Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


20. Setting off


Emi's P.O.V

Oh my God I'm tired! Literally its the day of the first show, I just woke up and I'm already in need of a day off. Don't believe me? Well let me take you through my week so far and then you might.


On tuesday I woke up to the sound of the toy story 3 playing on the TV whist I had my head on Nialls tummy as a pillow and a surprisingly strong Harry hugging my legs whist he slept. From there I had to make enough food to feed a small army for breakfast because those boys eat like its going out of style!

I then had to clean up the mess and make myself look presentable all before our 9.00 start with the web designers. I then had to come up with a hole concept for this project on the spot pretty much and convey it to the designer who was more interested in me and my tight dress than the work he was support to be doing.

That evening I had a meal with Johnny, Amanda, Nick and a load of other family friends which went on till about midnight seen as Amanda got all emotional about me leaving. 


Then on wednesday after only about 5 hours sleep I was up at 6.00 to meet with a professional photographer for a lesson before having to put my newly taught skills in to practise 3 hours later for the boys first official shoot for the project which was planned to start at 9.30 but actually started at 10.30 because of they were all been picky about their outfits and shit like that!

That of course meant we were behind schedule and had to rearrange a meeting with simon to go so the perverted web designer once again to only just manage to get the website live by midnight thanks to Liam noticing the guy checking me out constantly and 'politely' telling him to stop so that the work was finished. Gotta love that boy sometimes!


Admittedly Thursday went at a slightly slower pace but after missing that meeting the day before we had to squeeze a what should have been 2 hour meeting in to one 45 minute breakfast at the start of the day so that we all had enough time to pack. I mean how do you pack for nine months! Well 4 seen as we come home a christmas but still how do you pack for 4 months!The answer to that I found out is 3 suitcases, a bag of design equipment for work and camera equipment and an small, old army duffel bag full with things like my mac book, headphones, charges, books, sketchbooks and art equipment all to keep me entertained whist on the road! Good think the bus has a lot of storage!

I then had to meet up with the guys for a late lunch before we headed to O2 for their first rehearsals where I had to spent the afternoon starting work on updating the website and getting pictures for the rest of the day.


Phew it make me sleepier just rethinking the past few days! But no time to lay about in bed the boys are picking me up in ... 30 minutes. Oh thats plenty of time maybe I will go back to sleep for a bit...

Wait 30 minutes? SHIT I OVER SLEPT!

Darting up from bed I stumbled my way in to the bathroom. Do I have enough time to shower? Looking at my hair in the mirror I decided it didn't matter if I did or didn't I needed to! 

So after probably one of the quickest showers I've had in my entire life I was now pulling on the few clothes I hadn't packed and left out for today. A faded (and probably over worn) Ramones tour top that used to belong to my dad, a pair of light denim shorts, my Doc Martens and a random red plaid shirt that I don't really remember buying leaving my wardrobe completely empty. Oh and my pandora and mum's ring! 

Throwing my phone in my duffle bag I slung it over my shoulder, taking one last look at my room to see if I'd forgot anything and to say goodbye to it, I shut the door on it for 4 months. Bouncing down stairs I put my bag down with the others and headed in to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. 

The door bell rang exactly on 9, opening the door I greeted the boys and the helped me carry my stuff to the bus. Then came the hard bit, Saying good bye... 

Inbetwen everything that had been going on these past few days I hadn't really had time to register that I'd be leaving home for 4 months therefore meaning all my emotions came at once as I hugged Johnny and Amanda. 

"Im going to miss you two so much, maybe this wasn't a good idea... I mean i won't be home for my birthday." I mumbled in to their chests.

"We're going to miss you too but please don't let it ruin anything, you're going to have a great time and I can assure you that you will have an amazing birthday!" Amanda said wiping away some tears. 

"And what about sunday? Its a year on sunday?" I reminded them that it will have been a year since the accident on sunday.

"Oh god I had completely forgotten! Wait where will you be on sunday?" Johnny asked looking guilty.

"Birmingham I think. Niall?" I shouted.

"Yeah?" he said climbing of the bus.

"Where will we be on sunday?"

"We get in to Birmingham on saturday morning and have a show there sunday night." 

