Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


13. Night with Niall

Emi's P.O.V

I felt a lot better after I apologised to Harry. I finally worked out that I'd been the reason he was so down and I felt horrible, so I had to apologise because even if I didn't like the fact he was flirting it didn't mean I could be a bitch to him. I saw a different side to him tonight during truth or dare and maybe he isn't the stuck up flirt I thought he was.

Me and Niall stayed up till about 3 watching the hangover and talking once everybody had gone to bed and I was starting feeling really tired once it had finished.

"Hey Ni is it okay if I go to sleep now?"

"Yeah that's fine I'm pretty sleepy now actually."

"Thanks and could I ask a favour?"

"Ask away."

"Could I possible borrow something to sleep in my shorts and football top aren't too comfy."

"I was going to lend you something anyway. Come on I'll go see what I have that might fit you."

"Thanks." I said getting up and following Niall to his room.


His room wasn't at all like I expected, it was clean and tidy with a king size double bed with crisp white sheets on it. The wall above his bed was convered by band poster, gig flyers, record sleeves and other music related things. It was the main focus of the room and really made a statement against the other wise bare white walls. A set of glass double doors let out on to a small balcony which must be amazing to leave open on a warm summers day like we've been having. There was a glass bookshelf against a wall that was completely full with CDs and a few vinyls. Along with a retro record played on the desk that also held a MacBook. Two guitars stood proudly in the corner of the room with the electric one resting against a large amp which sat under a stack of paper with lyrics on as if he were in the middle of writing something.

"I love your room! That wall is so cool!"

"Thanks it's taken a lot of collecting to build up that wall but it's not finished yet I still keep adding to it."

"It looks really awesome though!"

He laughed and walked off in to his wardrobe to find me something to sleep in.

"Umm I didn't have any sweats that will be small enough to fit you properly is that a problem?" He asked from the other room.

"I'll just sleep in my underwear and a shirt then I'll be too warm in sweats anyway." I said walking in to the wardrobe to join him only to see his stood there in only boxers looking though his shirts. I was trying my hardest not to stare but I really couldn't help it I'd never seen a guy in just his underwear before. Yeah I went swimming with him but swim shorts are different now he's just in boxers!

"Here you go you can sleep in my crazy mofo top." he said throwing me a white top which hit me in the face and brought me back to my senses.

"Thanks! It's perfect I mean it even has my name on it."


"Crazy mofo was what my girlfriends used to call me when I was in school."

"Oh okay, I can see that!" He chuckled,

"Is there anywhere private I could change?" I asked trying not to sound so innocent.

"Yeah right here! I'll just grab a blanket and pillow then I'm off to the sofa seen as the spare bed isn't made up! So you can get changed here and get straight in to bed" He replied.

"No I'm on the sofa, I'm not sleeping in your bed!"

"Yes you are, I'm not letting you sleep on the sofa that's just rude!" He asked backing toward the door.


"No Emi you're not sleeping on the sofa and that's final."

"Okay if you're sure..."


"Fine thank you."

"It's okay now sweet dreams" he whispered pulling me in to a hug.

"Night night Ni."


I changed in to his shirt and took my shorts off before climbing in to bed. It was so soft and the sheets engulfed me as if I was sleeping in a cloud it was so heavenly! After only five minutes or so I fell asleep.


I tossed and turned though my dreams where defiantly not heavenly, memories of the night my parents were taken away from me plagued my mind. After about an hour I woke up tears running down my face. I tried everything I could to calm myself but nothing was working. Maybe I should go see if Nialls still awake. I got out the bed and pulled on the hoodie that was on the back of Niall's desk chair and headed down stairs. I tried to be as quite as possible as to not disturb him incase he was asleep but I think he was woke up by my crying so I sat down by his feet and hugged my knees.

"Emi is that you?" He asked in an adorable sleepy voice.

"Yeah." I mumbled trying to hold back more tears.

"Why are you up?" He asked sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"I had a bad dream and I didn't know what to do." I said turning my head to look over at him. He switched on the lamp and then looked over at me, his eyes widening in shock when he sore the state I was in.

"Sweetheart, come here" he said pulling me on to his lap and into a hug. When he called me sweetheart it just made me think of my parents even more... My dad was the only person who had ever called me sweetheart and I hadn't hear it since. I sobbed in to his chest and wrapped my arms loosely around him.

