Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


12. Truth or dare?

Emi's P.O.V


I climbed in the back of limo and ended up sat in between Niall and Louis which I was pretty happy about. 

"Is it okay if I quickly call my mum?" I asked the guys. 

"Yeah course" they replied and stopped talking whist I called. 

I pulled my phone out my pocket and quickly dialled Amanda's number. After only 2 rings she picked up. 

"Hi honey!" 

"Hey Amanda!" I said in a equally cheery tone as she had.

"Is everything alright? I wasn't expecting your call seen as you and Niall told me he'd give you a lift back?"

"Yeah everything is fine and he was going to give me a lift but theres been a change plan slightly."

"I KNEW HE WAS TOO NICE TO BE TRUE! I'll be there as soon as I can dont worry."

"No no no no no! Calm down I wasn't ringing to say he isn't giving me a lift and left without me, he's still right here in fact and probably just heard you shout that about him." I laughed looking and smiling a Niall who had defiantly heard her.

"Oh okay sorry. What is this change of plan then?"

"They asked if I wanted to go hang out at theirs tonight and I'll get a lift back in the morning, so is that okay?"

"Yeah I surpose so just be careful won't you."

"Of course I will be!"

"Thank you. I set off pretty early tomorrow so I guess I'll see you sunday. I love you Emi."

"Yeah I'll see you sunday, I love you to and so Johnny doesn't freak out when I'm not home in the morning will you tell him where I am and that I love him too."

"Of course honey, have fun!"

"Thanks, have fun in paris!"

And with that I hung up.

"I thought you were calling your mum?" Zyan asked with a confused expression. 

"Yeah I did." I said not quite understanding where the confusion was.

"Then why did you say 'Hey Amanda' and 'Tell Johnny I love him too'?"

"They're the names of my mum and dad." I asked now with my own confused expression.

"You call you're mum and dad by their first names?!" Louis said as it was a crime.

"Yeah... why is that not allowed or something."

"I guess not, its just ... different?" he answered but it came out as more of a question than an answer.


They soon dropped the subject and within another five minutes we were back at their apartment. It was the penthouse of course and inside was huge. With six bedrooms one for each of the boys and a spare each with a walk-in-wardrobe and bathroom, a music room, cinema/games room, open plan kitchen and living space, two offices, a large main bathroom, several balconies and second living room this place was nearly as big as my house! 

"This place is huge, Like nearly as big as my house!" I voiced my thoughts out loud earning a chuckle from the boys.

"We like to come home to a nice place." Zyan said diving on to one of the large leather sofas and switching the TV on. 

"Im going to get changed." Liam said walking off up stairs. 

"I might too actually." Louis said running to catch up with Liam.

Niall had run off to the kitchen as soon as we entered the apartment leaving me stood their awkwardly with Harry. I was still annoyed at him for do nothing but flirt with me where as the other guys had just been friendly and a good laugh, plus he was pretty quite at the match and the drive here so I didnt really know what say... 

"umm Im gonna go watch TV with Zyan" He said so quietly I almost didn't hear him. 

"oh okay..." i said with a small smile which he didn't return before walking off to join Zyan on the other sofa in front of the TV. I followed after him but sat down at the other end of Zyan's sofa by his feet.  


After five minutes Liam returned with Louis on his back both in onesies and Niall walked in with a huge bowl of popcorn and beer for each of the boys and a bottle of water for me which I was pretty happy about if I'm honest. I'm only 16 and even though Johnny and Amanda allow me to drink I'm not really keen on it.

"Ooooh popcorn!" I said taking a handful out the bowl and shovelling it in my mouth only to earn a look of shocked faces from the Liam, Louis, Zyan and Harry. "What?" I said with a mouthful of half chewed popcorn in my mouth. Lady like I know!

"Nothing just Niall actually let you eat his food! He never lets anyone touch his food!" Liam explained to me.

"Yeah you feeling alright Ni?" Louis joked.

"Yeah fine." He smiled with a mouthful of popcorn like I'd just had.

"Then why is Emi allowed your food and we're not?" Louis questioned pretending to look angry.

"Because she is." He said shrugging his shoulders and sitting on the floor in front of me.

"WOAH UNFAIR." Louis shouted pointing at Niall. "But anyway who's up for truth or dare?"


We all sat round in a circle on the floor, again I was in between Louis and Niall except this time there was a bowl of popcorn in between me and Niall that we kept eating from.

"Okays who's going first" Liam asked.

"I think it should be lady's first, don't you lads?" Zyan said giving me a smug smile. 

