Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


21. First show


Niall's P.O.V


As we walked down to the dressing room I saw Ash put his arm round Emi, I'll admit I was a little jealous. I know he didn't know how I felt about her but I still wanted him to back off, I was determined to let Emi see how I felt about her over this tour and as much as I love these eight guys like they're my brothers but I was not going to let her fall for any of them. 


Once we got to the dressing rooms I made sure I was sat next to her, just being this close to her gave me butterflies. Harry raised his eye brows at me when he saw we were sat next to each other and then fake yawned clearly hinting at me. Rolling my eyes at him I turned to look talk to Emi as everyone else was in their own conversations now. 


*Just before the show* 


"Alright guys you're on in five minutes." One of the staff put their head in to Luke and Cal's dressing room where I was sat with them, Mikey, Ash and Emi seen as the other four were still in wardrobe! 

"Okay thanks." Luke said as the man left. "I'm so excited!" He shouted jumping around.

"Bring it in for a pre show photo then guys." Emi said after taking a action shot of the overly excited Luke. The four of them stood in a line with there arms around each other as Emi took photos. She let out an adorable giggle as they pulled funny faces. How does she not see how adorable she is? 

"Come on let's get one with our biggest fan." Ash said pulling me up from the sofa. Emi rolled her eyes and shook her head a little before putting the camera up to her eye and taking the photo. 

"Got it! Let me just upload these quickly then I best be heading to my spot to take photos for the show, dont want to miss your entrance."  Emi laughed at the photo on her camera screen before connecting it to her mac, she uploaded the photos and posted them on the site all in a matter of minutes. Then hugging each of them she wished them good luck before she jogged off. Her pony tail swayed as she did and the way she was wearing my shirt round her waist made me want to see her in my clothes more often.

I didn't release I was staring until I heard Luke, "Answer me this, how can one girl be that hot, funny, clever, down to earth and talented all at the same time!" No! He can't like her she's mine! Well not yet but the she is going to be! She was made to be with me and I wasn't going to lose her to anyone.

"Mate stop thinking about her we need to go!" Mikey said heading towards the stage. Pretending I wasn't bothered by Luke's comment as I wished them good luck then headed towards our dressing room where the others were sat now they were all ready. "Hey guys, finally ready I see." I joked.

"Haha very funny, You just don't understand how much work it takes to have hair as good as this." Zayn responded with a sarcastic laugh.

"Should we go watch the guys set then?" Liam asked getting up.

"Yeah come on!" Lou yelled darting up and running of. 

"God that boy is crazy... but I love him!" Harry said before we all ran off to catch up with him.


We were all stood by the side of the stage watching the boys perform but I couldn't help but watch Emi instead, there she was on the other side of the stage in her own little bubble. As much as I hated the fact Luke liked her he was completely correct with what he said about her earlier, she was just pure perfection and I had no idea how she did it. 

"Hey guy's how'd you feel about introducing Emi to our fans tonight?" Li shouted over the boys music. 

"Yeah!" we all agreed.

"Nialler you wanna do it?" 

"Yeah..." I said hesitantly.

"Come on it'll show her she means a lot to us and if you're the one who does it then you're clearly the one who cares most even though we all love her we need to let her know that you love her love her." Li smiled at me and I nodded.

"Should we do it after 'Live while we're young'? Its the first song so it's when were saying our hellos." I asked and they all agreed that was the plan. 


"THANK YOU LONDON! YOU WERE AMAZING! WE LOVE YOU!" I heard Cal shout before they came running off. 




"... and live while we're young." Zayn sang the last line.

"HELLO LONDON!" I shouted as the crowd became even louder. Once they they became slightly less loud I carried on, "Thank you all for coming out tonight, we love you all and we hope you enjoy the show! But first we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our team who is going to be helping us create something very special for you for the this tour."

Pause for cheers.

"So we'd like to introduce Emi Woodson!" Her face was a picture, she took her camera down from her face and her eyes went wide when she herd her name. Seen as she kept refusing to come over Lou and Harry ran over and picked her up causing the crowd to laugh and her to let out cute little screams. Once they put her down she gave us all evils but her cheeks were scarlet due to embarrassment.

"This is Emi Everybody, She's our tour photographer and she's the one who will be updating and keeping you filled in with all the behind the scenes parts of the tour with the website that went live wednesday. So let show her some love." The audience cheered and screamed which just made her more embarrassed. God she's adorable.

