Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


30. Party



Emi's P.O.V 


Niall and I pulled up to my house at around 4 in the afternoon, a little later then we expected due to some fans at the airport holding us up. I still don't understand how they find out were the boys are so quickly! The majority of them were and have been lovely to me and more of them have started asking for photos and things since we went public on Christmas Day through a picture Niall posted on twitter, straight after he made me get it I might add, of the two of us cuddled up by the fire in the evening, with the caption "This has been the perfect Christmas thanks to my perfect Girlfriend @Emi_Woodson" (AN - Don't know if that is somebody's real twitter but it fits here) 


A few fans of course haven't taken the news well and I've got a little hate. Worst part is some are saying he's dating me out of sympathy because of Amanda. Unfortunately that made me doubt him actually and maybe they are right... but I wasn't going to let that ruin my day today! I mean it's New Year's Eve for crying out loud! And tonight I'm partying with the worlds biggest band! 



"Johnny, Amanda I'm home." I called through the door as Niall brought our stuff in. Yes our stuff, Niall has pretty much just been staying with us and not really with the boys in their flat since he came home so a lot of his stuff is here now.

"Hi honey, how was Ireland?" Amanda said walking down the stairs to great us.

"It was beautiful in the snow, I had an amazing time." I replied as she engulfing me in one of her famously large hugs.

"And Niall it's lovely to have you back, how are you?" She said offering him a hug which of course he gladly excepted,

"I'm great thanks, how are you?" 

"Yeah is everything okay? You feeling fine? All the treatments still going well? Is there anything you need me to do?" I quickly butted in before she could answer. 

"Emi calm down I'm fine you weren't gone long enough for anything major to happen but in fact I've not felt this good since I was diagnosed." She smiled brightly at me as a wave of relief washed over me. 

"That's great to hear" I smiled and Niall agreed. "So where's Johnny, thought he said he wasn't working tonight seen as you couldn't join him at the bar?" I asked as we went to sit in the living room. 

"He's not, he got a call though there was a problem with a delivery to one of his bars and they barely got enough to cover a normal night let a lone a private party on New Year's Eve so he had to go sort it out but he should be home before you have to set of to your party so don't worry." She said and as if on cue Johnny's heavy footsteps could be heard coming through the front door. 

"I thought that was Niall's car I spied on our driveway, it's great to see you again." Johnny laughed as he shook Niall's hand walking in to the room. 

"It's nice to be back." Niall replied before Johnny pulled me up from Niall's warm embrace on the sofa.

"But boy have I missed you!" He laughed as pulled me into a huge hug and kissing my forehead.

"And you didn't when I was on tour? We were there 4 days, 3 nights?" I replied jokingly making him give me evil eyes. 

"You know what I meant!"

"I do but I like joking with you" I said cuddling up with Niall again. 



A couple of hours of talking later and it was time for me and Niall to be getting ready to head over to the boys apartment to set up for tonight. 


"What do you think of this dress?" I asked Ni as I walked out of my closet in a nude coloured dress with a deep V neckline that left a large amount of my natural tanned skin on show and the simple black lace belt effect really showed off my slim figure before the fabric flowed down my legs ending a few inches above my knees. Basically its a nice dress...


"Wow. Why haven't I seen you in this before you look absolutely stunning."  He complimented as he took my hand making me twirl in my heals. They were the pair I had got for my birthday and I loved them already!  

"Thank you but don't get to attached, I have one more to try on!" I said running back in to my wardrobe whist slipping the dress off once I was out of Niall's sight.

"You said that about 5 dresses ago, I though you weren't one of these girls..." 

"Woah what do you mean by that!" 

"I thought you weren't one of those girls who takes ages to get ready and you look amazing in everyone of the dresses you've tried so why are you being so choosy with which dress you are in tonight?"

"Because I want to look like somebody who deserves to be your girlfriend or just somebody you should be dating and I don't want to look bad in front of all your friends..." I said as I walked out still doing up my wine red heater neck, backless and flowing dress.

"Emi you dont have to wear a beautiful dress to look like someone I should be dating and if anyone doesn't deserve someone its me, Emi you're way out of my league-" 

"Says the exceedingly handsome, international, world famous pop star to a 17 year old untrained designer? Yeah I'm the one who's out of your league I don't think so! Niall if we were football teams you'd champions of the premier league and I'd be struggling to stay in league two!" 

