Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


33. You cheated on me



Emi's P.O.V


The past few months have flown by! Show after show, interview after interview there has barely been any time to breath let alone relax! That said however I was truly enjoying every second of it and when we did get even the smallest amount of time off I made sure to spend it either with all the guys doing something epic and totally non work related or just with my Nialler and making sure he was alright. 

He seems to be a little stressed and distracted since we got back and I hate it when he isn't himself! Since NYC we've had three birthdays!! Zayn then Calum then Harry! And let me tell you this we partied hard for each of them maybe not on the correct date but we always made sure to celebrate! Speaking of which we were out at yet another club tonight as we had a few days off and we were all in need of some 'relaxation'.


"Hey Ash have you seen Niall?" I shouted over the loud music of the club. 

"Umm I saw him heading in the direction of the toilets about ten minutes ago." He answered before he got back to his conversation with the girl he'd been flirting with all night. 

I headed in the direction Ash said walking down the corridor to the toilets only to stop when I saw a dirty blonde guy making out with a redhead in a really skimpy dress at the end of it... AKWARD! Not wanting to interrupt I began to turn around without being noticed. God I've never seen anyone with hair that similar to Niall's but that guys was almost identical, wait... I spun on my heals once again to have a better look at the 'couple' only to notice this time it was Niall! Tears instantly began to flood from my eyes as I ran back to the bar to find one of the guys, didn't matter which I just needed one of them to get me out of here. I spotted Mikey's bright hair in the crowd and pushed my way through towards him.

"Mikey I need you to take me back to the hotel." I said as fast as possible, trying to hold it together for a little longer. 

"God Emi are you alright? What's the matter!" He panicked passing his bear bottle to some random person, who happily excepted it, so he could pull me in to a hug.

"I'll explain at the hotel but we need to go right now, please." I sobbed in to his shirt.

"Okay, come on there should be a cab outside." He said as he lead me through the crowds and out of the club to one of the waiting taxis. 


"So you going to tell me what's wrong or do you want to wait till we get to the hotel?" Mikey asked softly in the back to the taxi.

After a few moments I got my self collected enough to answer him "Niall cheated on my, I saw him making out with some redhead." 

"Oh, I'm so sorry Emi! He's was very drunk, he seems to be drinking a lot more since we came back on tour and not just when we go out either." He said pulling me in to another hug.

"I noticed that but I just put it down to stress or something like that. But even so that's no excuse!" 

"I know it isn't, I was just saying it could be not what it looks like." He smiled trying to stay positive. Which I guess is better than what's running through my mind.


*early morning* 


It's 4 am and Niall still isn't back yet, I know everyone else is back already as I head them drunk singing and loudly talking as they passed by our room but Niall still isn't here. Probably went home with that slut he met! I'll wait 15 more minutes then I'm going back to Mikey and Luke's room to sleep. 


Five minutes later I hear the door hand rattle and the sound of a key missing the lock several times before it was finally unlocked and then in stumbled Niall, still really drunk. 

"Oh honey you waited up for me." he said in a sickly sweet voice.

"Don't 'honey' me! I know what you've been doing for the last 4 hours since I left the club! But you wouldn't care about the fact I left because you were too busy CHEATING ON ME WITH SOME SLUTTY RED HEAD!" I shouted ignoring the fact the boys were asleep in the surrounding rooms. 

"MAYBE I WAS BUT ITS NOT LIKE YOU HAVENT BEEN CHEATING ON ME!" He shouted as his eyes turning dark, making him look menacing and dangerous.

Wait what? What was he on about? I haven't cheated on him! 

"What are you on about? I never cheated on you..." I stuttered scared and completely confused.

"Cut the crap I know you've been cheating on me with H-" He shouted again but not as loud as before.

"What? No I haven't! I'd never cheat on you! I WAS in love you!" I cut him off.

"LIES!" He shouted at me, but this time it wasn't just he words that hurt me... In his rage he slapped me sending a burning pain across my left cheek. And here come the tears again as I feel to the floor due to the impact.

"Shit! Emi I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to, I don't know what came over me!" Niall panicked as he quickly sobered up at the sight of the pain he'd caused me. "Let me help and let me see?" He asked and went to place his hand on my cheek, his eyes returning to there natural sky blue and filling with concern. Not that I cared, he just hit me for Christ's sake! 

