tail and a matching white bow in her hair."Hi Beth" she said and hugged me.

"Hi Jadey" i said and hugged her back."Here , i got you a matching bow" She said and handed me a white bow just like hers."Oh thanks but how did you know that i was going to choose cheerleading?" i asked her."Oh i didn't know that but i guessed that , and i was right" she said and smiled.She helped me to put the bow in.We filled out bottles and walked into the actual hall and it was so big." I'm not ready for this" she said."Me neither" i told her.

There were loads of girls some more nervous than others.I started chewing on my nail since i was nervous. It was a bad habit that i picked up from my dad.I could see that Jade was nervous since she started pulling on her clothes The coach walked in. I've heard that the coach are mean and strict and that she never says anything good to anyone.

"Sit down everyone" everyone sat on the long brown benches where the crowd usually sits at their competitions."I hope that you guys are here for the right reasons, Cheer is a passion , cheer is beautiful and since this team is the 3rd best team in Miami i am only going to pick out people who have a potential.She took up a list from her bag that was empty i guess she was going to write our names down.

"First" she screamed and pointed at a tiny little girl with blonde hair she walked in and started with gymnastics and tumbling , she fell at one point and i was so sad for her because she was so good.She told the coach her name and the coach nodded while writing something down. The time passed and a lot girls showed their talents and some were really good.I was next, i walked in front of the coach "Bethany Mota" i said and started with gymnastics and power tumbling.I also did a little cheer dance that i learned a while ago and she looked happy with my little performance."Next" she screamed and Jade looked so nervous.Jade started with cheer dance and then she did power tumbling and she was amazing i know that the coach loves her.Or at least i hope so.Jade has to get into the team.

"You were amazing" i screamed as she walked into the dressing room."Girl look at you , you are definitely going to be in the team" she said but i didn't bother to answer. We were silent as we dressed and put makeup on.I left my hair in its natural state and walked to my locker since i was running late.As always.I had business law class with Viktoria , Ariana and Liam. Ugh Niall is in this class too. I put the combination in and opened my locker.i Picked out my stuff for business law class and started walking trough the halls.I looked at an interesting picture that was on the wall and someone bumped into me and i fell to the floor .

"Hey watch it" i said.Of course it was Niall.He reached out for his hand but i got up by myself.          " I don't need help Horan",  "Well i was Just tryin' to help Mota" Niall said.I started walking away to class but i had to go the bathroom so i did.Shit I'm going to be late...


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