Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


9. Feeling better?

Emi's P.O.V


*early morning the next day*


I don't know why I got so upset at the picture of my mum and dad I found whist putting my records away. They normally make me smile and rethink all the happy memories connected to that photograph but this time I just broke down...


...I'm glad Niall was there though, it was nice to have somebody to comfort me. It's not like Amanda and Johnny don't it was just different having him there. I may not of known him for long seen as two days ago I hated him and I'm not ready to tell him why I was upset but I'm glad he was there.


After that we simply sat down in the living room watching Captain America with no mention of my crying. I remember feeling sleepy and resting my head on his shoulder but I haven't the slightest idea how I ended up in bed... I looked over to my night stand to check the time but a piece of folded up paper caught my eye instead. It was a note, from Niall.



You fell asleep on me and I didn't want to wake you so I carried you to bed when your mum and dad got in. (They looked a little shocked to see me here actually) Thank you for an amazing day yesterday and I hope you're feeling better.

Niall x

P.s. Call me when you wake up so I know you're alright. ###########



I smiled as I reread the simple note. I picked up my phone to see it was 5 am, probably too early to call so I'll send a text.


To Niall

'Hi it's Emi, thanks for the note and looking after me yesterday! I'm feeling much better now :)'


I checked my messages to see I had one from Nick to say he'd arranged a meeting at 4.00 to go over my ideas with the boys. Good thing I finished most on the first day! Just as I was about to put my phone back down I got a reply from Niall. Maybe I was wrong about it been too early.


From Niall:

'Thats good to hear, I'm always here for you if you need me. And Emi? x'


To Niall:

'Thank you. Yeah it's what everyone calls me. :)'


From Niall:

'I like it it's cute! x'


To Niall:

'Shh! How come you're up so early? :)'


From Niall:

'Actually I've got to go we have early rehearsals today so we can make your meeting later. Sorry but I'll see you later x'


To Niall:

'Okay, see you later :)'


A smile crept on to my face as I put my phone down. I didn't know why though, me and Niall aren't even friends I don't think. Even if we were we could never be close because this had to be a strictly work relationship. Plus after this job it's most likely I'll never see him again and even if we could I doubt he'd want to.


Even thought it was early I was too awake to sleep and I had designs to finish for this afternoon. So after a quick shower and I got to work on my designs.


*before the meeting*


I sat in the back of the black taxi Nick had booked on the way to Columbia's London office. I was quite nervous this time, Nick calling and saying he had to go to another job so couldn't come with me too the meeting kinda threw me. When we pulled up to the building the nerves grew even more, I stepped out and grabbed my A3 art folder with incredibly shaky hands as I thanked and payed the driver. I stood there for two minutes taking deep breaths and calming me self down. Once they were under control I straighten out my white pencil dress, making sure my black belt was sat just so and my curls hadn't fallen flat before walking in and straight up to the front desk.



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