She took some photos of us and the crowd before returning to her position, I kept looking over at her and pulling faces through out the show that caused her to laugh. It was as if I finally understood what the majority of our songs were about because they explained exactly how I felt about her. 


I'm in love with her.


Emi's P.O.V

Niall kept joking around through out the entire show, pulling faces at my camera and making me laugh. He really is making it hard for me to not want to be more than friends with him. I was falling for somebody I could never have so why did he have to make it harder than it already is.


*after the show* 


The boys had just finished with the fans that had back stage passes and I had updated everything on the website along with some quotes from the guys about the photos and through out the day. The boys were all happy with how it was looking and kept laughing at some of the photos I'd taken which made me feel like I was doing a good job. I had just finished posting a short video message from the guys that they had we had just filmed at the end of the show, so now we were currently sat on some random sofas backstage till Paul came to escort us to the tour bus and boy was I ready to go to sleep. 

"What's taking Paul so long?" Cal whined.

"He went to get me Nandos then he has to go get our bus." Niall stated. 


"Wow that woke you up." Niall laughed at me.

"Shhh my brain responds to like 10 things; food, shoes, clothes, puppies, art equipment, disney films, things I find funny, music, art and good looking men." I said counting them on my fingers. 

"Oh so your brain responds to us then." Harry smirked.

"Yeah keep dreaming." I said before resting my head on Nialls shoulder and partly falling sleep. 

"Niall foods here!" I heard someone shout whilst I was half asleep.

"Can you bring it her Emi has kinda fallen asleep on me." I heard Niall say with a soft laugh before I fully fell asleep. I couldn't be happier.



Niall's P.O.V


I dont think I could be more content than I am right now, Nandos and the girl I'm in love with asleep on me. She kept wriggling and getting tighter into me and I must admit it felt amazing.  

*click* *click* *click* 

I looked away from her to see Harry and Lou taking a photo of us on their phones and Liam taking one on Emi's camera. 

"Dont you dare post them on twitter!" I threatened Lou and Harry.

"Too late!" Harry said and then within a second my phone started to light up with hundreds of twitter notifications.

"Really guys!" 

"What you too look good together and you're gonna look back at that photo later and thank us."

"Yeah but if she starts to get hate I'm blaming you two." 

"WHAT ABOUT LI!" Lou yelled!

"Shhhhhh you'll wake her! And Li took it on her camera and hasn't posted it on twitter!" 

"She won't get hate, she doesn't even have twitter and if you looked at your phone you'd see that everyone thinks the same as us."

I picked up my phone and scrolled through a few of the comments on both Lou and Harry's photos to see harry was right, in fact I hadn't read a bad comment yet. Wow! We agreed not to tell Emi about it though just incase she got the wrong idea. Five minutes late Paul came back to tell us we could get on the bus now. 

"Does somebody want to wake Emi up?" Paul asked us.

"I will." Luke jumped up.

"No don't, I'll just carry her. Li do you want to take her bag and camera?" I cut him off.

"Umm yeah alright." he answered hesitantly. 

I picked her up and carried her bridal style down the corridor, She was so incredibly light that it just felt right carrying her in my arms and the way she nuzzled in to my neck tickling my skin with her breath was heavenly. I loved having her in my arms, it was as if that was were she belonged. 

"You were pretty short with Luke back there and he keeps giving you dirty looks is everything alright?" Lou asked as he walked along side me.

"Yeah just didn't want him to wake her." 

"You mean you wanted to carry her?" he laughed.

"I must admit she feels amazing in my arms." I said looking down at her.


Emi's P.O.V


I started to wake up only to feel two strong arms round me, am I been carried?

"Shhhh it's alright." I head what must of been Niall sooth me in his gorgeous accent.

"Niall put me down..." I mumbled still with my eyes closed.

"No, I'm carrying you to the bus."

"I can walk you know."

"Yeah but you were asleep, plus were here now."

I opened my left eye to see we were I fact at the tour bus.

"Put me down now then!"

"Nope I'm carrying your bunk!"

"No you're not!" I said as I tried to wriggle out of his arms. 

"Stop wriggling!" He laughed.

"Never!" I shouted just as I finally got free.

"You're so unfair you know that."

"Yeah but you love me!" 

Well I wish you did...


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