Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


15. Just a work relationship


Emi's P.O.V

Since Wednesdays meeting I was swamped with work as I needed the final designs finished and I had to create a presentation to show the team who would then put the event together for me on what the design and theme was. That's didn't mean my work was over! Oh no I was only getting started and with the event only a month away in September I wasn't going to be short of things todo. 

But today was Monday and my next work based event was the presentation on Friday which I was glad to say I had just finished and now had nothing to do until then! So out thought I'd text Niall, I hadn't really been talking to him as I'd been busy with work and they were putting an new single together which had meant they had been busy also but it was worth a try. So I pulled out my phone and sent him the first message in about four or five days. 


To Niall

'Hi Ni, sorry I haven't text you in a while I've been pretty busy but I was wondering if you were free this afternoon to hang out or something? :)'


As soon as it had sent I started to doubt weather I should have sent it or not, yes I hadn't text him since thursday but he hadn't text me either... I stared at my phone anxiously waiting for a reply that I hoped would have come back instantly but didn't. After about five maybe ten minutes of doing pretty much nothing I decided that he wasn't going to. I looked back at my macbook that was still had the presentation open on it which made me think about it all...

What was I doing?  

Why was I texting him? Or any of them for that matter?

I work for them and thats all, were not even friends are we?

And If we are what do I really know about them other than what the media says?

And If we aren't then do I want to be friends with them?

There a fucking boy band for gods sake why do I want to be friends? 

What would Nick say if he knew I hung out with them once and Niall twice?

What would he tell me about having feelings towards one of them?

In fact I knew exactly what he'd say... He'd say I was being unprofessional and that this is why I shouldn't get involved with clients like I had or start to have feelings for one of them because that would get in the way of work and he'd be completely correct if he said that because it already was. And I'd promised myself I was to STAY PROFESSIONAL! Plus who am I kidding telling myself that he might be interested in me, he's 1/5th of One Direction AKA the biggest boy band in the world and who am I? Im just Emi Woodson a 16 year old orphan who through a friend of my foster dad got a design job with them AKA nothing special! I needed to forget the feelings I have towards him and get this job over and done with in a strictly professional manner as quick as possible before these feelings grow anymore, which meant no more hanging out or been friends with him or any of them for that matter.


My phone rang snapping my out of my thoughts, without really looking at the caller ID I answered. 


"Hey Emi its Niall." SHIT.

"Oh hey, why you calling?"

"You text me about meeting up this afternoon." 

What was I meant to say 'oh yeah since then I had a nice little chat with myself and I've changed my mind I don't want to hang out with you as I have feeling for you that are completely stupid and going get in the way of my work.'

"Oh yeah, I don't think I can actually, I've got work to do." I lied instead.

"Oh okay sure you can't take the afternoon off, it is work for us anyway."

Don't remind me...

"I'm sure, I see you on friday." 


"Our next meeting is on friday."

"So we can't meet up before then." he said with sadness in his voice, but why?

"Like I told you I have work to do..."

"Oh okay... I'll leave you to work then. Bye" he said quietly and part of me though i heard him sniffle a little as if he was upset but it was probably nothing.

"Bye Nia-" I was cut of by the dial tone. He hung up on me?

Well that was harder than I thought it would be. Needing to clear my head I decided to go for a walk to a place that I always go when I needed some me time.


I threw on some acid wash light blue shorts, my black Rolling Stones top, raybans, my black high top all stars and headed out the door quickly grabbing my vans backpack with my camera and sketch pad in on the way past. I was on my way to the park that was only about 15/20 minutes walk away.

When I arrived I sat my self down against one of the huge oak trees near a lake, with my music on shuffle as I watched the world go by... It was only about 11.00 when I arrived but the park was still pretty busy but sat here out of the way in the shade of the tree meant I could have sometime alone to think and get my head around everything. I pulled out my sketch pad deciding to draw, not the park just what was on my mind. The hole sketchbook was full of drawing like this, where I'd needed away to express my self and didn't know how else.

I wasn't really focussing on what image the pencils were creating until a hour later when I looked down to see what I'd drawn. Two pair of eyes, a deep blue pair with tears and red stains in the checks below looking in to a pair of soft ocean blue eyes that were full of concern and love. I'd drawn us... With out even thinking about it I'd drawn him and the way he looks at me. My eyes started to represent the picture... Filling with tears as I looked at his.

"You alright?" A sudden soft voice scared me.

I lifted my head up to see Harry coming to sit beside me. I just nodded my head unconvincingly.

"Want to try that again? You sure your alright?" He asked sitting to my left as I put my sketchbook down.

