Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


20. Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Viktoria's pov

I am now in my bed trying to sleep. It was impossible and i was just thinking about what happened earlier when i saw Ariana and Luke. Ariana doesn't talk to Bethany that much which makes Beth very sad about it. Ariana is always hanging out with Liam or Cresh.  Not a very smart move or idea. Bethany isn't going to be mad at Ariana she is going to be feeling a bit hurt by Luke because he knows just how much Ariana hurt her and that they are not on speaking terms at the moment. Or at least they won't be when she finds out. Ugh What a mess. I decided that it was best for me not to over think about it right now and to deal with it tomorrow. Sleep took over me as i laid in my bed closing my eyes.

My alarm clock started ringing which woke me up from my much needed sleep. I probably didn't even sleep that long so i was still very tired. I got up from my bed and picked out clothes and i let my hair be the way it was because i curled it today so that it would be waves and it actually worked! . I applied a light layer of makeup so that i didn't seem too tired. I wasn't really in the mood for breakfast so i just made some coffee and grabbed an apple. I took my bag and headed over to Bethany's. Since her and Ariana isn't that close anymore Ariana has stopped driving her to school. Since i live close to Bethany i have been starting to go over to her house and then Ashton pick us and Niall up for school. We always call him our personal cab. Which is probably true. Hope he isn't bothered by it. I'll just ask him later when we're alone.

When i was at Bethany's house i saw her sitting on the porch. She was reading some book that i didn't recognize. " Hi Beth" i screamed to get her attention. She always get lost in her own little world whenever she reads a book. " morning " She replied back. She also seemed tired and i guess she didn't get much sleep yesterday since her eyes were kind of red.  I hugged her and sat next to her on the porch. " You look tired Beth " i said sounding worried because i truly am. " Yeah i know , I'm pretty tired but there's nothing a cup of coffee can't fix" she said and i gave her half of my coffee and she quickly shugged it down her throat. " That was good " she said. " Yeah it it" i said and smiled at her.

Ashton arrived at her house 10 minutes later and we got in his black small car. " Good morning Ladies" he said . I sat next to him in the shotgun and he kissed my cheek. Bethany sat in the back so that Niall could sit next to her. We picked him up on the way as usual and he greeted us and kissed Bethany on the cheek. " I hate school so freaking much" Bethany complained and Niall just hugged her. " I know me too" he said and kissed her on the top of her head. " You know what maybe we should skip school and just call in and tell them that we're sick" Ashton said.


Bethany's pov

I didn't know what to think. I never took Ashton as the skipping school kind of guy since he gets at least a B on all of his tests. Trust me i know.

" My mom will kill me" i said and Viktoria agreed.  " But you should call your mom and tell her that you feel sick and that you are going to my house since I'm sick too so that i can take care of  both of us and  that she doesn't have to leave early from work" Niall explained and it was actually quite a smart idea. " Yeah but what if she calls your mom" i asked him. " My mom isn't home at the moment and she doesn't really care , she never does" he said and i felt kind of bad. I know that his mother cares a lot more about work and getting money than taking care of Niall. She is kind of like my mother. Me and Viktoria agreed on the idea but we decided to leave out the " .

I searched for my moms name on my contacts and i called her. . " Hi mom" i said trying to sound as sick as possible and the others had to cover their mouths to avoid laughing since i was such a  bad actor. " Oh honey are you okay? you seem kind of sick. I'll call you in as sick to the school if it's needed, dad isn't home will you manage?" she asked me and i was kind of surprised that she was even concerned about me and the fact that she offered to call in sick. Usually i almost have to fake faint so that she will notice me. " Yes Niall has a day off so he said that i could go to his so that he could take care of me" i lied and i prayed to god that she believes me. " Of course tell Niall that i said thanks, get better sweetie" she said and i fake coughed. " i will , thanks mom i love you " i said. " Oh i have to take care of something now i'll call you later bye sweetie" she said. " Bye" i said while ending the call. I squealed like a little girl and the others just laughed at me. Viktoria called her parents and they didn't seem too sure of the idea but they agreed because she was " Very sick " 

" So what are we supposed to do?" i asked them and we though for a minute " I know , what if we go somewhere maybe like a beach where there isn't people and have a bonfire and we can sleep there in tents" i said. " That's genius" Viktoria said and we all agreed. We even got a few of our friends that wanted to come but they were going to be there after school which gives us about enough time to set everything up.  Ashton stopped by at Niall's house first and he changed and packed a few things which i helped him with . He was wearing a simple red t-shirt and a black pair of jeans. His hair was up in a quiff and he had his black sunglasses that i love so much. He didn't pack a lot of things but he did bring his guitar and some food which was more than enough.

We soon took of to my place and Viktoria was going to borrow my clothes and stuff since her dad was at her house so she wasn't able to go home. We looked through my closet and i decided to wear my grey sweater and some black ripped high waisted shorts. I went to my bathroom and Viktoria helped me to braid my hair. I Put on some foundation and then i did a cat eyeliner and finished it off with some red lipstick. I sprayed some  Vera Wang princess perfume that Niall got for me which is very cute. I took my black beanie and my brown bag. I put my black sunglasses on since it was going to be sunny.

When we were done with packing and such we searched for food and we found some. We took beer which my parents probably won't even notice is gone. We took a few tents and other stuff that is needed. When we went out we saw the boys sitting in the car and we saw that they were chatting and playing games on their phones. We sat down in  the car after we unloaded all of our stuff in the back trunk. " Hi babe what took you so long?" Ashton asked Viktoria. " Just some girl stuff" she answered and i agreed,

We chose the place that we were going to stay at. It took a while to get there but it was so worth it.  The place was beautiful and we looked it up on the internet since we didn't want to have people around us. This place was quiet and amazing. I would so come here and think if i lived close by. It was kind of like a river with ropes so that we could swing and then jump into the water. Then just next to the river there was a beautiful "Beach" with caves and such. This place is amazing and I'll have to take my sister here sometime. 

I can't wait to spend the day Niall and all of my best friends. This is going to be so much fun.Or at least i think so , i mean what can go wrong?

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