Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


18. The next job


Emi's P.O.V

*beep beep* 

Shut up!

*beep beep*

Really? What even is that? 

*beep beep*

That sounds like my phone...

*beep beep*

Shit! Yeah thats my phone! 

I quickly jumped out of bed running over to get my phone, answering it without even looking at the caller ID. 

"H-Hello," My voice cracked due to just waking up.

"Hi Emi it's Luke, did I wake you?" He replied confirming who it actually was I was talking to.

"Oh umm hi, yeah kinda but thats okay. Why you calling so early?"

"EARLY? Emi it's like 1 in the afternoon!"

"Oh sorry, late night last night so..."

"Yeah it was fun though! Anyway there's a job going free as our like on tour designer and photographer and all of us straight away thought we'd ask you if you were interested."

"OMG really?" I almost shouted.

"Haha yeah, you kinda need to be down here as quick as possible though..."he laughed.

"Oh um yeah, I can do that. Text me the address and I'll get a cab there as quickly was I can." I said whist making my bed.

"Great I will do, see you soon Emi."

"See ya, thank you!"

After he hung up I couldn't help but let out a small excited yelp. Running in to my bathroom I quickly showered and dried my hair before applying a small amount of make up all in about 15 minutes. Once I was done I slipped on a sky blue pencil skirt with a white top tucked in to it, my white gladiator sandals and some ray bands on my head to keep todays beach waves off my face. 


Then I called a cab to pick me up I hurried down stairs to see Amanda and Johnny sat out on the deck eating lunch. 

"Hey guys, I know I like just woke up and I haven't spent much time with you two but I just got a call about a possible job... so ummm is it okay if I-" I mumbled fiddling with my hair only to be cut of buy Johnny.

"Honey honestly we work a lot so we are in no position to be getting annoyed with you, go good luck we love you." he smiled.

"OMG really thank you! I love you guys sooooo much!" I smiled, excited like a child on christmas running off to my awaiting taxi. 

The address Luke had text me sempt familiar but I couldn't quite remember why, but the taxi ride was short and before I knew it we had arrived. Stepping out the taxi I realised why the address was so familiar, I was standing in front of Columbia's London office, the same place I had my first official meeting with One Direction. But aren't they signed by capital records? Strange, maybe I'm in the wrong place. I'll ring Luke.

"Hey Luke, are you sure you gave me the correct address?" I asked feeling just a tad awkward.

"Yeah, why where are you?" 

"I'm outside Columbia records office, AKA not the record label you're signed with." 

"Oh yeah I know but you're in the right place, I'll come meet you in the lobby."

"Oh okay, thanks see you in a minute." 

"No worries, I'll be down as quick as possible." He laughed before I hung up and made my way inside. 


Once Luke met me in the lobby we quickly made our way back to the elevators, going up to the 5th floor. As soon as the doors opened the sound of what had to have been the other three laughing could be heard loud and clear. Smiling at Luke I followed him as he made his way down the corridor an in to a room that you could instantly tell used for less formal meetings. There the three of them were sat down on one of two large leather sofas that were along two of the walls round a low glass coffee table that had about 10 glasses and cups on it along with some paper work which I couldn't quite read even though I shouldn't be trying to read it anyway. There was also a large armchair facing both of the sofas and the full length windows behind one of the sofas.

"Finally what took you so long?" Ashton asked as I sat down next to him on one sofas. 

"I was kinda asleep when you rang..." I admitted a little embarrassed. 

"At 1 in the afternoon!" He replied in the same shocked voice as Luke when he rang.

"It was a late night last night, you guys wouldn't let me go home till like 2 in the morning!" I defended myself. 

"We we're here at 10 and we had a longer journey back to our apartment than you did so don't try and blame us." He retorted.

Luke then asked something which completely shocked me "Where did Simon, Harry and them go? They were literally here right before I left to go meet Emi." 

"Hold up, What did you say?" I asked trying to see if I heard correctly. 

"Simon, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zyan and Niall they were here like five minutes ago. Where are they now?" He repeated

Yup I heard correctly. Shit.

"Oh they went to sign something in simons office, they should be back about.... Now." Calum said just as they reentered the room.

"Oh Emily, Glad to see you made it. These boys wouldn't shut up about calling you in to offer you this job." Simon said shaking my hand. "Oh and well done on pulling it of last night, lots of people have been asking about you young lady." 

"Thank you, it was my pleasure really." I replied with a small smile before looking at the other lads who had now sat down on the sofa next to mine, and Simon in the armchair facing us all. They each greeted me with a hi or hey and a bright smile which I returned. Now that I wasn't working these guys as a representative of Nick's company I had hoped we could have become friends but seen as they didn't really seem to bothered when I didn't want to be friends really about a month ago so I felt pretty awkward around them now. I also couldn't help but notice that there was something a little off with Niall but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. 

Still feeling quite awkward, I tried to move the meeting on as fast as I could. "So what is this job exactly?" I directed my question at Simon but he asked Louis to explain. 

"Well the nine of us are going on tour soon" He motioned to the rest of the guys " And well we all thought it would be a cool idea to kinda make like a tour behind the scenes thing."

"Like a website with updates, random stories, photos, videos and stuff like that and then at the end of it release some sort of book." Harry continued. 

"So kinda like a scrapbook you could say, something more personal that paparazzi photos, fan videos and twitter posts?" I asked thinking I understood what they were trying to describe.

"Yeah exactly!" Calum shouted obviously excited. 

"So what would I be doing then?" I asked with a small laugh dues to Calum's last response.

"Taking all the photographs, designing the website, book and everything to go along with the project. You would also have to be the official photographer for the shows as well, just other wise things would get too complicated. You interested?" Liam told me. 

