Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


11. The match

Liam's P.O.V

*waiting at the stadium*


"Where is she! Were gonna miss kick off" Lou whined next to me.

"Stop been a drama queen Lou it's not even 7.00" Zyan replied.

"Woah coming from you!" Louis sassed snapping his fingers. 

"Woah guys chill it!" I laughed stepping in between them.

"Hay Hazza what's up? Your looking pretty down to say where we are!" Lou said giving a playful push to Harry. 

"Oh sorry, nothing just thinking" He said snapping back to reality.

"Who is she?" It's always a girl when he says that.

"Nobody. I'm fine" he said giving us his best fake smile.

"No you're not mate, tell us." I looked him straight in the eye. 

"Umm ... It's ...E..Emily" he mumbled. 

"What do you mean? What's happened?"

"Nothing's happened it's just she's so cheery and friendly with you four, Niall especially, but then she's cold with me." 

"Maybe it's because you just flirt?" Zyan suggested.

"But that's what I do! I can't help it?" He sighed 

"Hey guys!" Niall called running up to us.

"Sorry we're late it too me ages to find my England shirt and then my denim shorts where in the wash so had to find my black ones and I can tell you're not bothered by my rambling so I should probably just stop talking now shouldn't I?" Emily laughed as she walked to us.

"Oh no its okay you took so long.. Never seen a girl look better in an football tee so good thing you found it." Lou winked at her. 

"Not gonna work pretty boy! Plus you shouldn't be saying that anyway don't you have a girlfriend?"

"Yes he does and what would she think of you complimenting beautiful girls?" Zyan said with a fake cross voice. 

"Hey you can't talk you're not single either!" I stated, earning a "Woah neither are you either!" From Zyan.

"What did I do? I was just saying!" I said putting my hands up in surrender.

"Look it doesn't matter! Thank you, here are your tickets now let's go!" Emily smiled quickly handing us our tickets and running off.


Louis's P.O.V 

The match was amazing and England won! But the best thing was we got to know Emi better, she's actually pretty cool and she loves her football which just makes her even more awesome. She's funny and witty, maybe a little sarcastic at times but not in a bad way and never failed to make us laugh. She doesn't care about the dirty jokes we make and is a pro at innuendo bingo that we played in half time. Her music taste is a lot like Niall's and she confirmed our thoughts on not been a fan of our music but you can't win them all. So she may look girly at first but she's a total tomboy from what we learnt and I can see her becoming one of our good friends.

I couldn't help but notice Harry looking a little sad though when ever she'd high five or hug one of us but never him. I understand he feels a little left out but we all know he's a flirt and we now know she isn't a fan of our music so he probably just looked like the player the media portray him as which is a shame but kinda true.

As we were walking back to the limo Paul had arranged to pick us up when he collected Niall's car I decided I was going to have to help Emi see the Harry all know and I was going to do it by inviting her to come hang out with us. 

"Hey Emi do you wanna come back to ours?" 

"Ummmm its kinda late don't you think?"

"No not really its like what 9.30!"

"Yeah but Id need to get home from yours and there won't be late taxis on a wednesday and I can't get a lift because Mum is flying to paris for work early tomorrow and my dads at work till about 2 in the morning."

"Yeah so... we can give you a lift if you need or you can just stay and go tomorrow morning."

"Ermmm yeah okay then let me call them first just to tell them and say bye to my mum"

"Wooh! okay you can call them on the way." I smiled at her. 

"GUYS EMI'S COMING BACK TO OURS!" I then shouted to tell the others who were walking ahead of us.


Hey, hoped you liked this chapter from the boys perspective. More coming soon :)

Stay crazy! - Mel x




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