"No" I chocked out.

"Hey come here there's no need to cry." He said pulling me in to a hug.

"I know but I can't help it." I mumbled in to his neck.

"What's the matter then?" He asked softly.

How was I going to to tell him.... "Ummm it's just that ... That well I know we're not really ... Friends as such and... And well I just work for you guys until September 1st ... The day of the event... And well after that you go on tour and I hopefully get offers for another job and well we will no long talk... Which I hate so ... Well because of that I kinda realised that my relationship with you guys has to be strictly professional and texting you and hanging out with you isn't... So maybe it's good we're not friends really ...I mean you wouldn't want us to be anyway... But I guess that just kinda upset me a little as I was starting to like you guys and in a month that's it... Its really silly I know... Especially because before I started this job I hated you guys... No offence just I did and I'm still not a fan of your music really but yeah ..." I said not really making much sense and avoiding eye contact with him. He was silent so I decided to ask him a question so he wouldn't continue that topic.

"Why are you here Harry?" I asked.

"Ummm ... We're here to play football but that's not important at the mo-"

There all here ... Niall's here?

"Shit. I got to go... I'll see you Friday in the meeting and will you please tell the guys not to text or anything ... In fact delete my number if you need to contact me about work only make your agent or whoever do it. Bye." I quickly said running off grabbing my bag and swinging it over my shoulder.


Harry's P.O.V

I was in shock , She doesn't want to be friends with us... Or talk to us? What was that all about Niall only rung her a few hours ago to respond to a text about hanging out? What's happened? I needed to talk to the lads.

I stopped starring in the direction she ran off in and looked down at the grass to see she'd left her sketch pad... It was open on a drawing of two sets of eyes... A dark blue pair that were sad and upsetting and a light blue pair that were comforting and looking concerned. It's was beautifully drawn but you could see it had meaning to it. I picked it up and walked back over to the boys who were sat in the middle of the football pitch talking and laughing... But I knew they wouldn't be after I'd told them the girl we were all becoming close with and wanted to see more of didn't want to talk to or see us anymore.

Once I told them everything the were all silent, shocked and speechless. We all really liked Emi and thought she liked us to but non of us could think of what brought on this. It was clear Niall took the news the hardest, since the night of the football match we all worked out and made him admit he had really strong feelings for her, to the point where I told him I'd back off! He deserved a great girl more then any of us, we all knew that and I guess we all though she was the one for him... maybe not so much now. 

Lou and Zyan left me and Liam to talk with Niall about everything as he'd been completely silent with his head down since I'd told them.  "Hey Ni its okay, we're still here for you and we're gonna help you through this mate I promise." I said resting my hand on his shoulder causing him to look in my general direction but not directly at me as he nodded slightly.

"W-Whats that?" His weak voice asked as he pointed to the sketchbook. 

"Oh Emi forgot it, she kinda left in a hurry after talking to me." I replied with a small smile. 

"Can I see?" he asked fixing his eyes on the dog eared, weathered book by my side.

"Are you sure Ni, we know you have feeling for her maybe you shouldn't look it'll only make you think of her more." Liam answered him. 

Niall just nodded and I carefully passed the sketchbook over to him, once he opened the book you could see tears form in his eyes as he looked at the drawing I'd seen earlier. He studied it for a while before mumbling something. 

"Whats that mate?" Liam asked.

"She liked me too." he repeated.

"Sorry?" he asked as neither of us understood.

"Emi, she liked me too..." He repeated again but with more confidence looking at us both. 

"Thats great but how do you know?" I asked this time. 

"She drew us, from the night she told me about everything." he said pointing to the drawing of too sets of eyes. Now he said it the crying eyes looked like hers, not that I'd ever seen her cry but they were the same deep blue and the others were clearly Niall now I'd looked again. 

"And she drew the selfie I took of us in the record store in Soho she we hung out for the first time." he carried on and pulled out his phone to show is a picture on his phone that was exactly like the drawing on the page before. "This hole sketchbook if full of drawing that mean something to her... and I'm in it. I mean something to her! She didn't want to stop talking to us she force herself to because we stop working together soon and than she worried she won't see us and that will be the end of it and to have a relationship with us when she only works for us is completely unprofessional." He said now smiling widely. 


He was completely right... god how didn't we see this! That was it! We had sort this out, we can not sit back and let the perfect girl for him slip away because she's worried about been unprofessional especially when she liked him to.


I wrote and rewrote this chapter so many time and I'm still not completely happy with it but I really don't think I can bring myself to rewrite it again so I hope you liked it even though it isn the greatest.

Stay crazy! - Mel X





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