Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


1. My backstory

Emi's P.O.V


Hi, my name's Emily but people who know me call me Emi. I've got long brown hair that has a natural curl or wave to it and these deep blue eyes with a tiny hint of green that are probably the only thing that I like about myself. I'm 16 and I've just finished my GCSEs which I got all A's in which means I did very well actually, especially when you consider my circumstances. What circumstances you might be thinking? Well if I where to explain that I'd have to go back to the summer of last year.


Me and my girls had been having one of our monthly 'girls nights' the last before we went back to school the next week. By the girls I mean my 3 best friends; Charlotte, Natalie and Zoe. Back then it had always been the four of us against the world! Nothing could stop us since we all met in play group when we were toddlers. The night, like most of our girls nights, had consisted of make overs, singing in to hair brushes to MTV music videos and gossiping about the boys in our year we liked.


See back then I was a girly girl who took far too long to get ready and wasted time day dreaming about boys. A complete contrast to who I am now, I'm not saying I'm a full on tom boy but I just don't fit in with girls anymore you see? I skate board, play football, and Xbox to give you a few quick examples. I don't wear much make up or spend hours fixing my hair and I'm just not too bothered about the latest fashions either anymore I just wear what I like, meaning I don't really have a particular style but what I wear fully represents who I am. And this sudden change in who I was all came about because of something that happened that girls night and made me realise non of that stuff mattered to me anymore.


The events of that night that tore me apart and changed not only me but my life and outlook completely. That night, september 8th, 2012 after my mum and dad had dropped me off at Zoe's they had planned on going out for a meal together to celebrate the anniversary of they're engagement. Apart from they never made it to the restaurant...


They were in an accident as the policemen called it, that means nobody was to blame and I suppose that's fair as both cars were at fault and neither my parents or the diver of the other car survived. And in a messed up way that was a comfort blanket, I wouldn't have to think of how my life was a mess but the other family got their son, husband and farther back which is tragic and I'd never wish it apon anybody but at least now I could feel sympathy for the family. Apart from his children, I envied his children, still having a mother to comfort them. When I had nobody, my family weren't exactly close it had always just been the three of us.


So when the policemen sat me down and told me what happened exactly, how the paramedics tried everything but there was nothing they could do, I didn't listen to him after he told me they had died.


As at that point I had lost my entire family.


I was alone.


The details meant nothing to me at that point and from that night on the next few weeks were a blur. Packing up my things and saying good bye to the only home I had ever lived in, a home that held so many happy memories. Before being put in to foster care so the adoption process could begin as I had no relatives, nobody that could or was willing to take me in and look after me.


Flash forward to now and I've been living with my new parents, Johnny and Amanda, for about 6 months. They adopted me in January when I was at my lowest since the weeks following accident. Probably due to the fact I had been through my first Christmas without a family, the first christmas which was most definitely not merry.


Johnny and Amanda are lovely though and I don't have a bad thing to say about them, my life had been completely turned around since they adopted me. Johnny on the one hand owns a chain of bars and restaurants in london and other major citys in the south where as Amanda on the other hand is a editor for a London based fashion magazine meaning they're loaded but that's not what I love about them, not even a factor of why. They both had always wanted a child, a daughter more accurately but neither could really spend too much time off work to raise one, so unlike for most families who were looking to adopt as a 16 year old teenage girl I was kind of a perfect fit for them. Not that I'm in anyway perfect. 


They love me like my mum and dad always did and they're always there for me. They support me in the choices I make, who I wanted to be and I know they're always try and help me the best they can to achieve my dreams. Amanda is not only like a mum to me but a best friend or older sister who I'd trust with everything and she'd give me advice and comfort when I need it. Johnny's the same, not only a dad who's there to protect me and keep me from harms way but a brotherly figure who talks sport with me and friend to laugh with.


And on top of all that they feel the need to spoil me even though I insist they shouldn't honestly and it's just a waste of money but they won't have that! They're constantly taking me places and planning day trips for me. I mean I joined Amanda in Paris for fashion week earlier in the year and it was so glamorous and Paris was beautiful. Oh and before you start thinking 'I though Emi wasn't a girly girl anymore? And she said she didn't follow the latest trends!' I still love clothes, especially shoes it's probably the only girly stereotype I allow myself. I just don't like having to change my style because trends have changed.


It's summer now and even though I did well in my GCSEs school just isn't and never was for me so I'm not going back for Collage in September. One of the biggest reasons being because I lost all of my true friends when my parents died, including Charlotte, Natalie and Zoe who I thought would always been there for me. But I guess nobody wanted to be friends with the girl who had break downs, lived in a foster home and was up for adoption. That's why I through myself in to studying and school work. It's the reason why I did well but I didn't enjoy a second of it, I only did it to take my mind of every thing else that was going on.


I hated all my subjects as well except maybe for art, I liked art, I was good at art. Drawing and being creative is a massive passion of mine and I never feel more at home than when I've got a pencil in my hand creating something on the blank paper I started with. Drawings my way of escaping from the world it allows me to express my feeling without the need for words.


That's why when Johnny said he could put me in touch with a friend of his who also happened to be doing some work for him as a designer for one of his new bars I was ecstatic! His name is Nick Banks, aged 22 and his family owns a successful design company that he now runs. Yep impressive. Anyway he offered me some work experience instead of going to collage. Starting this summer, I'm working with him out on a job at a record company for one of their events for an artist of theirs. Plus he said if we did well there may even be a chance of getting invitations to attend which would mean I'd get to hang out with a group of celebs.


It was the chance of a lifetime for me and it felt like for once in a long time my life was all on track again.


Hi guys if you're reading this thank you!! But this is my first story so don't expect too much of it. Hope you liked the backstory and the main story will start in the next chapter!

Stay crazy! - Mel x

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