"I hate you all! but fine...I choose truth seen as I don't know what kinda dares you guys are going for."

"Fine... Who's you're favourite member of the band?"

"Oh thats easy! Defiantly you're drummer!"

"No Josh doesn't count!" Zyan sighed.

"Now thats just offensive to you're drummer who ever this josh may be! But then I guess I'd have to say..." I looked round at them all trying think who I should say, "...Niall! He gives me food and yesterday was fun!" I said smiling at Niall.

"WOOH IN YOUR FACES!" Niall shouted getting up and doing some weird victory dance.

"Wait yesterday?" Harry spoke for the first time since our awkward moment earlier.

"Yeah we hung out yesterday." Niall said as shrugging his shoulders if it was nothing. 

"I thought you when to the gym yesterday?" Harry questioned.

"Yeah I did but then I ran in to Emi and we got talking so we decided to go to Nandos and do a bit of record shopping before heading back to hers." Niall explained.

"Yeah it was hilarious especially when we were asked to leave Nandos for being too loud!" I laughed looking back at harry who now looked really upset. 

"Oh okay thought Niall just went for a stupidly long work out." Liam laughed as well before turning to Louis who had just finished whispering something to Harry. "So Lou truth or dare?"


"Okay I dare you to ... "

"Kiss Niall!" I shouted

"Pucker up Horan!" Louis said making his way over to Niall.

"Woah no I didn't agr-" Niall started to protest but was soon cut off my Louis kissing him and let me tell you it wasn't just a quick peck.

 The rest of us erupted in to laughter even Harry laughed! In fact after Louis whispered something in his ear after my truth he wasn't acting so down anymore.

And that's pretty much how the rest of the night when dares wise, Zyan an Harry had to switch clothes, they all pretty much kissed each other, Liam had to down a beer, Louis made me sit on Harry's lap for a round which was pretty awkward but he sempt to enjoy it and apart from that they were pretty mild. Truth allowed me to find out a bit about the boys and I didn't have to answer anything to do with my family which was great but they do now know I'm single, never had a boyfriend and a virgin which isn't so great.

"I'm gonna go to bed I'm out with my girl tomorrow" Zyan said getting up.

"Yeah I might to, it's been a long day!" Liam said stretching.

"Okay night guys!" I smiled at them as they headed upstairs.

"You know what I'm going to as well, what about you Ni?" Louis said to Niall and gave him a look as if he was hinting at something. I don't think he saw it though as he just waved him off saying "I'm alright actually, Harry you heading to bed yet?"

"Umm no I'm not that tired yet so I'll stay up a bit longer." He replied even though it was clear by his half closed eyes that he was about to fall asleep where he sat.

"Oh alright well can I talk to you quickly Harry before I go?" Louis asked.

"Yeah okay." Harry said pulling himself up off the floor.


Harry's P.O.V

I was desperately trying not to fall asleep so that I could last longer than Niall and have some time alone with Emily to apologise for how I'd acted. I quickly looked back as I walked in to one of the offices with Lou to see her and Niall getting comfortable on a sofa each.

I shut the door behind me and slumped down in the desk chair.

"I think it's working just being how you are with us, she's a lot more friendly with you now that she was at the meeting."

"Yeah I know that's for helping me mate it means a lot."

"Don't mention it I just want to see you get with a girl who won't break you're heart for once."

"Same here... I just don't know what it is about her... She's just different"

"Good different though"

"Defiantly! I just need to apologise to her but Niall is still with her."

"Don't worry about him, just go to bed and talk to her in the morning when you don't look like death." Lou joked opening the door.

"Night guys." He called to Niall and Emi before heading up stairs.

"Night as well you two I'm gonna go up. See you in the morning and thanks for a good laugh tonight Emily." I smiled at her.

"Awh don't mention it, and I told you call me Emi." She said looking over at me. Just as I was about to turn and go upstairs she called for me to wait and quickly got up and ran up to me embracing me in a tight hug which felt completely perfect once a got over the surprise of what she was doing.

"Sorry for being a bit of a bitch to you." She mumbled in to me neck.

"Don't apologise, I over stepped the mark flirting with you so I'm sorry." I said tightening the hug slightly before releasing her even though I really didn't want to. What I actually wanted to do was pick her up and carry her to bed with me... Not in that way! I'm not always like that.

"Night night Harry." She smiled at me.

"Night love." I said feeling genuinely happy as I walked up stairs and got in to bed.

Really long chapter for you guys hope you enjoyed it!

Stay crazy! - Mel x



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