Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


32. I know a guy


Louis's P.O.V


Well Italy was nice and stressful! I don't think we have ever done so many interviews in one day and then we had to be up at 4 this morning for out flight to New York. And with Emi and Harry now as well things are a little awkward to say the least, well for us they are, the two of them haven't quite caught on to the fact we had all worked it out yet.

"Hey you guys up for going out tonight for Zayns birthday as we have a show tomorrow so we won't be able to?" Liam casually asked as he strolled in to the living room area of our suite. Which of course we responded to with a chorus of 'hell yeah's.


*That evening*


Emi's P.O.V


"Here we are!" Our driver called as we pulled up in front of a club. Once the ten of us had pilled out we made our way to the entrance.

"Can I see some ID please?" One of the bouncers stopped us standing square in front of us.

"Ummm excuse me do you not know who we are?" Harry asked cockily. Wow did he really just use that line? 

"I am aware of who you are, but I still need to see some ID to confirm your ages?" He said unimpressed.

After each of the boys pulled out ID except Calum, Luke and myself who weren't even 18 yet. The bouncer looked at each before speaking, "Um Louis, you may enter the rest I'm going to have to ask you step away from the entrance please." 

"Wait what about us? We're all legal! We're over 18!"  Lou asked confused.

"You maybe over 18 and legal in the UK but not here in America, you must be 21." The other bouncer stepped in.

"Guys lets just leave it." Zayn admitted defeat. 

"Well that sucks!" Harry said as we walked away. "Why didn't he just let us in we're One Direction for fuck sake!" 

"Things a a lot stricter in America we know that from being here before we should have remembered." Li spoke.

"What are we gonna do?" Ash said getting in a bit of a strop.

"Actually I think I know a guy who could get us in some where much better than there." I spoke up.

"Really?" They asked pretty shocked.

"Johnny owns a chain of bars and clubs that are like the best in London, in fact you lot have had a lot of private parties in them if I remember correctly you rented one for new years last year! Anyway back to the point, Johnny has a business partner out here who adores me and always tells me to call if I ever need anything and well now I need something." I smirked.

"Wait that was one of Johnny's clubs? That club was epic and we had such a cool DJ that year!" Zayn said getting a little excited.

"Yeah I can remember him telling me how he had to fly that DJ just for your party... " 

"Why didn't we know this before?" Ash asked

"You guys never asked." I shrugged as if it was nothing.

"Just get us in the hottest club in New York!" 

"I'll call Mark." 

"Wait is it really that easy?" Zayn asked before I could press his name in my contacts.

"Yeah." I said innocently before pressing his name on my contact list.


"Hey Emi, How you doing?" Mark asked as he picked up after only one ring. See he loves me!

"Hiya Mark! I'm great thanks, you?" I asked back.

"I'm good thanks, how's is your mum? Dad? Meant to ring him actually to tell him I'm flying in to London next week with my darling Fiona." Oh I love how he talks about his wife!

"She's doing better thanks and I'm sure they will be glad for your visit he probably want to take you out to this new restaurant that opened up recently and people have been raving about it!" I laughed lightly.

"That sounds great, we're in need of a good catch up but anyway I'm guessing you're in need a favour?" he laughed with me.

"Wow you must know me so well but yeah... I kinda wondered if you could do me a HUGE favour and be your AMAZING self and help me and my friends get in to the best club in NYC." 

"Nicely played with the compliment but of course I can, but by friends you mean who exactly?" 

"The One direction and 5 Seconds of Summer lads. Did Johnny forget to tell you I was on tour with them!" I looked back to see them all watching me like hawks especially when I mentioned them.

"No he did I just didn't know if that's who you meant or you were on a jolly with some friends. But trust me he would never forget to tell me, he's very proud of you! Okay well I'll call up Skip, he's working the doors tonight, I'll tell him to expect you lot so head up to 100 8th avenue. You'll know the place when you get there. Tell him I sent you and he will send you right in! Remember your underage so please don't do anything stupid that would cause attention! If people find out I let underagers in I'd be in massive trouble" 

"Thank you so much!"

"Don't mention it, have a blast!"

"We will, Bye!" I smiled wide at the guys as I hung up the phone.

Well that was easy!


"Head to 100 8th avenue." I told the driver as we got back in the limo.

"Wait you got us in somewhere." Harry asked stunned. 

"I told you, I know a guy..." I shrugged again.


Bit of a filler as I really didn't know what to write at the moment and I wanted to show how they were starting to go out and drink a bit more because I finally know where I want this to go.

Stay Crazy! - Mel X





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