Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


29. Chapter 29

Chapter 29


Ariana's pov


When i left Bethanys house i didn't know how to react except for crying. I was just rejected by my friend. Last night Ashton left me and i realized what an idiot he actually is. I can't believe the fact that i put a boy before my best friend and even her friends. I know that Bethany is loyal and she would never do anything like this to me , not even as revenge. I had so much hope coming here that she would forgive me since she's usually very good at forgiving and giving people a second chance but some people take that for granted and that is what i did.

I walked to the park and the sun was shining. I was thinking about the prom. I don't know if i'll even go. I remember when me and Bethany were kids and we decided that we would either go to prom together or we wouldn't be there at all and i will keep that promise. I know that Bethany will be there but i just want to show her that i really do care for her. 

I was looking at different people. Some people who were out with their kids in the small playground that is usually dead was now full of life and kids were playing with their toys and some kids were even playing hide or seek. While i was standing there i remembered the old times when me and Bethany were just kids and no one could separate us, we were like sisters. 



" Mom please can we go to the park by ourselves ,please?" i begged my mother and she was not very convinced about the fact that me and Bethany wanted to go to the park. My mother has always been protective and she always keeps a close eye on both of us. My mother has always been like a mother to Bethany since her mom cares more about her work. " I don't know honey , there are dangerous people out there" she said while she glanced quickly at the window. "  But we will be good , i promise" Bethany tried to convince her. " I know that you will be good and i trust you guys but i just don't trust other people , they can hurt you real bad" she told us and we started losing hope. " But we are big girls mom , we are 8 years old" i said hoping that she was going to buy it and let us go. She chuckled. " Okay but i want you to be home in 3 hours , i would love it if you could come earlier" she told us and we screamed and hugged her out of happiness. " Thank you mom" i said and kissed her cheel , she actually had to kneel down to my height. 

Me and Bethany put on shoes and since it was warm we didn't need to wear any coats , hell i don't even know if we owned one since it never really gets cold here. The park weren't too far away so we got there quickly. Since it was summer there was a of beautiful flowers. Me and Bethany sometimes sneak out here when we are bored and my parents aren't home so we have our own secret kind of space. It's a big field full of flowers and green grass. Wensat down and smiled at eachother. 

" I can't wait til we grown and become adults" Bethany told me with a dreamy face. " Yes! and then we can go to teaparties and dress in nice big princess dresses and be princesses and live in castles" i told her and she nodded and laughed. She stood up and took my hand. " Lets dance , like grown ups do" she told me and we started dancing an awful dance and we ended up dancing. 

" You are my best friend , and kinda like my sister" she told me when we were laying down. Our small bodies were hidden in the beautiful grass among the beautiful flowers. " And you are my best friend too, and sister  " she told me and that was the best moment that i have ever experienced with Bethany, We have been so close since , like sisters. 

- End of pov -

As i was laying down in the grass field i remembered everything that we have gone trough together , all the bad memories and all the bad memories that we can look at now and laugh about.  And that's when i realized that maybe someday we will grow apart , but we will always be like sisters. 

I heard two chuckles that sounded like girls and i looked to see 2 girls around 8/9 years old and they had blonde and brown hair and they were laughing about something that the other said. I walked over to them. " Hey " i said trying not to come off as creepy. " Uh hi " one of the girls said unsure of what to do. The other girl was very shy. She reminded me a lot about Bethany. " Hi girls , uh i just wanted to say that i'm happy to see you guys stick together and promise me that you will never let the other one down" i told them. " We promise" they said and i kept on walking all the way back home. It was dark and the stars were bright up in the sky. It was nice weather , not too hot or too cold. 

Then i realized, Sometimes your bestfriend understands you better than yourself. 

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