Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


31. Putting the pieces together


Emi's P.O.V


"I'm so sorry but I've go to go in two minutes, Niall just text and they'll be here to pick me up in five." I told Amanda as I sat on the end of her hospital bed with Johnny in the chair next to us.

"It's alright honey, thank you for coming before you leave and I've already told Johnny but the doctors say by the time you come home I should be better!" She said smiling wide.

"Oh my god! Thats amazing! I'll have to tell the boys they will be so happy, they are constantly asking and they send there love as always." I smile while I attacked with a hug.

"Well tell them I say thank you and make sure they look after you. Oh and tell harry I hope his Granddad is doing better." Yes I told her about Harry's Granddad...

"I will, I love you both and I'm going to miss you so so much!" I smiled, nothing could ruin my mood after that amazing news!

"I love you to and I'm going to miss you to but you have to have fun!" 

"And work hard." Johnny added in his signature business tone.

"Sir yes Sir." I saluted "...and before you mention it I know the rules still apply!" I laughed 

"Oh honey before you go could you fix my head scarf for me, Johnny is useless." Amanda laughed.

"Anything for you." I smiled, after doing that I gave them kisses and long hugs before telling them both again that I love them and running off to meet my Niall by the south entrance of the hospital. OMG I love that I get to call him mine!


*On the plane*

We were on a privet jet back to Italy as the boys had some interviews to do that they had chose rescheduled so they could come home earlier after I left. Then we were flying to New York where we were meeting the 5sos guys. 

"Hiya Love, how we doing?" Harry greeted as he came to sit down on the sofa next to me away from the rest of the guys as I'd been cleaning my camera and equipment and they had been going over interview details. 

"Hi Haz. I'm great thanks, you?" I beamed, told you nothing could ruin my mood! 

"I'm doing alright, hows Amanda?" 

"She's doing a lot better, the doctors say she should be better by the time we return from tour which is amazing!" I smiled wide whist telling him, "What about your Granddad? Amanda sends her best" I then asked in a more hushed tone.

"Ummmm... He's not doing to well, he's too old to go through the treatments again so he has asked for the doctors to just... not cure him just give him as much time as possible. I hate the fact I had to leave but we can't cancel the tour and he wanted me to go so..."

"My god harry thats horrible, I'm so sorry." I gasped pulling him in to a hug, okay maybe that could put a downer on my mood. 

"Can we go some where more private to talk about this? I don't feel like crying in front of the lads." He asked as we hugged.

"Yeah." I answered with a comforting smile as we broke from our hug.

"Come on then." He stood up, gently leading me by the hand to a small separate cabin away from everyone else, I hate seeing one of my best mates like this...


Niall's P.O.V


I looked over to my beautiful girlfriend who was sat cleaning her camera on the sofa, she was in such a great mood today after she found out about Amanda and frankly that put me in an equally good mood! The smile on her face was adorable to say the least and I could feel myself begin to grin just because I knew she was.


I was about to get up and sit with her until I noticed harry get up and beat me to it. I was watched intently as he got up and went to talk to Emi, Ever since New Years I'd noticed they had been talking a lot more than normal and they're really secretive with what they talk about. They also met up with each other on saturday and loads of photos appeared online of them hugging and looking really close together. I watched as they talked quite closely and quietly till she hugged him and then suddenly they got up and harry happily lead her in to a different cabin and shut the door behind them. 

"Okay Is it just me or are those two acting strange... no offence Niall." Zayn spoke after Harry shut the door, turns out all four of us had watched them and sempt to be thinking the same thing.

"Do you think she's cheating on me?" I asked out loud for the first time.

"As much as I want to tell you no, it looks that way." Liam answered first after an uncomfortable silence.

"Yeah and the pictures that went online of there meeting on saturday make them look pretty close." Zayn said with a really said look on his face.

"They also text a lot and have really quite 'private talks'." Lou then said.

"Yeah since New Year..." I mumbled... I really didn't want to talk about this... but then again I had to talk about this.

"New Year?" They all asked almost in sync.

"Well at our party Harry came over to us asking to borrow Emi for a little while and then after about 20 minutes it was getting close to midnight and well... I've always dreamed of kissing my girlfriend on new years so I was getting worried and went to look for her. And when I found them they were in the games room and harry was topless because Emi ruined his shirt or something and had he hand on Emi as they were laughing about something..." 

"Shit man....Did you hear anything they said?" Zayn asked running his hand through his hair.

"Yeah he asked her not to tell anyone especially not us because of how we reacted last time." 

"He has had a relationship with peoples girlfriends before and we didn't take it well really..." Lou remembered. 

"Yeah I know and then she told him 'it'll be our little secret' and 'nothing was going to happen instantly' that what ever it is 'is a long process' and that if he didn't want us to know he was going to have to not 'let it get to him'. And he just said that 'its hard' and he 'wished there was more he could do' but thats all I heard after that they hugged and she whispered something in his ear that I didn't hear but it made him smile and then she kissed him on the cheek and left."

"Fuck-" Lou started but was cut off by Harry asking "Fuck what?" as he and MY girlfriend came back in to main cabin.

"Liam just told us how many interviews we have to do tomorrow and the time we leave on saturday thats all." Wow nice save!

"Hey handsome!" Emi smiled as she sat down on my knee, snaking her arms around my neck and kissed me, but I didn't really want to kiss back knowing she had been kissing Harry less than a minute before but just like on new years I couldn't act like I knew, not yet.






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