Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


23. Sunday morning


Niall's P.O.V


I woke up early the next morning to take Emi to see her parents.

"Emi you want to go?" I said to her through the closed curtain of her bunk. 

"Emi? It 7.30, we should be going."


I pulled back the curtain to see her bunk neatly made. Hmm maybe she's some where else on the bus. Bathroom? No. Kitchen/seating? No. Games room? No. Sat outside? She does that sometimes to clear her head and draw and she does love the sun rise? ...No.

"SHIT! GUYS WE NEED TO GO FIND EMI!" I shouted running back on to the bus to wake the guys up in a bit of a panic. 

"What do you mean find her?" I heard Harry ask in his groggy morning voice.

"She's not here." I answered causing the boys to wake up fully.

"What the fuck do you mean she's not here?" he shouted. 

"She's gone."

"Did she take her stuff?" Luke asked throwing on a shirt.

"Her clothes are still here" Ash shouted opening here wardrobe. 

"Okay well she can't have gone far, did she take money or anything like that?"

"Her duffle bags gone that had all her person stuff in." Zyan said rushing in from where the sofas were. Shit! All her personal, important and meaningful stuff is in that bag.

"Right guys get dressed we need to find her!" Liam shouted and we quickly threw on clothing. 

"I'll ring Paul incase he knows where she is." Harry said as he was the first one ready only to come back in 2 minutes to tell us he hadn't heard from her and was now kicking off that we let her go off alone. 


"Does anybody know were she might be?" Liam asked we piled in to the van.

"We were meant to go see her mum and dad this morning." I said before I remembered the guys didn't know about that.

"You were going to drive back to London this morning, is she that home sick?" Cal asked confused

"No I was meant to be taking her to Bournville." 

"Why there?" Lou asked.

"Doesn't matter at this point, where in Bournville?" Li said as he started the van.

"The cemetery." I told him which made everybody go silent.

"Niall do you and what do you know that we don't?" Zayn was the first to speak after we had set off.

"Yeah... Her mum and dad died in a car crash a year ago today... Amanda and Johnny are her foster parents thats why they're so young. She has trust issues I guess seen as all her friends left her after their death and she didn't have any other family to look after her. Her mum and dad grew up and met in Bournville so thats where she asked for them to be buried, I was meant to be taking her to visit them this morning." I told the guys, they were going to find out eventually so they deserved the right to know.

"I wasn't expecting that..." Zayn said when I finished

"Neither was I when she told me."


We quickly arrived at the cemetery. I jumped out as quick as possible soon followed by the others.

"I think it'd be best if you guys stayed here, I'll go look for her and talk to her." 

"No offence mate but thats not happening! I'm not going to sit here when Emi is out on her own I mean what if she's not here." Luke said in a annoyed tone setting off only to be pulled back by Zayn.

"No offence 'MATE' but you are going to stay here. If Ni says she'll be here I trust him, in case you haven't noticed she's closest with him. We shouldn't even be here, she didn't want us to know about this so unless you want to make this situation worse I suggest you let him go talk to her on his own." He said with a tone that I'll admit scared me a little.

"Just text us when you find her so we know she's okay." Liam smiled trying to pull everyones attention away from the tension between Luke and Zayn.

"Will do." I said before I ran off to look for her. After about two minutes I could see her ahead of me, she was laying on the floor with her duffle bag beside her looking through her sketch book. I quickly texted Li before I sat down and listened to her for a little while not wanting to interrupt. I know I should be listening but i just couldn't help it.


"... I honestly love this job, its everything I ever wanted to do. I also get to work with some of the funniest, most caring and loving boys ever who I love so much and I'm sure you would have to,  you'd especially love Niall. He's lovely and telling him helped so much, he helps me remember the good times we had together and telling him has stopped the nightmares which I'm very thankful for. I dont know what I'd do with out him now, but I work for him so we're strictly friends..."

She mumbled something after that though that I couldn't hear but I desperately wanted to... I've never heard Emi talk like this before, she was just been completely honest and not holding any feelings back. Plus she was talking about me and that made me smile a little knowing she thought about me and liked me enough to want to tell her mum and dad about me... 

"... Thank you for watching over me this past year and I hope I'm making you proud. Thank you for giving me Amanda and Johnny and the boys. You gave me people to love again. I love you mum. I love you dad. I have to leave you now before they know I'm gone but you're always with me, you're my inspiration." she finished before sitting up and placing some flowers in front of their grave stones.

She stood up and waited for a little while with her back still facing me as I walked up to her. Tapping her on the should when I got close enough.

"Niall why are you here?" She asked, shocked as she noticed me. I said nothing at first I just pulled her in to a tight hug refusing to let her go.

"I said I'd bring you and then when I woke up you were gone. It scared the life out of me, please promise me you'll never leave without telling me ever again. Its rule 4." 

"I'm sorry I just wanted to tell them everything and I woke up early so I thought it would be best to come on my own." 

"Emi you could have woke me up at 1 in the morning to bring you here and I would have, I'd do anything as long as it meant you were safe and I would have left you to talk to them on your own." I said before resting my chin on top of her head.

"Thank you, I'm sorry." She mumbled in to my chest as I was still hugging her, I could feel through my shirt that she was crying but it didn't bother me at all. As long as she was safe and in my arms nothing else mattered.

"Let me get you back to the van, the guys will be desperate to know you're okay."

"Everyones here? Do they know why?" She said in a panic.

"Im sorry Emi, I panicked when you were gone and nobody knew you had left. I told them why you're here as we drove to come find you. I know it wasn't my place to tell them but I care too much about you, you can hate me for telling them thats fine but I'd still have done it because I'd do anything to make sure your okay."

"Nialler it's alright, Im glad you told them it means I don't have to." She smiled picking up her duffle bag.

"Here let me take that." I said taking it off her and wrapping my other arm around her to partly hug her like I did last night as we walked back to the van.



Emi's P.O.V


The guys asked me very few questions and just mainly hugged me and told me how worried they were. It made me feel loved actually, especially by Niall. I hope he didn't hear anything I told my mum and dad because I'd be completely embarrassed if he knew I liked him like that seen as he probably only sees me as a close friend at best.


I'd just finished updating the website now from the show and I was now sat watching sky sports news on my laptop backstage as the guys were still changing and showering from their performance. "Hey Picasso I have a gift for you!" Niall said jumping over the back of the sofa and landing next to me.

"Really Picasso? Thats my nickname?"

"No of course not its just the first artist I could think of!" 

"Good because I'm not a huge fan of his work! Call me Banksy and I would have been flattered!" I laughed.

"You're so strange anyway here I got this for you." He said passing my a large paper bag.

"You do know my birthday is next month right?" I told him.

Wait that reminds me his birthday... it's on friday. Ooooh friday the 13th, Unlucky! I'll as Liam to help me get him something! 

"Yeah but I wanted to get you something today! Just open it." He smiled. 

I opened it up to pull out a brand new A4 sketchbook. Shocked I just pulled him in to a hug smiling like crazy.

"I thought you could have a new one, you could do it every year instead of starting a diary on january first you can start a sketchbook on september the 8th." He smiled blushing a bit. "Tell me if you dont like it or-"

"It's perfect." I cut him off and then kissed him on the cheek just before the others walked in.


I'm going to skip about a month in the next chapter to Emi's birthday.

Stay crazy! - Mel X 


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