Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


37. The moment of truth

Emi's P.O.V


It was around 8 O'clock by the time I started heading back to the hotel. I kept my head down as I walked, focusing on the small rock I'd kicked along the path all the way from the beach where I ended up spending the entire day. Only looking up when I began to hear a load of loud screams near our hotel. A black SUV was parked out front, the roof just poking out over the crowd of fans, the boys must be heading out somewhere. Guess that means he doesn't want me back then. Tears began to pick in my eyes. Of course he didnt want me back, he thought I was cheating on him and plus look at yourself dear, he is a world famous pop star and you're... Well you're you. 

Wanting to avoid as many people as possible and knowing there was know way I'd get through that crowd I headed for the back entrance to the hotel which we'd been using during our stay, I pulled out my crew ID showing who I was and that I wasn't just a fan and the staff let me through no questions asked. Thank god.

The ride up to the top floor was long and lonely, stepping out of the elevator on the top floor I began thoughts on all the calls I was going to need to make now I was leaving. God this really can't be happening... I hadn't thought of this till now, leaving Niall meaning I've got to leave this amazing job. Nick is going to be so disappointed in me. Johnny is going to be so disappointed in me... Rule number one: Stay professional. This really was the chance of a lifetime, so many people told me that and why did I have to go and blow it! Not just the job aspect either, I'm probably never going to find another man like Niall let alone one who loved me like Niall did.


As I walked down the corridor I began slipping my bag off my shoulder I held it in front of me as I reached of the room key for Calum and Ash's room first so I could collect my stuff I left this morning before I started on real packing of the things in our room. No Niall's room, there is no 'our, us or we' anymore. Once I was successfully in to their room I headed over to the bed were I'd left my things only to find my work camera gone, shit no! That's a ridiculously expensive camera! I bought it specially for this job it can't be gone! I'll never be able to aford a new one now I've lost this job!

Frantically I started searching the entire room incase any of them had moved it. After about 10 minutes of searching I slumped down in one of the chairs in the room. Head in hands I began I to cry even harder, "Could this day get any worse?" No it couldn't, all I want right now is to be in the arms of somebody I love but unfortunatly two of them were taken from me over a year ago, another two were back in england and I could only talk to ocasionally and the one who was nearest didn't even love me anymore. 


Giving up on my camera believing that should be the last thing in my mind right now I packed up my things in to my backpack and left no trace of me being there in the room. I walked down to Niall's room, unlocking the door and placing my hand on the door knob but I couldn't make myself turn it. Deep breaths Emi, Deep breaths, on the count of three we do this. 




I bagan to turn the door knob hearing it unclick before I pushed it away from myself opening the door to the quite room. Okay we did, we're in. I walked further in to the room, heading over to where I left my suitcase this morning only to find it packed, my clothes were all neatly folded and stacked just so inside it. Who did this? 

"I thought I could do at least one last thing for you before you left." Niall's soft Irish voice shocked me. Turning round I saw him coming out of the bathroom with my toliletry bag and staightners.

"You did this?" I asked shocked, I thought if he was here it would be to talk me in to not leaving not to pack for me and help send me on my way. 

"Yeah, I'm sorry, I was just trying to be helpful. I can go if you want to be on your own..." He replied looking down at his feet.

"I can't believe you want me to leave..." I muttered as I sunk on to the end of the bed, tears coming to my yet eyes again. God I didn't know you could cry as much as I have today. 

"Emi I don't want you to leave, I thought you wanted to leave?" He asked confused as he came to crouch in front of me, taking my hand in his. Man that feels amazing, it's as if the spaces between my fingers were made just for his.

"Then why are you packing up my stuff?" I asked equally confused. 

"Because your letter made it sound like you were leaving regardless of weather I was here or not, so I stayed here so I could pack for you and because I at least wanted a real good bye." 

"You were only meant to be here if you still wanted to be with me." I mumbled looking anywhere but his eyes.

"Well in that case it's a good thing I stayed then, isn't it?" He smiled. God damn I've missed that smile today. 

"It is?" I asked wiping some tears away with my free hand. 

"Best thing I've ever done. Emi can we just start again, go back to before I was being an idiot thinking you were doing anything but being perfect and to when you knew I was saying the truth and my smiles werent fake?" 



Naill's P.O.V 

Please! Please agree I internally begged as she sempt to internally battle with herself about what is asked. Her eyes kept flickering back and forth between me and the floor whist she bit her lip ever so slightly. A nervous habit I'd always loved about her, it was adorable and sexy all at once.

"No, I don't want to start again."

What no, this can't be happening. No.

"Please Emi, love just please give me another chance please. I'm begging you, you have to give me -"

"Ni. Calm down would you. I wasn't finished." She cut me off with a small smirk. I nodded slightly allowing her to continue. "I don't want to start again and forget about all those amazing times we've had and how far we'd come. I just want us to forget about the last 24 hours. We can work through this and then I can go back to being desperately in love just like I was 24 hours ago. Now if that's okay with you that's what I'd like." She finished with a smile.

"That sounds perfect." I grinned at her, unable to control myself. I will never understand how I got this lucky but I can promise you this, I am never ever going to loose her again. I'm hers. I Niall James Horan, belong to this gorgeous, smart, funny, talented, stunning, kind and caring, beauty that is currently sat in front of me.

"Now can I please have a kiss because I've really missed those lips of yours." She giggled pulling me out of my trance. I said nothing in response, I simply pulled her up with me let go of her hand so I could capture her face between both of mine and kisses her with all the love I had in the world. All the love that belongs to her.

Only short I know but I struggled to right this and make it sound how I pictured it. Hope you like it!

Stay Crazy!! -Mel x






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