Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


17. Finally over

Emi's P.O.V


Today's the day! All my hard work over the last few months pays off today, which also means it's my last day working with the guys and don't really know how I feel about that. My feeling for Niall are still there but ever since that day at the park and I shouted at him when he returned my sketchbook he's not been friendly with me, non of them have. It's just been serious, professional work relationship like I wanted, well thought I wanted... But there's no time to dwell on that now guests start arriving in less than an hour and me and my team have only just finished setting up.


I was invited to the event like nick said and due to things running behind time slightly I now only had about forty five minutes to change in to my dress, fix my hair and put my mask on. Yes they stayed with the masquerade theme.

"Right guys I think that's everything!" I told my team as Frankie finished arranging one last decoration earning cheers from each of them.

"Thank you so much guys you've all been so amazing, let's bring it in for one last team hug." I thanked before been crushed by the six of them as they thanked me in return and complimented me on my work.

"Don't you need to be going to get really Emi you've not got that long." Luke said looking at his phone.

"Yeah I really should so I guess I'll see you all around and good look with everything." I smiled as I ran off to one of the back rooms of the venue that they had allowed me to use to get ready. Unfortunately my team didn't get invited which was a shame as it would have been nice for them to be able to enjoy it after they'd put a lot of hard work in, plus I would have liked to have some people there that I knew and were my friends.


I ran in to the dressing room that I had put my stuff in earlier and started to get ready. Forty minutes of 5sos songs later this ugly ducking looked like an average swan! My dress was simple, it had a black sweetheart strapless bodice that was covered by off black lace and then a flowing skirt that fell just off the floor and meant the toes of my black shoes were showing. I partnered it with my silver pandora and my mothers wedding ring. Two items that only ever come out when I'm in need of encouragement. My hair was curled and pinned up with some strands just framing my face, nothing special but it's not like I'm here to impress.

I viewed myself in the mirror once last time before grabbing my phone out the dock slipping it in my clutch and grabbing my lace mask. I walked back in the the ball room to find the event already underway, looking round I couldn't see the boys anyway and decided it was safe to go get my self a drink.

"What can I get you madam?" The bar man asked me.

"Just sparkling water please." I smiled.

"Water? You do know this is a party?" An Australian accent commented from behind me.

"Actually it's a ball and I'm only 16 so I won't be drinking alcohol and I like water so-" I stated only to stop myself when I turned to see who it was. "OMG you're Calum Hood, the Calum Hood!"

"Ha I don't know about being 'the Calum Hood' but that's defiantly my name! Yours? And I'm guessing you're a fan?" He asked with a chuckle.

OMG that chuckle.

"Emi and Yeah I am actually which is odd because I don't really like that much pop music, then again I guess you're not really a pop band so..."

"Well thanks, means a lot to us seen as were just starting out still."

"Well you must have done something right to be here."

"Niall's a fan actually so he invited us, crazy I know! How about you how'd you get your invite."

"I designed it all." I said motioning my hands round the ball room.

"Designed it all?"

"Yep everything for this event, from the invites to decorations, the portraits on the walls right down to the napkin for this drink" I said holding up the napkin my glass was sat on.

"Woah that's amazing everything looks fantastic by the way."

"Thanks." I replied smiling at him.

"Hey come on I'll introduce you to the other three idiots." He joked standing up and holding out his hand for me to take.

Hand in hand I followed him through the crowd to the table they'd claimed only to find that Niall was sat with them. Shit!

"Guys meet Emi, she the designer for this hole event." Calum introduced me. "Oh and she's a fan so don't bother introducing yourselves." He laughed taking a seat.

They each greeted me and complimented my work as I sat down but as soon as I did I could feel Niall's eyes on me.

"Yeah everything turned out perfectly." Niall said giving me a small smile which I returned and thanked him. 

"So what you working on now this jobs over?" Ashton asked starting up conversation.

"Ummm I've got nothing lined up actually. This was my first job ever and to be honest I'm pretty sure I won't get many more offers like this one. It was nothing like I thought it would be plus I probably made it a lot more stressful than it should have been." I said only to see Niall's head drop before he stormed off. Strange.

