Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


10. The meeting

Emi's P.O.V 

I was shown to a conference room on the 5 floor. I quickly pulled out my designs and rested them on the long glass table and took a seat. With 5 minutes till the meeting begun I had one last look at my phone to see I had 2 new texts;

One from Nick: 
'Good luck kid! Sorry I couldn't be at the meeting but you don't need me there so no need to worry! :)'

And one from Niall:
'Cant wait to see you're designs! Would you consider hanging out afterwards? X'

I was about to reply when they all arrived followed by Simon Cowell. And there the nerves are again. 
"Lovely to see you again, and a pleasure to meet you Mr Cowell" I said standing up smiling at the boys and shaking Simons hand.

"As it is too meet you Miss Woodson, but please call me Simon." He said with a small smile.
I nodded and smiled back before sitting. 

The meeting ran smoothly after that, I remained completely professional and was polite throughout. The boys sempt to like the designs and ideas I put forward and Simon said I'd understood what type of event they had wanted to hold. Simon got a phone call and had too leave the meeting early meaning however which left it just me and the five boys. Fantastic!

"So now Simons gone, Emily how about we finish the conversation we were having at the restaurant?" Harry spoke leaning forward. 

"And which would that be?" I replied trying to sound as polite as possible leaning back in my chair.

"The one where you said you'd prove to me all girls aren't the same." He smirked. The other four were completely silent which made this conversation very uncomfortable.

"Ah you mean you wanted me to prove it? Yeah I'd rather not carry that conversation on thank you very much."  A slight harsh tone in my voice which lead to a series of 'ooooh burn's and laughs from the other four. 

Liam was completely correct when he whispered "Harry leave her alone she isn't interested" to him thinking I couldn't hear.

Luckily my phone rang giving me a reason to not have to talk to these boys. A said a quick sorry anyway before answering Johnny's call and walking to the other side of the room.

"What's up?" I said answering his calls in my normal way compared to the professional manner I'd been taking in for the duration of the meeting

"Nothing really was just calling to see how the meeting had gone... "

"Yeah it went well."

"Good .... I also rang about the fact I got free match tickets!"

"What the hell really?!" I shouted back.

"Yep six box seats for tonight's England game." 

"Woah! How? They've been sold out for months!" 

"Thank you gift form a client who rented out one of my bars." 

"OMG that's so epic!"

"I know ... Bad thing is I can't go. We have a huge event tonight that I can't miss."

"Oh okay thats fine didn't think I'd been going anyway so its not a problem." I said trying to sound positive

"No no no no no...I thought you could have them and take five friends." he quickly replied.

"Ohhhhhh but where am I going to find five football fan friends who are free to see tonight's game. I mean it kicks off at 7.30 it's 5.20 now!"

"I don't know, but if you do the tickets are on your bed along with money for a taxi and drinks."

"Wow okay. Thank you so much! I love you and I'm not just saying that because of the tickets!" I said with a small laugh.

"I love you to, see you later and have fun." He laughed 

As I hung up I turned to face the boys who now had huge smiles across their faces.
"Something the matter?" I asked knowing they were up to something.

"We're five football fans who are free to see tonight's game." Louis quoted me word for word just missing out the word friends.

"Oh are you now and why does that matter to me?"

"Well by the sounds of that phone call you have five spare tickets for the England 7.30 kick off." He countered.

"Maybe I do but what makes you think I'd take you five?" I asked raising my eyebrows.

There was a pause where you could see him try to come up with a reason but only came up with "Please take us! Please!"

"Hmmmmmm" I said and acted like I was thinking when in fact I was just enjoying this moment far too much before they all started  joining in. After about a minute of begging I gave in.
"Fine just so you'll shut up!" 
They all screamed in happiness and started high fiving one another.

"Alright alright save it for the game which kicks off at 7.30 and it 5.30 now so we have an hour and a half and I need to go home, get changed, pick up the tickets and get to the stadium. So should I just meet you there?" I said rather too quickly packing up my things and signing a form I had to. 

"Yeah then we can change as well, don't feel like going in what I'm in?" Liam agreed obviously the only one who was listening. 

"Okay I'll see you at 7.00 sharp by the north entrance."

"Thank you so much Emily you're the greatest!" Louis shouted running out the room to the elevators with Harry, Liam and Zyan close behind.

"You know I could give you a lift home and to the game?" Niall said hanging back and walking calmly with me. 

"Don't you want to change?"

"In to what, I don't own an England shirt!"

"Oh yeah course, you're Irish?" I guessed based on his accent.

"YEP! And proud!" He said with his hand over is heart making me giggle.

"Okay then yeah a lift would be great." I smiled entering the elevator with the others.


Harry's P.O.V


"Okay then yeah a lift would be great." Emily smiled at Niall as they got in the elevator with us. It upset me how she was so nice with the rest of the boys but was so short and cold with me before, yes I was flirty with her after the first meeting but I can't help it. If I could turn back time and not have done what I did I would but I wasn't thinking at the time. I guess thats my problem I don't think, just act, but a girl not wanting me to flirt with her or not enjoying when I do was new to me. I couldn't help myself but because of my actions I might of lost her before I even had a chance to have her.




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