Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


3. My introduction

Emi's P.O.V


We pulled up to a posh restaurant in the centre of London about 45 minutes maybe an hour later due to bad traffice in the city centre, I have a feeling that I've been here before with Johnny and Amanda maybe it was Amanda's birthday I'm not too sure. We stepped out and the valet took Nicks car but not before he could give him the mandatory speech on how he best take extra special care of his baby or he'd loose his head. I wasn't joking when I said he was protective over her.


I straighten out my clothes and nick made sure his shirt was still neat before we walked in, we were greated by a older, very polite and well spoken waiter who showed us to a table towards the back of the resurant away from everybody else and the windows looking out on to the busy London street. It was only around 9.30 so it was relativly quite. Whist we waited Nick and I ran through some of my spur of the moment ideas so that he knew I wasn't completely unprepared and I tried to calm him down. I didn't understand why he was so nervous he was used to meeting with clients, maybe not clients as big as this but still clients. I however wasn't, I have never worked a day in my life and some how went from shadowing Nick on a single job to being the main designer in the space of a single car ride but yet I was cool and collected.


When he felt like he was about to break down due to nerves he ended up going to the bathroom in an attempt to calm down a bit leaving me on my own at a table which was big enough for 8 people. Trying to distract myself I begun to look around the restaurant fancying myself a bit of people watching. Most of the diners looked to be couples in their mid twentys catching a late breakfast together which I found really romantic.


But wait... Oh God no... what if that's what Nick and I looked like... God I hope not surely people can see he's too old for me and it would never work even if there wasn't 6 years between. Yes we get on like a house on fire and he makes me laugh like a crazy person whenever I'm with him but he's just a mate, I mean literally we just Xbox and go to football matches together with Johnny, I could never like him like him and I think I've mentioned this already but incase not... there's 6 years between us! Like yeah age differences are fine but the maximum I'm really comefortable with is like 4 max, but even then he would have to be like the perfect guy.


I was brought back to reality from my day dreams about who the perfect guy would be when the quite and peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant was broke the sound screams and some shouts of paparazzi by the entrance. They had arrived. Seriously though how has a crowd formed in the time since we arrived that can cause that much noise.


Just seeing all the that attention they got annoyed me! They come across to me as these overly smug guys with massive egos and what for? Their music was terrible and they hadn't worked for the fame they got. It had been simply given to them by what to me is the worst show in history of music and television, the X Factor. Oh and before I go on, and I could for days let's not let me started on fan girls!


But I had to remain professional. So breathe Emi. Breath, count to three. One, Two, Three. You can do this. Now put on your best fake smile and lets get this show on the road.


They walked over to our table following the same waiter me and Nick had, each removed there sunglasses and pulled their hoods down or hats off before every single one of them gave me a typical flirty smile as they introduced themselves probably expecting me to be star stuck and go weak at the knees, but I'd never and anyway I was being professional.


I stood up and smiled "I'm Emily Woodson from Banks Design, my design partner Nick Banks we be with us in just a minute. It's a pleasure to meet you all. Please take a seat." I said gesturing for them to sit down. They did as I told each of them taking a seat around the table, I pretended not to see the approving nods and the words they were mouthing at each other as I assumed I probably wouldn't like what I would hear. Not liking the akwardness of this situation I quickly sent a text Nick under the table to tell him they were here and to get out the god damn bathroom.


I put my phone back down on the table and looked around at them as subtly as possible so I didnt appear noisey. Zyan was fixing his hair, Liam and Louis were laughing about something, Niall was looking over the menu and Harry...well Harry was just staring at me and clearly saw me looking at him making this whole thing a million times more awkward than it already was. I was a little intimidated if I'm honest so I tried to make polite conversation "Please excuse my partner this is very unlike him." I began hoping that would ease the awkwardness and remind them why we were sat not talking. It didn't however, I just gave harry a reason to say something to me, "I don't mind love gives me a little longer to talk to you. So tell me about..."

"Sorry about that I had to make a few calls, terribly rude I know." Nick cut him off and got the other boys attention.


Harry acted as if nothing had happened thankfully, just smirked at me before looking over to nick in order to respond. "Don't worry about it mate, Emily here has done all the introductions needed." Harry said winking at me, As If! I wanted to role my eyes but couldn't be rude especially not now Nick was here. Nick just laughed, agreeing with him, even though it wasn't really a statement to agree with, and nodded taking his seat next to me.


"Shouldn't we order first, I'm starving" Niall joked while rubbing his tummy. The boys laughed at him complaining how that was 'Typical Niall'. Liam waved a waiter over and we all took it turns to order me being last, as the waiter went round everybody it appeared they were all having food but to me it sempt a little strange getting something to eat at seen as I'd just had breakfast before I came out so I stuck to a glass of fresh orange juice which made the boys give me a few weird looks when the waiter had left.


They obviously assumed I was one of those girls who didn't eat often and didn't touch carbs in order to be slim but in fact I was kinda the opposite. I eat healthy and do exercised to maintain a healthy body weight and a figure I like and can be proud of but of course instead of just letting the moment pass Liam felt the need to speak up about the matter "You can have something to eat you know we don't mind." He stated smiling kindly at me.

"Oh no I ate this morning before we came." I smiled back.

"Oh yeah that's what they all say" one of them said under their breath. I didn't catch who it was but I replied anyway as everyone had heard their comment "I honestly did, trust me I'm not one of those girls who doesn't eat. I love eating, you should see me at football matches or after I do some training. Me and my dad just pig out on the sofa watching family guy or some random film normally, I guess it probably defeats the point of doing the exercise in the first place but who cares!" I smile back at then. They nod and laugh a little uncomfortably clearly taken back by my honesty.


The mention of football sparks a bit of attention though, from Louis in particular "Football? Don't strike me a girl who plays? Or even supports, you look far too girly, not to be sterotypical or anything."


Now this is a subject I loved - how I'm not girly! I laugh before beginning "I'm not girly, I may look it today but nope. I'd rather Xbox, draw, skate or play football over having my hair and nails done any day! The only girly thing about me is that I do love clothes and shopping but even then I can't just shop for a entire day it just gets boring doesn't it? And especially not when there's a good match on TV." I stop there as their little faces looked shocked. Awh you all thought I was going to be one of those really girly girls didnt you, well I'm sorry that I'm different!


They snap out of their state of shock as our drinks arrive. "So should we get down to business, you are in need of some design work for an event am I right?" Nick says as the waiter walks away, I knew what he was doing, he's doing what Johnny does when I start to get a little outspoken or defensive and even more so when I'm with boys, he's protecting me. He is trying to keep me from saying something which could lead me in to talking about my past or getting myself upset, but he's also trying to keep me from being hurt by somebody else. 


But also because in his mind the more I talked the more we got away from the actual reason we were here which I guess is true but I couldn't help it! I didn't like people assuming I was something I'm not! But all Nick could see was that the boys were only interested in me and thats going to lead to something bad so now he wants their attention off me so nothing happens but business.


"Yes that's right, we're holding a masked ball type event in the late summer, early autumn time and would like you to provide the consepts and designs for it all." Liam speaks but directs it at me not nick.

"Sounds fun, what kinda of event were you thinking?" I say pulling out a note pad and pen from Nicks bag to begin to take notes and sketch ideas as I am the head designer on this. 

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