Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


19. Getting to know each other better


Emi's P.O.V

Once the cab pulled up at my house it was about 4.30, they were suppost to be here in an hour or so meaning I didn't have long to talk to Johnny and Amanda as I was in a bit of a hurry earlier and then get changed in to something a little comfier than than my skirt. Paying the driver, I got out the cab making my way in to my house. 

"Hey I'm home, where are you guys I need to talk to you" I called through the hallway.

"Hi honey, Just a second I'll just tell Johnny." 


We were currently sat round the breakfast bar in the kitchen each with a drink. How was I going to tell them this... They're fine with me working as a designer but for 9 months away from home with 9 guys I'm not sure. 

"So what did you want to talk to us about?" Johnny asked setting his mug down. 

"Well... you know that meeting I just got back from?" 


"They kinda offered and I agreed to an amazing job that would be for the next 9 months and would pay handsomely." 

"Wow, thats great! Im really proud of you." Amanda smiled pulling me in for a hug.

"Ummm thanks but thats not what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Why whats the matter?" concern filled her voice.

"It's with one direction and 5 seconds of summer on their up coming world tour." I mumbled slightly but by their next comments they heard me.

"What so at 16 you want to travel the world with a group of hormonal famous stuck up boys? No I'm not letting you! Im fine with you working for them but not traveling with them." Johnny shouted.

"No, at 16 I want my foster parents to support me and let me take this amazing opportunity to work doing something I love and see the world with a group of my friends who happen to be famous but still genuine and really down to earth funny guys. Guys who you let me stay the night with and hang out with without a second thought before." I said staying calm and trying to not let my anger show because I knew this would happen.

"Thats different Emily.." he sighed using my full name to show he was still annoyed with me.

"Do you not trust me?" I asked politely trying to remain on his good side.

"Oh course I do, we both do but how well do you actually know these boys you say are your friends?"

"I worked for them for 2 months! And the hole world knows everything they do so if you're worried you can just google them for gods sake!" I said raising my voice unintentionally. 

"I dont think thats what he meant dear so calm down its alright." Amanda said rubbing her hand up and  down my back to relax me.

"She's right I didn't. I meant how do you know they're not like the 'friends' you had in school who you thought you could trust but then just left you when you needed them." He explained reminding me of my old school friends who abandoned me when I went back after my parents death.

"They weren't my friends where as the guys are for goodness sake! I mean Niall knows and he was the complete opposite to them, he looked after me and cheered me up!"  

"You told one of them?" Johnny asked with shock across his face, I never talk about it to anybody in fact Johnny and Amanda were the last people I told about my mum and dad and they found out when they adopted me. 

"Yeah..." I whispered with a lump growing in my throat. 

"But you never talk of it not even to us, people don't even know were you're foster parents. Why? I mean its great but why?" Amanda asked as Johnny just stared at me obviously still a little shocked.

"Well I had another nightmare at theirs when I stayed and he comforted me and well I just told him... It was easy. Yes I cried but it felt good to be able to trust him and he didn't question anything just let tell him and the more I told him the better I felt. Plus since I told him I haven't had a nightmare so I think that might of been why... you know 'cause I wasn't bottling it up any more. I don't know why I told him but for the first time since it happen nearly a year ago I feel like I can trust people again and well that all started with telling him..." I replayed the night in my head as I told them, a few tears in my eyes. 

They both just stayed silent through out, smiles growing on their faces and once I finished Amanda gave me in to a huge hug nearly pulling me off my stool. 

"I'm sorry Emi, I really am I didn't understand they meant that much to you. I love you and you can take the job even though you already did I'm giving you permission. Just let me meet them first." he smiled at me holding my hands across the bar. 

"Thank you! Thank you so much! I love you both so much! And actually you can meet them all in about 20 minutes I kinda already asked them as I wanted you to meet them! Thank you!" I said all with a bit too much excitement kissing them both on the cheek as they just laughed at me. "Shit wait 20 minutes! I need to go change... Thank you!" 

"Language Emi!" Johnny shouted.

"English Johnny" I joked flashing him a smile before running upstairs.


I ran in to my room pulling off my skirt and shirt throwing them in the washing hamper. Ummmmm what to wear? What to wear? Ah perfect my 2pac top! Slipping it on and a pair of ripped worn and washed out jeans with my white high tops. I had just enough time to pull my hair in to a high pony before heading downstairs just as the doorbell rang. Timing!


I opened the door to only Niall and Harry."Hey guys, wheres everybody else?"

"Why are we not good enough for you?" Harry pretended to be offended. 

"No just thought all of you were coming thats all, but please come in." 

"He's just messing with you, the other three are picking up Nandos and said I couldn't go with them or we'd be late so we drove here on our own instead." Niall told me before giving me a hug on the way in. 

Harry followed giving me a hug also but sempt more interested in my home than me. "Close your mouth Harry you might catch flies." I joked pushing his chin to close his mouth.

"Sorry just I think I'm in love with your house!" He stated looking round in wonder almost.

"Why are you so impressed, the apartment you lot share in way nicer than this!" I laughed.

"Nope but if you think so we can switch." He laughed.

"Thanks but no thanks... anyway do you want to go in to the living room I'll just go tell amanda and Johnny you're here and if the others arrive just answer the door." I said pointing them in the right direction even though Niall knew where he was going.


Once they'd all arrived we were sat round in the living room eating and messing around until Johnny walked in with a serious face... Oh no he's going to interrogate them. Amanda saw the worry on my face as she stood leaning against the door frame and mouthed 'I tried to stop him' but before I could try and stop him he'd already got their attention by turning off the TV and they'd all gone silent. This isn't going to be pretty and it's defiantly going to be embarrassing!