"As much as I love the fact you know football you are completely wrong, you are far too perfect! Emi everybody wants this perfect girl; you know the girl... she's beautiful, smart and talented, she can be really funny, but she's caring, interesting and maybe sightly crazy, she is so sexy but yet incredibly adorable, just loves sports and can be like your best friend and hang out with the guys,super kind, an amazing kisser, yet she needs protecting but she isn't a completely girly girl, she's really witty, loving and just... well just everything you are! And until I met you I didn't that type of girl existed."

"You really think I'm all that?" 

"And so much more." 

"Awhh Thank you so much!" I cried whilst hugging him. "But I still dont want to look bad in front of your friends so which dress?" 

"The nude one you just had on." 

"Thank you! Now I just need five more minutes!" I said as I rushed of to change and get the correct accessories to which he responded with a groan as he slumped back down on my bed.


"Okay how do I look?" I said walking out.

"Staggeringly beautiful, as always." 

"Thank you, don't look to bad yourself." I complimented him back with a small laugh as fixed his shirt collar slightly. 

"Trust me, tonight nobody will be looking at me. They will all be too busy staring at my gorgeous girlfriend." 

"Shut up and let me get my bag so we can leave or we'll be late." 

"Okay but I do mean it, you do look gorgeous." he whispered in my ear.



*During the party*


"Mind if I borrow her for a little while?" Harry asked Niall while we were stood talking with the 5SOS guys who had just arrived. 

"I guess but only for a little while and bring her back in one piece."

"I will!"

"What did you want me for?" I asked as harry lead me in to the games room. 

"I wanted to talk to you about something. Sit with me." I did as told and sat down on the armchair across from him  placing my wine down on the table in-between.

"Is something the matter Haz, you look as if somethings bothering you?" 

"Well there is and well I didn't know who else to talk to and I kinda don't want the guys to know as last time I told them news like this they kinda over reacted and we nearly cancelled the tour which just made me feel a hell of a lot worse." 

"It's alright you can talk to me I won't tell them." 

"It's my granddad... its got cancer." He said quietly with tears in his eyes

"Oh my god... Harry it's going to alright I promise." I said getting up to hug him but I accidentally knocked my glass and sent my wine flying all over his white shirt. "Oh shit! Harry I'm so sorry!" 

"Emi its fine, its just a shirt as long as theres non on your dress... which there isn't then we're fine!" He said as he was now comforting me. 

"I'm such a klutz I'm so sorry, I've ruined your shirt!" 

"It's find I'll just throw this one out and go put a new one on." He said calmly as he removed his shirt. Okay I maybe in love with Niall but I have to say Harry was hot as hell especially with his tattoos...

"Don't stare its rude!" He mocked.

"I wasn't staring!" I replied pushing him back jokingly.

"Of course you weren't!" he laughed with a hand on my shoulder as he'd tried to be serious but was just causing me to laugh to.


Niall's P.O.V


Emi and Haz had been gone for ages now and it was getting close to midnight so I was starting to get a bit concerned so I excused myself from my conversation with Ashton and Cal and went to look for them.

I looked everywhere with no luck until I could here laughter from the games room down the hall. Quietly I crept up to the slightly opened door to see what was going on, only to see Harry topless with his hand on my girl as they were laughing. "You won't tell anyone will you I really don't want the boys knowing just because of how they acted last time." 

"It'll be our little secret I promise. Just remember nothing is going to happen instantly its a long process but you can't let it get to you especially if you dont want the boys to find out. " 

"I know it's just so hand, I wish there was more I could do but thanks"

"Really dont mention it, and by the way I'm sorry about ruining your shirt!" She replied before giving him a hug, whist she whispered something in his ear which made him smile wide and then kissing his cheek before she started heading towards the door causing me to run of so she wouldn't know that I'd seen anything! I just can't believe she'd cheat on me, especially after such a short amount of time and she said she loved me! How could she do this to me...


Sorry it takes me ages to think of ideas now but ill try and update quicker from now on! 

Stay crazy! -Mel X

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