Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


23. chapter 23

Chapter 23


Bethany's pov


I was currently sitting on my bed just reading some magazines that Viktoria sent me because apparently i just had to read them. I flipped trough some pages but there wasn't really anything that catched my eyes. Finally i threw the magazine at the wall and just sighed. The reason why i was sitting on my bed and not in school was because i was sick. I was still thinking about the fact that Viktoria said that she loves Ashton. Love is dangerous but we can't help it sometimes.

I decided to go downstairs and watch the bachelor. I never really understood that show but i always loved it anyways. It was nice to think about someone else problem than mine. Not that i have any right now but it's just a matter of time until there's one since I've been in loads of trouble since i met Niall. He is not a bad boy but i guess he just does a lot of things that gets us into trouble.

I turned on my TV and put the bachelor on like i always did when i was sick. A while into the show i was so focused on the Jacob guy to pick Sandy. " Please pick Sandy " i whispered. I was waiting for the Jacob dude to say Sandy's name when i heard someone cough. I almost pissed myself because i was so scared. I was almost scared to look behind me because who would come in anyways`, i mean i think i locked the door, or did i ?  " Sandy is pretty cute " the voice said and i let out a sigh because i knew who it was. Harry. " Hi , um what are you doing here? i asked him and he chuckled. " I needed someone to talk to. He told me. " You could of just called me , you didn't have to scare the shit out of me" i told him and he just smiled and sat down on the couch.

" Okay so what's on your mind that you had to tell me so badly" i asked him and his face turned serious. Well at least as serious as Harry can be. " I am so sick of seeing Ashton and Viktoria together" he told me and i froze for a second. " Okay , uhm tell me more " i encouraged him. " I love her and she promised me" he said and looked down at his hands, " What does it feel like Harry , tell me" i told him because i knew that i had to help him.

" It hurts so bad, Nothing hurts more than trying so hard to be good enough for the person you love to then be replaced by someone better" he said and i looked at him. " Harry i know that you like her or even love her but she is so happy with Ashton you can't ruin it for them.

" How do you know if she's happy with him?" he asked me with a curious voice. " Can't you see how her eyes twinkle whenever he smiles at her and she is so giddy and always laugh around him" i told him and a frown took over his face.

" You have no idea Beth , I've goon trough hell and back for that girl and i will do it a million times just to make her mine , and at night when i should be sleeping i lie awake just to convince myself that this is all just a dream and then i think about all of the things that i should of said like i love you but i was so scared Beth , i was so scared that something like this would happen" he told me while crying.

" Harry someday you will find someone that makes you look forward to the future and someone that will make you happy but you have to stop pushing everyone away" i told him and he nodded.

"I'm trying but it's just sad that when i push people away they just go and don't even try to stay" he said while wiping his tears away with a tissue that i gave him.

" I better go now and thanks for listening" he said and he got up from the couch. " Don't do anything stupid" i told him. " I won't " he tried to assure me but deep down i knew that he will do something that he'll regret but for now it felt nice to lie to myself to forget about the problem that i was supposed to take care of. I though about everything that Harry told me and that made me believe the fact that he was in love with her.

I almost peed myself again when someone slammed the door open and came stomping in. Why is everyone scaring me today? " What the hell was that idiot doing here? " Niall yelled at me and i was so scared because i knew that Harry and Niall wasn't very good of friends right now. " He came here to talk , stop being so harsh" i said and he glared at me. " If you like harry so much then go be with him " he told me and i almost choked. " What? i would never" i told him and he just laughed coldly. " You were probably making out the whole time" he said and i was so sad and scared right now. There comes another problem. " No i told you that we were talking" i said and he looked like he could kill me right on the spot. " You know what beth , it's over " he said and that's when my tears started streaming down my face. " Fuck off Niall James Horan " i screamed at him and he kept walking away.


Nialls pov

How could she do this to me? I never took Bethany as That kind of girl.

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