Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


2. Off to work

Emi's P.O.V


Today's the day! I don't think I've ever been this excited or nervous in my entire life. Nick is due to pick me up at 8.00 to go meet our clients for this record company job. He told me not to dress too formally but ensure I look feminine and respectable. So there I stood there in my walk in wardrobe deciding what to wear. I don't want to wear a dress because I think that might look a little over the top but I also don't want to be in jeans and a loose T-shirt like I would normally were. I finally decided on some faded grey acid wash skinny jeans, a nude tank top with a loose black semi see through button up shirt over which will go perfectly with my black heels. I paired my outfit with some basic silver jewellery and my tiny diamond studs. Not really knowing what to do with my hair I simply let it fall naturally over one shoulder.


I loved my hair now, it has a natural loose curl to it that I really liked but non of my 'friends' did. Straight hair was how everybody used to have it so in order to fit in I used to spend hours straightening and styling it. But then as I grew to not care about things like that as long as I look presentable it was good enough for me. I applied a little mascara and eyeliner to draw attention to my eyes plus some natural, nude coloured lip gloss and I was done!


I slipped my phone in to my back pocket and made my way downstairs. Johnny was at work already, he is in the middle of planning for some big event tonight and Amanda was still asleep as it was her day off and she'd been working late recently as her magazine was due to send their 100th edition to print in the next couple of days. I walked in to the kitchen to get a bottle of water, bowl of cereal and an apple for breakfast before sitting myself down on the couch to watch some football highlights on TV.


As it turned 8.15 I was starting to think Nick wasn't taking me and that he had just told Johnny I could work with him so Johnny would like him even more and hire his company again. I mean if I was honset that would make more sense... of course this was too good to be true! But those worries all went away when the doorbell finally rang. Phew! And he had the cheek to suggest that I would be the one making us late!


I quickly threw away my rubbish and put my bowl and spoon in the sink before slipping my shoes on then running to open the door.

"Hey nick!" I said whist he pulled me in for a hug.

"Hey new business partner" he replied as we broke away, "You ready for this?"

"Hells yeah!" 

I locked the front door before slipping the key in to my pocket and we walked to his car. I'm beyond jealous of his car, he drivers about in a beautiful dodge challenger in this deep midnight blue colour, seriously it's his very own pride and joy, nobody's allowed to drive her but him! Trust me he was very clear on that when I joked about him teaching me to drive in it when I turn 17 in October.


He opened the door for me like the gentleman he is before jogging round to his side. I love nick, he's like an older brother to me and I get along really well with him to say there's a 6 year gap between us. We became really close when we hung out before I started working for him so we could get to know one another better and so Nick could see if I would be suited to working for him and if he was cool with me representing his company.


As we pulled away from the house and down the driveway, Nick told me to plug my iPhone in so we could listen to some music, he is literally the only person I've ever found who likes similar music to me. I'm not a pop fan at all, it all sounds the same to me. I like a lot of alternative, indie rock, older stuff, electronica and just generally random music. We like to think of our taste as eclectic!


I put on the Foals album Holy Fire starting with the song Inhaler, it's one of my current favourites.

"Great choice!" Nick complimented.

"I know, I adore this song. It's so so good" I said emphasising the words 'adore' and 'good'.

"It is, foals are just amazing"

"They really are." I agreed as I started to bob my head a little to the music but quickly wanted to move on to talking about the job "So what record company are we going to? Please say domino!"

"Why domino?" he laughed at my random comment

"Arctic monkeys of course! God Nick do you know anything?" I said in a slightly sarcastic tone with a tut or two at the end.

"Oh okay well sorry to disappoint you kid but-"

"Don't call me kid! You only do it to annoy me and you're only 6 years older than me" I cut him off whist gently punching his arm.

"Okay sorry won't happen again kid." He smirks at me and this time I don't rise to it I just scowl at him and carry on the conversation, "So if it's not domino who is it?" 

"Columbia records" He said as if it wasnt a big deal.

"Woah! You're not joking with me are you?"

"Nope, trust me I was just as shocked as you are when the contacted us!"

"So this is a big client and you're bring me along. Are you crazy!"

"Biggest client we've ever had and I wanted you for it because you're young and the Colombia artists that we are going to have to work with are aimed at your age and gender. Plus hopefully you'll know more about them than I do even if they aren't you're favorite people in the world... " I saw I smile start to creep on to his face, it made me suspicions. He was hinting at something I just couldn't quite work it out and then it hit me... I suddenly stopped the music, this shit was serious.


"No wait... You're taking about my five least favourite people on the entire planet aren't you?"

"I don't know how you got that idea but I might be" Nick was trying not to laugh but you could tell by the way he was biting his lip that he really wanted to.

"You know I hate pop music! Especially them! If it was anybody else I'd be cool with it" I said turning away from him in a sulk almost.

"Come on most 16 year old girls would kill to get this opportunity."

"But I'm not most girls..." I mumbled turning back to face him "We both know that."

"Hey don't blame me! You excepted this job... Plus I need you." I gave him a confused expression hinting for him to carry on,"Think about it, they're boys they'd never listen to me... But with a beautiful girl on my side..." Nick gestured at me and nodded approvingly.

"This is why I to dress feminine isn't it?" I snapped, offended.

"Maybe,"he said with a chuckle "But you do now represent my company so that was a factor. I can't have you going around some of the stuff you wear because even if you always look good some of the things you wear aren't the most appropriate for a business meeting or the most feminine in the world."


He was obviously hinting at the fact I wear a football shirt nearly once a week and about 25% of my wardrobe is from the men's section. I just glared at him not responding mainly because that didn't matter to me what mattered and offended me was he was having me dress up for boys so his work would be easier!


He continued anyway.


"And you're missing the point here Emi, this is a chance of a lifetime! You work for these guys and people will know who you are! Job offers from everyone will come flooding in"

"I suppose... But you're gonna get the credit for it not me I just get the experience and no job offers so I don't see the point of my having to work with these assholes for nothing." There was I pause before Nick spoke again.

"How about this then... You go in as the main designer on this, I have no ideas anyway where as I know you'll have loads. I'm just there to help you and if things go really wrong I promise to take over..." He looked over at me with apologetic eyes probably trying to say sorry for offending me.


It was a tempting offer I have to admit and I knew he was being serious but it scared me a little. I'd feel terrible if I lost him his biggest clients if this doesn't go well and then I'd be the one who'd have to say sorry.

"Nick you can't be serious, what if I mess up?" I asked still debating the idea in my mind.

"You won't I know you won't so please be head designer on this." 

"Only if you're sure?" I asked giving him one last chance to back out

"Never been more sure of anything than I am about this right now."

"Okay." I slowly agreed then the excitement set in, Nick is giving me an unreal chance here. "Thank you Nick you're the best!" I smiled and kissed him in the cheek.


Hi guys, first chapter of the main story hope you like it!

Stay crazy! -Mel x

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