"No don't touch me!" I screamed as I got up and ran to Mikeys room only to find the all the boys were in the hall way crowded round our room. I'm guessing they heard all that then. I instantly ran in to Luke's arms and he held me in a tight embrace. 


"Emi I'm sorry." Niall shouted as he ran out of our room. 

"Leave her alone, I think you've done enough damage." Luke said and you could just tell by his tone he was angry. 

"Please just let me explain. I thought-" 

"Save it. She doesn't want to hear it" Luke cut him off and spoke for me.

"Please Emi just listen to me." He begged but I only cried in to Luke's chest harder.

"Can I stay in your room?" I mumbled ignoring the begs from Niall who was been held away from me by Zayn and Lou. Without answering me Luke just lead me to his room followed by Mikey, Cal and Ash. As he went to close the door I looked up quickly to see the boys trying to help up a crying Niall who was looking in my direction. Our eyes met for no more than a second before I had to look away.


Niall's P.O.V


What had I done? 

Please tell me that didn't really happen and this was just some horrible nightmare and I was going to wake up with her peacefully sleeping with her head on my chest and tiny hand in mine? Please just tell me thats whats going to happen...

Please just tell me I didn't actually hit her... 

"Mate you need to get up," Lou's words broke my thoughts.

"No I need to talk to her, I need to explain and sort this mess out... I love her and I won't loose her." 

"You won't Ni but you can't talk to her right now, give her some time." Liam reasoned.

"Let's get you in your room alright and you can explain to us and you can tell us what actually went off." Harry spoke next.

Once the boys had helped me up and in to my room we were all sat round on my bed or the sofa in a circle, each with a bottle of water to help with our headaches and small the hangovers we were starting to feel the effect of. 

"So tell us what happened?" Li prompted me.

"Well... in short I cheated on her." I murmured, not proud to admit what I had done

"What the fuck we're you thinking?" Zayn shouted, he was always the most protective of Emi, he though of her like another sister and it showed in his face that he really wanted to hit me right now, but then again so would I.

"I wasn't really but I think I just wanted to get even with her... Maybe I was thinking that if she was going to cheat on me then I was going to do the same so I kinda went home with some slut from the bar before I came back here." 

"WHAT THE HELL! YOU'RE A SHIT YOU KNOW THAT!" Zayn shouted louder this time getting really in my face before Lou calmed him down and got him to back off.

"Wait, you mean she cheated on you?" Harry asked. Oh yeah like he didn't know.

"Don't act innocent, we all know the two of you have had something going on since New years." 

"What? No we haven't?" 

"Yeah you have, we all see how close you are, you constantly text each other and get really defensive when people want to know why and then there's all the times the two of you disappear off together. You weren't exactly subtle or sneaky." I said rather bluntly.

"You really think I'd do that to you?" Harry asked sounding upset.

"Well you have... haven't you?" 

Maybe I was wrong but there was no other obvious reason for how they had been acting. 

"No...I'd never do anything like that and I can't believe you'd think I would... Yes I've been keeping a secret from you all and Emi has something to do with it but its nothing like that. So I surpose I should just tell you... My granddad has cancer again, he hasn't got long left, chances are he'll die soon after we get off tour." 

"Shit" we all cursed. I really didn't see that coming and by the looks of it I don't think the lads did either.

"I didn't want to tell you guys because last time you all over reacted a little and there was no way I was letting you lot postpone this tour or cancel it, he wanted me to come and carry on doing what I love so thats what I did. I had to be able to talk to someone however so because of Amanda I knew Emi would be understanding and be able to help me through this. Which she really has, Niall you were lucky to have someone as caring and thoughtful as her and however jealous I may get sometimes I would have never do anything to deliberately hurt your relationship." He continued now on the brink of tears. 

Wow we really had no idea what had been going on... 


As the night carried on me and the boys talked, like properly talked for the first time in ages. I'd been getting so caught up thinking about Harry and Emi that I hadn't noticed how much I had actually missed... my brothers. At about 5.30 they all went off to their rooms and I climbed in to my big cold bed alone for the first time in 3 months just to cry my self in to a dreamless sleep. 


DRAMA! I'm going to try and update more now I know where its going! 

Stay crazy! - Mel X

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