Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


26. Some good news and some bad news


Emi's P.O.V


Its just over a month after mine and Niall's date, which I must say was not at all what I expected. He took me to Disney and it was SO MUCH FUN! I should have probably warned him that I'm still a child at heart! All day was just going on rides, eating Mickey mouse shaped food, taking photos with different characters and quoting disney films AKA perfection. We also felt the need to walk round with him in Mickey ears and me in Minnie ears all day which according to his fans is cute? And then there was our first kiss during the firework display, he made me wait all day but boy was it worth it. Wow is all I can really say about it. Just wow that boy knows how to kiss a girl! Since then we've been on a few more date type things but nothing is official or anything like that even though I wish it was but good things come to those who wait I guess. 


Currently we're in Italy, its the last country before we head home for christmas! I can't wait to see Johnny and Amanda, I miss them so much and I have so much to tell them. Niall has also asked if I want to go to Ireland on boxing day and stay with him till New years eve when they all have some big party planned at their London apartment before we go back on tour. 

It's also Mikey's birthday today but they all have an interview at 10 so we all got up at like 5 to do gifts and go out for breakfast before me and him went to have his hair dyed at the hairdressers as my gift to him meaning his hair is now black and white! Really that boys hair is going to fall out before he's 20 but he loved it. He also wanted to get a tattoo now he's 18 and I was going to get one as I still haven't got mine yet and I needed an over 18 with me so we thought it would be fun but we ran out of time as his hair took too long so were going to do it this evening! So excited!


"Right we should arrive at the radio station in two minutes so can you all be ready to get off the bus as soon as we get there, we're late as it is without one of you having to find some shoes to wear or something like that!" Paul told us.

"That wasn't my fault, Louis hid all my shoes!" Zayn complained.

"OMG I'd forgot about that! You were so pissed!" Lou laughed.


*during the interview*


"So Niall a lot of pictures have been showing up of you and a certain tour photographer can you tell us more?" One of the presenters asked. Niall looked over to me from inside of the booth to where I was stood taking photos through the window as I wasn't allowed in with them. I was still able to hear everything they said however, but just before he answered my phone rang. Why is Johhny ringing me when he knows I'd be working? 


"Hi Johnny, The boys are in the middle of an interview can we talk later." I spoke quickly.

"Ummmmm not really honey..." 

"Why what's wrong?" I asked, panic setting in.

"It's Amanda she's got... Well... I'm sorry Emi but... Emi she's got... Cancer.... Amanda has cancer and we can't afford the treatments she'll need." 

I was speechless, I just dropped my phone and collapsed to the ground sobbing. Why do my family always get taken away from me. Life must just love to watch me in pain!

"Emi!" I heard Niall shout as he ran out the booth to me and instantly wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace. "I'm going to take her back to the bus, tell the others to carry on the interview." He told somebody, "Sweetheart, let me get you back to the bus okay?" He asked but I was unable to answer due to waterfall of tears from my eyes. He ended up carrying me to the bus as I just felt to week to move and even when he got me there it took at least 20 minutes before my crying had stopped enough for me to be able to talk to him. 

"Sweetheart please tell me whats wrong? What was said on that phone call?" He asked me as I was tangled up in his arms on my bunk. 

"A... Amanda... she has... Cancer..." I stuttered out. 

"My god I'm so sorry but she'll be alright I promise." 

"No... she won't, Johnny said we can't afford the treatments she needs." I said as fresh tears came to my eyes.

"Then I'll pay, I have more money than I know what to do with. All I ever do with it is buy things I really don't need or use it spoil my friends and family." He instantly replied not giving it a second thought.

"No Niall this isn't a charity case! I couldn't let you anyway and I know Johnny and Amanda won't let you pay for her treatment because if with our three incomes we can't afford it then it means its going to cost a lot of money." I stopped him only to have him put a hand on each of my tear stained checks and force me to look in to his big beautiful blue eyes as he spoke to me.

"Emi I dont think you understand, I'd give away everything if it meant you or anybody else for that matter wouldn't have to go through anything like you have in the past ever again. So if I can keep you from loosing somebody else in your life I will. Just please let me help you..." It took a while for it all to set in and the suddenly I was over the moon.

"Okay...Thank you Niall, just thank you so so much! You are literally the most perfect person I know!" I nearly yelled. "I Lov-" I said before stopping myself. Yes I do love him but I can't tell him that. 

"What was that last bit?" 

"Nothing, it was nothing." I lied, what I was about to say was everything.


Less than an hour later Niall and I were at the airport checking me in for a flight back to London. He talked to Johnny and finally convinced him to accept his money and then instantly booked me a flight home. The guys then helped me pack as I explained what was going on before a very emotional good byes as I left with Paul and Niall to the airport. 

"I'll miss you but I promise I will be there as soon as our last show is over and in the mean time I'll call you when ever I can and you are to call me when ever you need me okay?" 

"I will I promise, thank you so much Niall." I said with tears gathering in my eyes again.

"Please don't cry gorgeous, your eyes are so much more beautiful when their bright and shining." He whispered wiping the tears that had started to fall of my cheeks. "I do need to ask you one question though."

"Final call for flight BA1340 to London. All passengers who are not already must check through boarding." A lady spoke over the loud speaker.

"That's my flight so I best go, I really can't afford to miss it. I'll call you when I can and you can ask me then." I smiled picking up my carry on bag.

"Oh okay, it doesn't matter then... Have a safe flight and look after yourself for me beautiful."

"I will do I promise, thank you for everything and I'll see you in 2 weeks." 

After that we said our teary good byes and I left.


I miss him already...


 OMG I'm so sorry I haven't updated in ages, I'm seriously the worst at this but I've had a lot going on at the moment :( hope you enjoyed it!

Stay Crazy! -Mel x

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