"Shhhh it's okay, just let it out." He soothed whist rubbing small circles on my back and smoothing my hair. His head was resting on top of mine and the way I was cuddle tight in to him made me feel safe. I'd calmed down after ten minutes and I pulled away slightly but I was still sat on his lap with my arms around him.

"Thank you." I said with a half smile.

"Don't thank me my darlin, like I said I'm always here for you."

"Thank you" I repeated

"Do you want me to get you a drink?"

"A tea would be nice thanks."

"I'll be right back then."

Niall walked back two minutes later with two cups of tea in his hands, he handed one to me and then sat back down facing me on the sofa.

"Thank you so much"

"It's just a cup of tea love" he chuckled

"Nooo for looking after me." I replied with a small giggle and smile.

"You're giggle is adorable." He mumbled looking down.

"What was that?"

"Nothing..." He shook his head.

"I think you said my giggle was adorable" I teased making him blush.


"Well then thank you." I smiled at him.

We talked for a little longer until we finished our cups of tea and I was calm again. He took our cups back to the kitchen switching the light off walking over to me.

"Come on let me take you back to bed" he whispered softly and then to my surprise picked my up bridal style and carrying me back to his room.

"Niall put me down I'm heavy!"

"Shhh you're really not! I lift heavier than you at the gym!"

"Stop lying and put me down!


He gently placed me down on the bed when we got to his room and pulled the duvet over me.

"Night night Emi, sweet dreams this time." I heard him whisper before kissing my forehead and heading towards the door.

"Stay... Please just stay" I said not wanting to feel so alone for once.

"Okay I'll stay till you fall asleep" he said sitting on the end of the bed.

"No stay till morning, I don't feel like being alone." I replied looking him in the eyes trying to hold back more tears. I started pulling the covers back on the other side of the bed hinting to him to get in. He nodded giving me a small smile before closing the door, knocking the light off and climbing in next to me.


Naill's P.O.V

As I lay there I thought about how much I hated seeing her upset and it killed me inside that I didn't know what had caused her tears. That was until her soft voice spoke out in the silence...

"My parents died just under a year ago..." She told me, her voice full of grief and sorrow.

I was shocked. With no idea how to respond I just rolled on to my side, propped my head up with my left arm/hand letting my mouth fall open. I looked over to her to see her laying there looking up at the ceiling. She took my silence as a hint to carry on even though I hadn't meant for her too I was just trying to find the right thing to say.

"It was a car crash, my parents and the driver over the other car were both killed on impact the policeman told me... I was at a friends house at a sleep over at the time and they'd gone out to dinner... They were celebrating the anniversary of their engagement... See that's the kind of people my mum and dad were, they loved to celebrate the small things... Like when I was 8 and my mum and dad took me to the zoo for getting all 100 right on times tables test that we did every year in school... They were my only family and with them gone I was alone... Even my friends left me when they died... I was left completely alone." She said before tears started to role down her cheeks again.

I instantly hugged her, I wasn't expecting her to tell me anything and if she was going to I certainly want expecting what she just told me. How could something so tragic happen to someone like Emi just didn't make sense to me and if you saw her like I do you would even imagine she had gone through something like that.

"Is that what your dreams where about?" I asked wiping her tears away with my thumb.

"Yeah... They're taken away from my and I'm left alone. Memories of my friends turning their backs on me and the policemen telling me all the details are stuck in my mind."

"Then just remember all the good memories you have about your mum and dad... The memories that bring a smile to you're pretty face are the only memories you should remember. And I'll tell you what when it comes to friends... Those who matter don't mind and those who mind really don't matter..." I smiled at her not really knowing what to say but trying my best to offer support.

"Thanks Ni, will you please not tell the other four about this? I don't really trust them like I trust you and I just need someone I can trust to talk to."

I couldn't help but smile wide at that. She trusts me but not the others... She comes to me for comfort and trusts me with her secrets.

"Of course I won't, now let's get some sleep okay?" She nodded back at me as we lay back down with my arm still wrapped around her waist and her head cuddled in to my chest.


So help me god I think I'm falling for this girl...

In fact forget that...

I've fallen for her.


So she's trusted Niall! Hope you liked it.

More coming soon!

Stay crazy! -Mel x

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