"There you go then, you can go visit them on sunday and you know you can always call us." Amanda smiled and she was right, my mum and dad are buried in Bournville just outside Birmingham, its only a half an hour drive from the city centre and I could go early morning before the boys were up and visit them.

"Sorry to rush you but we kinda need to be going." Harry shouted, putting his head out the door of the bus. 

"I guess I need to go then, I'll call you all the time I promise and you can look at tour updates on the website. I love you guys so much, thank you  for everything!" I let a few tears escape my eyes whilst hugging them one last time. 

"We love you to Honey, now go have fun." Amanda smiled even though you could tell she was about to cry.

"We really do love you, never forget that. And remember the rules." Johnny said with a small laugh before i started heading on to the bus. I sat down round a table opposite a sofa next to the window and Luke. Looking out the window I saw Johnny and Niall talking and Johnny passed him something. 


I waved to them all the way until they were out of sight. 

"It'll get easier, saying good bye is the worst part I know." Luke said nudging my arm. 

"Yeah I know, thanks." I said with a small smile trying to look happy but ever since my mum and dads death I'd been bad at good byes... but I wasn't going to be sad for this entire trip so I best start enjoying myself. 


"Louis be a darling and put my shirt in my bag for me." I said throwing it at him.

"Woah I'm not your slave!" He sassed.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that." I joked

"Hey isn't that Nialls shirt?" Zayn asked taking the shirt from him.

"Yeah it is, Emi what are you doing with his shirt?" Harry said raising his eye brows at me.

"I've had that shirt for ages it can't be Niall's." I said shaking my head with a slight offended tone.

"What about me?" Niall asked walking back in from where the bunks are.

"Is this your shirt?" Zayn said throwing it to him. 

"Yeah, where'd you find it I was looking for it the other day?" He asked sitting down next to Liam and Micky opposite me, Luke and Calum. Oh yeah it is Niall's, I forgot I took his shirt as well.

"Emi had it." Ashton laughed.

"Yeah she's had it for ages... something you're not telling us guys?" Harry smirked.

"Ewww really Harry!!" I shouted at him whist Niall just blushed putting his head down a little.

"What? Why else would you have his shirt?" 

"For the same reason I have his crazy Mofo shirt, a pair of socks and boxers and went home smelling like him." I stated but didn't quite register what I said until the 8 of them started shouting about how Niall got lucky and I wasn't a virgin any more. 

"We didn't have sex god! She borrowed some of my clothes from when she stayed over after the football match, I must have forgot she took this shirt and thats why I'd be looking for it." Niall shouted at them clearly annoyed. 

"Chill mate, we were just messing." Liam said putting his hand on his shoulder. 

"Yeah sorry." Harry and then the others said.

"Guys you need to stop being so dirty minded with your assumptions. Like he said I only borrowed them 'cause I stayed over and i only smelt like him because I showered and had to use mens shampoo and everything." I said rolling my eyes at them, even though it was clear I wasn't really annoyed with them.


Five minutes later we had arrived at the O2 and were heading inside, Me and Paul got of first so I could be taking photos of the boys with their fans as we headed in, "Stay close to me, their fans can be a bit ... intense? And seen as they aren't expecting you here they might shout things at you. Just block it out and I'll help you get through and get the photos you need, offer to take some photos for them it might ease the tension but just remember I'm you're security not just theirs." Paul told me before he stepped of the bus and held his hand out to help me down.

Instantly I heard shouts but did as I was told and blocked them out. Once the boys got off the screams sempt to get increasingly loud. Staying by Paul's side pretty much constantly I got a lot of photos of the boys with there fans, they didn't seem to mind me once they knew I was a photographer and I offered to take photos for some of them on their phones as well. After about 15 minutes Paul pushed us inside and made sure we were all alright before telling us to head down to the dressing rooms. 

"Are your fans always like that?" I asked Ashton as we walked.

"Yeah but I guess the five of them are used to it a lot more than us four are so dont worry you weren't the only one who was a little scared." he Joked putting his arm around me as we carried on walking.


Bit of a filler chapter again with nothing big in it I know, sorry guys! I did however FINALLY finish my exams so I have so much more spare time now! 

Stay crazy! - Mel X


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