Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


16. The plan

Emi's P.O.V 


I shut my door resting my back against it, tears threatening to fall and when they did so I. I sat there for what felt like hours just crying until I couldn't cry any more. 

"Emi, Honey somebody's here to see you!" Amanda's voice called up the stairs. People really have the best timing don't they! 

I wiped my eyes removing the eyeliner that had run and picked myself up straightening out my clothes. I slowly opened my door and shouted back, "Who is it?" 

"One of those boys you work for... his nam-" 

"Tell him to leave, if its about work he can ask my in our next meeting or go through management." I cut her off. 

"He says its not about work?" 

"Well then he doesn't need to see me." I replied and shut my door before she could reply, picked up my bag looking for my sketchbook... Where is it? I need it, nobody else can look in my sketchbook! A when in to a blind panic literally tipping everything out of my bag only to be stopped my a nock at my door "I'm busy Amanda, can we talk later I can't find my sketchbook." 

"You mean this one?" A irish voice that defiantly didn't belong to her spoke.

"Give me that!" I snapped at him snatching my book back. "I thought I told Amanda that I didn't want to see you." 

"I wanted to see you though so she let me in." He smiled walking further in to my room and closing the door behind him. 

"Look I told Harry that I didn't-" 

"I know. He told us all but I don't care if you think its unprofessional or what ever you can't just suddenly stop talking to us and I know you don't want to."

"You don't know that!" I replied harshly knowing I needed to be or I wouldn't be able to help myself. 

"Harry told us you were in tears and by the looks of whats in that book-"

"YOU LOOKED THROUGH IT! THIS IS MY SKETCHBOOK! MINE AND ONLY MINE! ITS PRIVATE AND YOU HAD NO RIGHT LOOKING THROUGH IT!! LEAVE JUST LEAVE MY SIGHT RIGHT NOW!" I shouted before collapsing and breaking down again. I know he hesitated but the eventual click of the door told me I was on my own once again. 



Niall's P.O.V 


Well that hole knight in shinning armour / returning her sketchbook plan didn't work. Like not at all. 

"Hey mate, Everything sorted?" Harry optimistically asked as I jumped back in his car that was waiting outside her house for me.

"Not really, she shouted at me when I mentioned I looked through it and that thats how I know she didn't mean what she said about not wanting to be friends with us and she just wanted to stay professional." 

"Shit, that fucked up big time then." 

"Yeah you can say that again, but now I really don't know what to do." I couldn't let her slip away but now she was even less likely to like me! 

"I know its unlike me to say this but maybe you should just give her what she wants... just a professional relationship."

"You can't be serious mate, I'm falling for this girl I can't just give in."

"No hear me out, she stops working for us in like what a month? Wait till then. Then she can't complain about it been unprofessional and you can build up a relationship which doesn't have anything to do with work!"

"Wow thats actually a really smart plan" I stated still a little shocked he came up with it. 

"Don't sound so shocked I have a lot more experience with girls remember." he winked at me. 


Okay really short chapter I know but its just a filler and the next will be about the day of the event so I couldn't really add much more to this one. Plus I'm in the middle of exams right now so I'm swamped revision so I didn't have much time to write. 


Stay Crazy! - Mel X


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