"Sorry to interrupt I just wondered if I could ask you a few things and make sure we're all on the same page with this tour thing." He said in the same tone he uses when making business calls.

"No it's quite alright sir, we do anything to have you're amazingly talented daughter come on tour with us so please go ahead." Liam spoke politely.

"Well first I'd like to at least know the names of you all as I've only meet Niall." He said giving me a small smile as I sat there looking embarrassed.

"Well my names Liam."

"Mines Harry Styles."


"I'm Zayn."

"You already know me but I'm Niall."

"Hi I'm Luke."


"I'm Calum."

"Ashton or Ash as most people call me."

They each responded all with a smile or small wave to Johnny as they spoke in tern.

"Right thank you, I'm Johnny and my beautiful wife over there is Amanda." He said pointing to Amanda who's cheeks had now gone a little rosy.

"Hi." All the boys chorused to her causing her to give a small wave back.

"Right now I'd just like to ask a few details, dates wise and such. First of all Emi said the tour was 9 months so is that with out breaks or returning home?"

"Well our first show is in London this Friday and after that we set of touring the UK first then on to Europe, we have a few days in between each show normally so there are a small amount of days off in between, normally spent traveling admittedly. We all return home for three weeks at Christmas going back New Years day and then in early june our tour should have finished and we will be in the US were we have a months vacation planned which she can happily join us for but by then work should be pretty much over so she's free to come home just after out last show. Of course you can meet us in different places if we have time off and that's practical for you but due to work and such it's unlikely she will be able to fly home. If there's an emergency or import occasion of course but generally we don't." Liam spoke again. Yep he's defiantly the mature one!

"Okay I think I got all that and that sounds fine, but did you say the first show was this friday?" Johnny asked.

"Yes sir, however due to the nature of the job she will have work to do before hand so everything is up and running for midnight of wednesday." Liam responded. 

"So her work officially starts today?" He asked with a little aggravation in his voice. 

"Yes it does, but I really don't mind. Its only some quick designs for the web designers and we all have a photo shoot to do on wednesday." I quickly responded so he wouldn't kick off. Probably should have told him the tour started soon and I'd be working before we left. Whoops!

"Okay but as long as we get to see you before you leave thats all I ask." He said with a small smile.

"Of course you will and its not like were not going to keep in touch when I'm on tour with them." I smiled back. 

"I know that I'd just like to spend sometime together seen as we've all been busy recently. Anyway next topic, rules young lady!" 

"Really? Rules?" I asked sarcastically.

"Yes. Only a few so you can calm down woman!" he laughed.

"Alright you can set five." 


"Woah no! Six then." I offered 

"How about nine, one for each you're friends." He bargained and got a few laughs from the boys.

"Fine..." I agreed whist giving him evils.

"Okay, 1. You stay professional, this is work not a holiday.

2. You call once a week at least.

3. If I read anything bad about you in the media because of this job you're coming home.

4. You're not allowed to go off on your own alone. So I'm counting on you lads to keep and eye on her..." he said to the guys who all were sat round clearly enjoying seeing me be embarrassed but agreed with him.

"5. No smoking, you know I hate it." I told me next making a few of the boys look uneasy.

"6. No getting drunk." 

"So I can drink but not get drunk?" I asked a little shocked.

"Yeah, I run a chain of bars telling someone not to drink isn't really my strong suit. Plus you drink with us and you know your limits so Im not going to be able to stop you." He laughed with the rest of us. I'll be honest that wasn't a rule I thought he'd of set. 

"7. No getting pregnant! You don't want to be a parent at 17!" 

"You're literally telling me that when you're 34 and Amanda is 33!" I joked, causing all the boys to laugh seen as apart from Niall they thought they were my birth parents.

"You know thats different!" He sighed rolling his eyes." Anyway 8. Apart from the one tattoo we talked about you're not allowed to get any! Just that one, you come home with arms like theirs and I'll be making you have them laser removed!" Yup that made them stop laughing. Did he not release he was kind of offending them saying that. Then again this was a life rule we had already talked about so I'm not surprised he brought it up so the boys were aware of it.

"And my last rule, 9. Just have fun, don't want you calling us telling us somethings happened and you want to come home or its all too much for you." he said making me smile, he was always looking out for me. 

"Of course I will, think I can live with those rules to be honest." 

"We'll make sure she sticks to them sir, you can count on that." Harry said wrapping his arm round me. 

"You break my trust and I'll break you're legs got it?" Johnny responded in a very serious tone but you could see by the look in his eyes he was joking.

"Y-Yes S-Sir." Harry answered with a look of pure fear on his face causing both me and Johnny to burst out laughing. 

"I'm just messing with you son! But do look after her." He said with a friendly slap on the arm. "Oh and call me Johnny, don't like this hole Sir business!" He continued before leaving the room with Amanda. 

"Im sorry about him guys!" I said with embarrassment once I heard the door close. 

"Its alright, I liked him!" Louis said turning the TV back on. 

"Yeah me too, he's funny and was just looking out for his little girl." Calum mocked me.

"Shut up Hood!" I shouted throwing a pillow at him! 


And thats how the night went on, just messing about, watching TV and talking about everything I'd missed out on since that day in the park and what we were going to be doing over the next 9 months.


I know it was a bit boring but it was kind of a filler chapter. 

Stay Crazy! - Mel X





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