Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


12. chapter 12

chapter 12


Nialls pov


Ask her don't be a coward

Just tell her

I wanted to ask her but i didn't know how to.What if she says no? that will be humiliating and people will laugh at me.My reputation is important to and i can't let anyone ruin that.But i do like her so why would i even care about it? I'm such a wimp.I threw the paper and away.

"Yeah Niall? , tell me" She said still waiting for me to answer her.

"Uh i-i do you want to go on a date with me?" i finally asked her and it felt like a ton was lifted from my chest.I finally said it and now i have to see what she says,

"I thought you liked Cresh?" she asked me.How could she even think that? i hate Cresh and i always will.

"Never , i only like you and that's why I'm asking you" i said and she smiled at me.

"I would love to go on a date with you Niall" she said and hugged me which got everyones attention but i didn't really care i mean who would? i have my dream girl in my arms.

"I'll take you on a date on Saturday and i will pick you at 6 P.M and wear something casual" i said and winked to her. She blushed and and  nodded.

"Well i better get going to my class now"she said and handed me my books she then walked off like nothing did just happen.

The late bell rang and the sound off them filled the empty halls of the school. I saw a few students here and there that were probably late. Oh shit I'm late not that i care because i would rather talk to Bethany . I rushed into my class and everyone looked at me like i just killed someone."Mr.Horan where have you been?" my teacher asked me."I told you not to call me rm.horan"i said."Sit down and write down the notes" my teacher said she was probably pissed off.But i didn't care at all because the only thing that i could think of was the fact that me and Beth were going on a date today.

The bell finally ringed and everyone packed their bags and walked out from the classroom.I have stage band now which was my favorite class since everyone of my friends went to that class and of course Bethany.

I walked to my locker and grabbed my books for stage band and closed my locker.I looked over to Bethany's locker and there was a boy standing next to her and they were talking and he was flirting with her. I didn't quite like it since she was mine.Or at least not yet but soon. I walked over to them and put my arm around Bethany's waist.She noticed me and shrugged my arm of off her. Ouch.

"Hi Niall" she said and smiled at me.

"Hi Bethany " i said trying not to sound bothered and looked at the guy while giving him a glare telling him to back off.

"Uh this is Luke , Luke Hemmings and he is new here" she said and i looked at the boy and his hair was similar to mine and he also had blue eyes."Uh i better get going" he said to Bethany and he rushed down the halls. 

"Wasn't he nice" she said and smiled at me. Oh Bethany she is always sweet and nice to everyone.

"Uh yeah" i said not really meaning what i was saying.

"Well lets go to stage band" she said and i held her hand.She smiled at me and blushed but she didn't let my hand go.

"GET TOGETHER ALREADY" someone screamed.I looked over to a guy that had purple hair.I saw that Luke was standing next to him and he was probably new too.

"Shut it Michael " i heard Luke say and i looked over at Bethany and she waved to Luke and he returned it.We walked to stage band and when we were there i couldn't believe my eyes.

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