"Oh bye Niall." Michael said shocked at his sudden departure before talking to me "Well it can't be your last job if you're this talented! And don't even say you won't get any offers, you just worked for one direction so people must be queuing up for your services!"

"I highly doubt that and even if they were I don't really want to do work like this I only really liked the more graphic design elements and I kinda want to spend some time focusing on photography 'cause I couldn't do anything like that really as they called in a professional to do all that." I told the truth.

I stayed with the four 5sos lads for the pretty much the rest of the night just chatting and really getting to know them, they were all hilarious and I had loads in common with them so it wasn't like we were going to run out if things to talk about anytime soon and I really didn't want to anyway.


Niall's P.O.V


...It was nothing like I thought it would be plus I probably made it a lot more stressful than it should have been" Her beautiful voice broke my heart. Tears threatened in my eyes, I needed some space, with my head down I got up as quickly as possible. 

"Oh bye Niall" I hear one of them shout but I didn't look back to see who I couldn't risk Emi seeing the effect she had on me. She'd just think I was been a typical cocky famous boy who thinks girls should be throwing themselves at me. But I wasn't, only having a professional relationship with her for this last month has been killing me, I'd fallen hopelessly in love with her but thinking she liked me back had kept me going knowing till now. I thought I'd of been able to apologise to her and now that work was over we would have been able to go back to hanging out without this hole work thing hanging over us. Clearly not.


I paced back and fourth along the corridor of some of the back rooms trying to compose myself as I knew were were performing later and I was making a speech as a thank you to our guests for coming and everyone that helped out, thanks to the guys! I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard the door to the ball room open, "There you are mate! We've been looking all over for you!! We go on in 5!" Liam called walking up to my.

"Oh sorry, just needed some time to think" I put on a fake smile.

"Whats the matter, and don't you dare say nothing I know your fake smile" He asked.

"Nothing just don't think this master plan with Emi has worked and I just don't know what I'm going to do..." I replied trying to keep any more tears from forming seen as I needed to get up on stage in 5.

"I wouldn't worry about it tonight, enjoy tonight and then tomorrow well work out a way of sorting this all out." He smiled wrapping an arm round my shoulders and walking my back in to the ball room.


"Thank god! We were about to start!!" Zyan said as we walked up to them by the stage. 

"Haha sorry guys, lets do this then!" I smiled giving Liam a small thanks before we jumped on stage. 

After singing 'Live while we're young' and 'Up all night' it was time for me to make this god damn speech, hopefully I could keep it together. 

"Hi everybody, hope you enjoyed that and you're enjoying this ball we've thrown for you all! We'd like to thank all of you for coming but we'd like to give a special thank you to the amazingly talented girl who designed and put this event together for us as it was seriously a huge pleasure to work with you and you've done a beautiful job." I had to pause before caring on... "So Emi would you please come up here and except the credit you deserve for all your hard work." I finished before gesturing for her to come join us. Everybody clapped as she made her way up to us, Harry helped her up the steps and walked to over to us, it wasn't until now that I had noticed how beautiful she looked tonight in her dress and the way her chocolate locks were delicately pinned. I handed her the microphone speechless by her looks and trying to avoid her deep blue eyes that I was completely in love with.

"Ummm... Thank you." she stuttered clearly unprepared to be called up her. "Thank you guys it was a pleasure working with you also, this was an amazing experience and I'm just happy you liked the work I did for you.... Ummm I don't really know what else to say but thank you again." she laughed a little and smiled at us finishing her small on the spot speech, that was it working with her was over. Not that that mattered now anyway, She was probably over the moon she no longer had to work with us but I was at rock bottom knowing she didn't want to see me again.


I dont really remember much of the night after that, Harry and me drank lots. Think it was his way of cheering me up and well I didn't have a better plan so I rolled with it... 



 Hope you liked it and I'll try and update as soon as I can.

Stay crazy! -Mel x








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