Can we dance? ( Niall horan fanfic ) Book 1

Bethany Mota the normal kid and Niall horan the highschool jock goes to the same school. This highschool is a tad bit different than other schools. What will happen when people start dating ? Will their friendships last? There will be drama , tears and laughs. But most importantly Memories that will never fade. But will they have time to continue their sports and activities. ? And what will happen at their last dance? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1

--Bethany's P.O.V--

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing. It was so  irritating I mean come on. I was having such a good dream. It was about a special boy that I've had a crush on for so long.  Anyways it's not like he will ever like me back.  I'm just a regular girl there is nothing interesting about me anyways. He probably just likes those fake girls in our school.  I just can't believe the fact that the people in my school have "groups". It's not like the groups in movies but for example if i dated the boy everyone would judge him since I'm not a popular girl or cheerleader which makes me just "normal" i guess. But i don't want to be the "normal" girl but i don''t want to become a slut so that people will accept me. I would never do such things. He is not worth it anyways.

I got up from my bed and yawned very loudly while stretching my arms like i always did. I put on my morning socks, as I like to call them because they are pink and fluffy. I started getting ready. I put on my new pair of light Pink jeans and my favorite white flowy top. I matched it with my  jean jacket that has no sleeves. I went to my bathroom and i put my hair up in a nice pony tail and started with my makeup. I put on foundation and i also made a cat eye with my black eyeliner and put on some mascara. I didn't want any lipstick today so i just moisturized my lips with my favorite lip balm. I put it down in my schoolbag and i happily skidded down the stairs. The smell of breakfast was lingering in the air. 

When I came downstairs, my dad was making breakfast. Too bad that I'm running late because I really wanted to stay and eat with my family like we would usually do. " Good morning sweetheart" my dad said and looked up from his phone. He was probably reading his emails like he usually would. He has been doing it ever since he got his iphone and he loves it because you can download cool apps. The only thing that annoys me   " Morning dad, I have to go, I'm running late" I said and he looked up fron the phone screen and nodded. I took the sandwich that my dad had made for me. He loves to cook food for me and my sister so he usually does it every morning and i am so thankful for it.

"  I'll see you later have a good day at school" my dad said. " Yeah we will dad love you bye" i said while i was putting on my converse.I didn't need a jacket since it was a very nice weather and i have my jean jacket on. I don't know why but i always wear either a cardigan or a jacket because you never really know when it's going to rain here. " Bye love you too" he said and i rushed out.

My best friend Ariana was sitting in her new car that she got a few weeks ago. She's been picking me up for the last few days since she got her car and she just loves to drive it around because it's a sports car and it's so cool. I wish i had one but im just afraid of the thought of driving a car and i have no idea why. Probably because my aunt died in a car crash. " Get in loser we're going to school" she said and i laughed at her because she quoted the mean girls movie which by the way is one of our favorite movie to watch together.

" Morning Beth" Ariana said and smiled at me." Morning Ari" i said while eating my sandwich. I laughed at her because she was wearing some crazy sunglasses but i loved them. Only her i thought. She looked gorgeous as always. I wish i was as pretty as her. She was wearing a black crop top and shorts with a nice flower print.She had her hair pinned up in a half up and half down hairstyle and pink lips and she matched it with black converse.

We talked the whole way to school and it was very nice. We didn't have the same schedule or classes we only had lunch at the same time so we hugged and i thanked her for the ride to school as always. She usually tells me not to thank her but i do anyways and she just sighed at me.  I went to my locker and picked up my stuff for my media class. It was my favorite class since we get to edit videos and film them , we also get to write the school magazine and edit the yearbook.

The day went on and All of my classes were good even though i didn't listen to a word that my teachers said. I was distracted by something but i wasn't quite sure what or why. It's strange because i usually listen and write down notes.  Some people call me a geek and nerd but i won't let it get to me because i know that I'm getting good grades and i'm actually trying to do something with my future. It's their problem if they won't get into college because they weren't listening to teachers to seem cool in high school. Lets face it sweetie high school doesn't last forever.

It was now time for lunch so everyone headed to the cafeteria and i waited for Ariana . She finally came to the cafeteria and we went to get some lunch. We always share food and i pay every other week so this week was my turn to pay since Ariana paid last week. We both choose to share a pizza I payed for everything and it wasn't too expensive it was only 8 dollars with drinks.  We went to our table and we sat down and talked. The populars which was the cheerleaders and the jocks came in to the cafeteria and they were so loud. They screamed and talked and it was very annoying.But you get used to it.

I looked over at Niall. He was the captain of the team and he was so hot. He had blonde hair with  brown roots which were blended nicely into each other. he had deep blue eyes and a smile that could get anyone to fall in love with him instantly. Even the teachers love him. Every girl in the school had a crush on him , and i was just one of many. He would never notice me. The jocks walked by our table and sat at their table and ate their lunch.They ate like pigs and they even left half of their food on the table , they didn't  throw their water bottles. I felt bad for the person who had to clean their table.

The rest of the day went on pretty good and everything was just normal. We have P.E. so I went to my locker and got my gym clothes which was a blue pink top and black sweatpants.I also had a pair of Pink and black air max shoes. My gym bag was white and it was a pink bag from Victoria's secret. I went to the gym hall where we had P.E and i saw my locker. I put in the combination code and i started to put on my clothes and i put my hair up in a pony tail and tied my shoe laces. I saw Ariana rushing to the locker since she was running a bit late. I was waiting for her to change since i didn't really care if i was late since this is the class that i hate the most. She wore a pink\white Ombre top and some short black Victoria's secret shorts. She put on her blue and pink air max because we like to have the same shoes so we can borrow each others. I helped her to braid her hair. 

The class went on smoothly and we took a quick shower after and went home since it was our last class for the day. We decided to meet up at Starbucks later for a coffee. We wanted to talk and just have a snack like we usually did after school. She drove me home and we said goodbye to each other. On the way home i walked past the soccer field and i saw that the boys were practicing since they have an important game coming up soon. The cheerleaders were also practicing their stunts. I was once a cheerleader but when my parents told me that we were moving i had to quit. I can still do the splits and some stunts. Maybe i should do the tryouts this year?

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