"Thats a pretty big responsibility, sure I'm the right person for the job?" I replied a little overwhelmed by the all the information I'd just taken in.

"YES!" they all sempt to shout at me. 

"Okay, okay sorry! In that case I'd love to." I smiled at them genuinely excited at the sound of the job.

"Well that was easy. I'll go sort the paper work out, shouldn't take to long so you can all just wait here whist I do." Simon spoke leaving the room. 


Once simon left the room the guys and I wasted no time before joking and messing about. But I couldn't help but notice Niall, just sat on the end of the sofa with his head down. Excusing myself from my conversation with Michael, Ashton and Louis I got up and made my way over to sit next to him. He clearly noticed I'd sat down next to him but didn't acknowledge me. 

"Hey Niall you alright?" I asked with a smile in an attempt to cheer him up.

But I got nothing.

"Niall, really whats wrong?"

Still nothing.

"Have I done something?"

He lifted his head this time looking at me but didn't reply.

"What is it, just tell me?" I asked him yet another question still in the calm tone I'd been using.

"If you're working for us that means we can't be friends again doesn't it." he changed the subject. 

"No we can be friends, just last time was different... I worked as part of Nick's company last time where as I don't this time, this time I'm part of you're staff so I guess it's up to the nine of you to choose if we can be friends or not." I smiled hoping he would say he'd like to be because other wise working for them would be hell. 

"Really? So if I say we can friends, we can be go back to how we were before that day in the park?" He replied with a huge smile. 

"Yeah, I mean not exactly but we can defiantly be friends. That's it though, I don't want to go getting messed up any dramas that might risk my job." I smiled. Even though what I said was the best for my job my heart ached as I said that but being professional was best I had to just make sure my feeling don't get in the way this time.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!" He cheered jumping up hugging me and spinning me around causing me go in fits of laugher.

"Woah, how in the world did you cheer Ni up so quickly?" Liam asked shocked.

"WE CAN BE FRIENDS THIS TIME!" Niall kinda answered for me. The other four then instantly started to cheer and yell things like "Thank god!" and just thanking me whilst attacking me in a huge group hug whist Luke, Micheal, Ashton and Calum just sat there silent with confused faces. 

"So you guys actually want to be friends with me?" I asked still in shock from what just happened. 

"Well yeah of course." Harry stated as if it wasn't obvious whist we all sat down in our original places. 

"But you didn't seem to bothered when I said I didn't want to be?" 

"No we just acted like we were fine because we thought that was what you wanted and that it would make things easier for you." He replied. 

"We all hated it, you don't understand how many times were wanted to call and invited you to hang out with us or something like that." Louis told me.


"Wait, Hold up... what just happened there. You guys worked together how were you not all friends?" Ashton stopped us to ask.

"We were until Emi randomly decided she didn't want to be and had to keep it professional because she worked for some guy." Niall told him with a bit of annoyance when he mentioned Nick.

"Hey Nicks a nice guy don't say it like that. You should be thanking him anyway, he let me take your job even though I was only meant to be helping and shadowing him on the job. But then he annoyed me by telling me only on the way to our very first meeting that I had to work with the boy band I hated more than anything and he then couldn't think of anyway to make it up to me so said I could be head designer on the job." I said probably too quickly for then to hear.

"Wait you hated us?" Louis asked. 

"Really thats all you got from that?" 

"Well yeah..."

"Well I did, I don't really like pop music, X factor and all that crap. Plus if you ever read a NME article about your band you'd understand that people who like the music I do aren't too fond of bands who are given their fame and people with a fan base that average at about 12 years old and then send death threats to the writers when they vote you as worst band or villain of the year in Harry's case." I laughed only to see all nine of the lads starring at me. "What?"

"Do you still think all that?" Niall asked with a little sadness in his voice.  

"God no! I like you guys just not your music particularly still too pop for my taste. I mean I like these guy's music but their music isn't really pop so." I said pointing to the 5SOS lads sat next to me which caused them to smile but not the other five. 

"What about the stuff about our fans, NME and been given our fame." 

"I know you guys now where as I didn't before so of course I don't think like that and all the stuff you do for your fans its really sweet and I give you a lot of respect for it. I'll admit I made a few assumptions about your fans based on the more extreme ones so I shouldn't have said that. But... I do still think the awards were fair, in NME and my eyes music wise you aren't the greatest but thats just because it isn't to my taste... then again my taste is pretty weird and random so I'm probably in not place to judge whats good and not but I'm entitled to my own opinion and you can't be annoyed at me if its not what you want to hear because Amanda and Johnny told me to always be honest about my feeling and opinions... sorry." I said in shame with my head down. 

"Emi it's perfectly fine, you shouldn't be sorry for being honest. It's just were not used to been told that kinda thing from people were close to, we get hate and stuff but we taught to just ignore it." Harry spoke sitting down on the very edge of my sofa giving me a small hug. "And I'm quite proud to have an NME award! Didn't actually get my trophy which is the only thing I didn't find funny about it!" He joked and caused me to laugh a little.


Just after that Simon walked back in with all the paper work I had to read, agree to and sign to do with this job. It only took about half an hour and then I was free to go, as the boys still had some stuff to talk about I went home but we agreed to meet up later at mine as I knew Amanda and Johnny would be cool with it and they'd probably want to meet the people I was going to be working and traveling around the world with for the next 9 months. Plus we had a lot of hanging out to catch up on! 


Sorry if I offended any of you with some of the stuff in the chapter, I didn't mean to at all! Other wise I hope you liked it and I am going to try and start to update more now my exams are coming to an end.

Stay crazy! -Mel x


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