Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


25. Chapter 25

Chapter 25


Nialls pov


Prom is coming up soon and i know that i have to ask Bethany. This is something that she has been looking forward to since she was just a kid. I also know that the "Promposal" that everyone calls it has to be perfect so that she will say yes. 

I was sitting in my room while looking at my blue walls trying to figure out how i was going to ask her to prom. I've watched a lot of youtube videos and such but none of them helped me. I am screwed. I started to think that i was hopeless until i got the perfect idea. I do know that her favourite move is ' The fault in our stars ' so i knew that i had to do something based on it.

I kept thinking on good ideas when i looked at my phone and saw that Zayn was calling me.

" What's happening mate? " he asked me and i  could hear that he was getting frustrated           " Nothing , just trying to figure the whole prom thing out , what about you? " i asked him and      he sighed before answering my question. " Same thing , i don't know how to ask her and when" he told me and i noticed that he was getting a bit angry. Not at me but the fact that he had to come up with a great idea to make her fall head over heels, and yes when i say her i mean Viktoria. He felt like he had to ask her and i know that she has atleast 2 other guys who are going to ask her too. 

" Okay Zayn look i got to go i need to fix some stuff " i told him and we both said goodbye and ended the call.

I was so nervous because what if another guys ask her out and she says yes? But i think that The boys at our school knows better than to ask Bethany to the prom because they know that she would say no, or atleast i hope that she would. Then it hit me, The best idea ever.


Bethany's pov

I was walking to school while sipping on my coffe that i got from the cafe a few blocks from our school. I choose not to ride with Viktoria or Ashton today because i felt like walking and getting some fresh air. There were parents who was dragging their tired kids to school and people rushing to school and work. I finally arrived at my school and people were running to their classes to avoid being late but there were also people who talked with their friends or just chilled, including me. 

I threw my coffe cup and i started walking to my lockers but i stopped to look at the tv hanging on the wall and it said that my first class was cancelled. Ugh, i could of slept in and i didn't have to rush to school. Oh well. 

I saw Viktoria rushing towards me and she stopped to breath and then she tried to talk. " Beth you have to come with me" she told me and i was a bit curious. This was weird since Viktoria never skips any classes. I wonder what's up. She led me to the gym hall and it was very dark there. The lights were turned off and i couldn't see anything. " Are you kidnapping me?" i asked her and she laughed. We stopped at the center of the gym and suddenly the lights turned on and the song ' Boom clap ' by Charli XCX started playing. I love this song since it's featured in the fault in our stars.

Suddenly i saw Niall walking towards me with with a big poster saying ' will you go to prom with me?' and then it said okay? , okay. It was so cute and i was shocked. " Omg Niall what is this" i said and he laughed. " So will you go to prom with me?" he asked and i nodded and hugged him. He gave me a bouqet of blue and white flowers, typical. 

When i turned around i finally noticed the people sitting there watching. It was probably half of the school. It was amazing and i know for sure that i will never forget this.


Viktoria's pov

It was so nice to see Bethany happy since she has been a bit down since the whole Ariana thing happend quite a while ago. I admire Niall for doing this for her and he really put down a lot of thought and work on this. Even though this doesn't mean that much to him he knew that she has been waiting for this and he just wanted to make her happy. I wish i had someone who cared about me that much. I know that i have Ashton but i don't have the same feelings for him that i had when we started dating and i do think that we should break up. I mean he would never do something like this.

After 5 long hours in school we were finally able to go home and i just wanted to get home so that i could go to the balett studio. The balett studio has kind of become my home now and i love to spend hours there just dancing. I literally ran home as fast as possible. When i walked trough the door i saw my mother sitting at the table smiling for herself. " Hi , What's up mom " i said and she looked at me and smiled even bigger, If that was even possible. " Hello sweetheart , I'm just really happy " she said and then she walked away. Very strange and not like her. 

I walked up the stairs to my room and when i got to my room i saw Ashton sitting on my bed. " Uhm hi ashton?" i kind of asked. " Uh hi , there is something that i need to tell you Viktoria" he said and i sat down on my bed also thinking about what i was going to say to him and now is the perfect time. 

" There is something that i need to say aswell" i said and he nodded. " Okay uhm i'll start" he said and i nodded while putting my hands on my lap since they were shaking because i was nervous. " Will you go to prom with me?" he asked me casually like it was nothing. I honestly didn't know how to react at first , i guess the dissapointment came first then anger and sadness. " No , no i won't. Actually i'm breaking up with you. You don't treat me the right way and you didn't care enough to make me happy" i said and he looked shocked but he grinned. " I don't care about these shitty things honestly" he said. " Niall didn't but he still asked Bethany in the best way that was possible" i told him as a matter of fact.  " Then go be with Niall because i'm so done with you" he said and stormed out from my room and i laid down on the bed and started crying.

I could hear my mom shouting at him from downstairs and then i heard her come into my room. "Oh sweetheart, he is an idiot and there is better guys out there who will treat you better and i already know one" she said and smiled. How can she be happy? this is a chaos, i mean now there is no one who will go with me and i will sit at home like a loner at prom night. 

She hugged me and told me to get dressed. " Come on i'll give you a ride to the studio" she said and i nodded. She walked out from my room and i started packing. This is exactly what i need. I need to dance it out.

When we got to the studio there was a few people there and i said hi to the ones that i knew. My mom weirdly followed me up to the actual studio. I checked in and went to the usual one. When i opened the door there was loads of people gathered there and then there was a small path and i walked down the path and someone put a crown on my head. What is going on.? when i came to the end of the path i saw Zayn standing there with black roses and  there was two girls on each side of him smiling and i noticed that it was Bethany and Jade. I ran up to Zayn and hugged him. " Prom?" he asked me and i said yes while smiling.


This day turned out pretty well i guess......







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