Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


27. Chapter 27


  Chapter 27


   Nialls pov


   I sent the text after a long time of debating if i should or not. I decided to do it since Bethany had to know what is going on. I also do know that she trust me and i don't want to lose that either, plus she deserves to know. My phone vibrated and i quickly picked it up since it was on my bed and i had been pacing around in the room just worrying about what she'll say.


Mum Maura -

Hello sweetheart , i booked a time at the dentist , will be home late today xxx


Fucking hell i thougt, ofcourse my mother had to write something now while i'm waiting for something important. I replied an Ok and Love you back. I saw a notice on my iphone that told me that Beth had sent me a message probably responding. 

Babe Beth x

- Yeah? xx


Niall - 

I saw Ariana today , she was telling me how her and Ashton got together and you have to talk to Viktoria since i think she likes him , i mean unless she likes Zayn xx


There i said it. You see earlier today i bumped into Ariana and god she has changed a lot. I remember when she would hang out with Bethany a lot but now they don't even look at eachother. I just hope that maybe someday they can get over this and become friends again like they used to. But that will ofcourse take some time i mean what Ariana did was unacceptable. But today she also told me that her and Ashton kissed yesturday. I can't believe her , i don't understand what she wants from Viktoria i mean everytime Viktoria likes a boy she had to ruin it.

I'm going to have to tell Zayn to take care of her and if he ever lays his hands on Ariana or any other girl he will be a dead man. It might seem like i fancy Viktoria but i don't she is kind of like my sister. Sometimes i even go to her house just to talk. One time we got " caught " and Ashton was really mad and accused her of cheating and he had to tell Bethany and ofcourse she believed Ashton since they were friends. I am so happy that we worked that out. It was so empty not having my Beth by my side like i usually have. 

My phone beeped again for what i believed was the 100th time today. I was annoyed until i saw that it was Bethany. I smiled and opened the text.

Babe Beth

- Omg seriosuly? that's so werd , sigh. why would she even do that? xx



- I dunno babe but don't worry about it right now , i'll take care of it yeah xx


I didn't want Bethany to worry about it since she had a lot going on with her youtube channel that has become very succesfull and i was so happy for her. I also loved watching her videos and i even fought with people who were mean to  her in the comments . Can't believe someone that would ever hate her , she's an angel.


Bethany's pov

I am so done with her, and by her i mean Ariana. Why did she change? she used to be so nice and now she just wants to ruin everything. I can see that she comments stuff on my youtube channel like ugly x and weirdo xx and i even though i am not very offended it still hurts a bit i mean we used to be so close and now we don't even give a second glance when we meet on the street or in school.


Viktoria's pov

I was crushed. I didn't really know what to do except for crying. It's weird since i don't have any feelings left for Ashton after what he did. I am actually starting to like Zayn a lot more. He is just so sweet and i realized that Ashton treated me like shit since Zayn does this whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing better. That's right, he asked me out yesturday and i was so happy. 


I got a call from Zayn saying that he wanted to meet me. I rushed and put my jacket on and i litterally ran to the park that he told me to meet him at. There was not a single person and it was dark. The wind blew and my hair was going crazy with the wind. I stood there waiting for him and i was almost about to leave since he was a bit late and i hate it when people are late. Someone put their hand on my shoulder and i turned around seeing Zayn all sweaty. He was kinda out of breath like he had been running. He was holding so many roses that i couldn't almost see his face. But there was something that catched my eyes, Among those beutiful red roses there was one white daisy flower. I wonder why, and is those roses really for me? i doubt it. 

" Viktoria hello" Zayn said trying to get my attention since i think that i had been zooming out a bit.

" Oh sorry " i said ind of embarrased and my cheek were flushing. He just chuckled and then turned into a serious face. Typical Zayn always looking like a model.

" So why did you want to meet me in the middle of the night" i asked him trying to avoid the fact that i was still blushing."

" I want to ask you something" he said and he looked nervous almost as if he was going to throw up. 

" Shoot " i said and i tried to make it seem like i wasn't freezing but who can blame me, it was freezing and i didn't put on the warmest jacket that i have.

" I just u uh , Do you want to be my girlfriend? i mean i know that we haven't known eachother for that long but i do have some feelings for you and maybe we could try it out and just yeah , so what do you say?"  He asked me and he was just shaking, He wasn't cold or atleast i don't think that he was but he was nervous and he was playing with his hair. I was shocked and scared by the question. I was still hurt from what Ashton did and i didn't know if i was able to move on since i really liked Ashton. But then again why would i turn Zayn down? he has been treating me so good for the past month or so.

" Zayn look i don-" He didn't want to hear what i was going to say so he just cut me off."

" Look If you don't like me , as i do you ; i understand. Because who would really choose a daisy in a field of roses?" he said and my heart just melted and i finally understood why he had about 50 roses and one daisy., " But i'll give these to you anyways babe" he said and he was about to walk away " Zayn wait" i said with my hands occupied fromt he flowers but i still managed to grab his shoulders and he turned so i kissed him.





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