Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


3. chapter 3

Bethanys pov


Bethanys pov

 - few weeks later -

Niall actually turned out to be pretty nice and super funny and we became good friends. He was also very flirty. He told me that i was pretty almost everyday and he was just so cute , but at the same time i didn't fall for it , i mean why would he even talk to me?. maybe he was just using me because he though that it was funny. But at the same time i do believe it when he says that he is starting to fall for me. I am starting to fall for him too but i don't know if ism going to tell him because i'm afraid that he's going to laugh at me and tell me that I'm stupid.

-- flashback--

Ariana apologized the whole way home for not talking to me at Starbucks but i wasn't mad at her so i told her that i talked with Niall and we agreed that the night went well and guess what? Liam asked Ariana on a date and she is so excited for the whole date.Except for the fact that they have to keep it a secret. I tried to comfort her but there isn't really a way to comfort a friend who has to sneak around with a boy because he likes her and he can't tell anyone because he is either embarrassed or scared. She gave me a ride home and it was windy and cold since it was beginning to get late. I went in and my family and my aunt  stared at me and said they said hi so i said hi back to them and went to my room. What am i going to do with my life?

When i was in my room i cleaned it and made it look good since i am going to film a video today i mean i have to start somewhere if i want to become a professional youtuber. I put up my new camera and started talking and i made a video called Healthy school lunch ideas . I edited the video while drinking tea. I hope people are going to watch the video and subscribe. I was super happy about the video but also nervous i mean what if people hate me and think that I'm annoying? .Anyways tomorrow is Tuesday which means that everyone is going to do try outs and i think I'm going to try out for cheerleading since i want to join their group and also because i love the sport. It fits me and i know that because I've been a cheerleader before do i am pretty good at stunts and stuff and gymnastics. But I'm not stupid. I know the real reason why i want to become a cheerleader and Niall Horan might have something to do with it....

-- end of flashback--

I woke up to the sound of rain dripping on my window "shit" i said when i saw that i had 20 min before Ariana would come and pick me up. I think i forgot to put on an alarm clock. Ugh stupid me.  I rushed out of my bed and put on a shirt and a pair of jeans that matched and quickly put on my converse.I only put on foundation , concealer , mascara and my lip balm which took about 5 min , i brushed my teeth and then i heard a car honking outside and it was probably Ari. I rushed down the stairs and saw my family i said a quick morning i took my school bag and went out. Why am i always late for everything.

i saw Ariana waiting for me and i sat down in the car relieved to finally be able to breath, at least i got a sleep in i thought to myself. " Soo" Ariana said and smiled at me." Soo?" I kind of asked her.      " Good morning" she said and i chuckled, who even does that?  The whole way to school was silent , you could even hear birds squeak in the cold morning rain and i looked out from my window and saw women taking their kids to school and a man holding his crying 3 year old for comfort. 

The city seems stressed , i mean nobody is happy anymore. Neighbors doesn't have bbq's or parties anymore like they used to. They don't even say hi to each other. Friends are enemies, everything is just so bitter. I wish that it would turn out to be good again. When we moved here everything was great everyone liked each other and i had so many friends and i probably have one real friend.

We arrived and got out of the car. We hugged each other goodbye and went our separate ways. When i came to my locker i saw Niall. He looked bored but when he saw me he smiled. "Hi Niall"  i said and smiled at him. "Hi Bethany good to see you" he said and for a moment i thought that he would hug me but he didn't. I put my combination code into the locker and opened it. I had Movement and dance class and it was my favorite subject. I took my gym bag full of dance clothes, stage costumes and makeup. "P.E? "Niall asked me."No , i have Dance and movement" i said and he laughed. "What?" i said and looked at him. "They have that kinds of subjects, that's weird " he laughed even more. "If you are here to be mean and laugh at me then you don't have to be here" i said , i know i was a bit rude but i am so insecure and it hurt me to see him laughing about something that makes me happy. I started walking away after i closed my locker. " Come on Beth i didn't mean to hurt you" he said and he put his hand on my shoulder.I shrugged his hand off of me   " Whatever" i said and walked to the dance hall. Maybe i was just over dramatic who knows? 

I started to change into my usual dance clothes which was a black t-shirt and black\pink yoga shorts.I put on my orange and pink air max and put my hair up in a pony tail.I locked the gm locker and went to fill my Victoria's secret pink water bottle. I tied my shoes before i went into the dance studio. The dance studio was amazing and i loved it.Its big and has white walls and a mirror that covers the whole wall.the floor was a light colored wooden floor.I always love coming here because when i dance i forget about everything which is just what makes dancing beautiful.

I go to dance and movements 3 honors which means that i am one of the best dance students here. I dance with Lucy and Jade and a few other people that i don't really notice. They girls are amazing when it comes to dance i can really see them becoming dancers in the future. Viktoria is one of my other friends and she also goes to dance and movements but she goes to the ballet class 3 honors because she is amazing.

I saw the other girls and boys come into the dance hall and we picked out a song and started dancing since we already knew the dance steps.We danced to Rather be with clean bandit. It was my favorite song right now. We danced for an hour . Our class finished a bit early since today is the day where everyone has to choose an activity or club to join because the principal wants everyone to be active and make friends.

The list of activities was only for people who takes classes in any form of sports or health. I don't know why but i guess they want good players.I think that it's a bit mean.What if you really love cheerleading but you can't do tryouts because you are in drama club or something like that?. I looked at the list.

Activities ( only for sports classes)



American football




 Ugh what am i going to choose, i know that i said cheerleading but I'm not really sure it is a hard sport. What if I'll look stupid? What if everyone laughs at me? What will Niall think about me? Maybe he will like me even more if I'm a cheerleader since i heard that he has a thing for brunette cheerleaders. What will my parents think of me? They wanted me to take ballet classes since my mom used to do it.  But i don't want to take ballet classes since i can't concentrate me the way that i would have to. When i take my dance classes we don't have to concentrate us that much we just do it.  Maybe i should ask Niall? No , no i will only make myself look stupid.

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