Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


14. Day and days after

Niall's P.O.V


There was a thin gap in my curtains letting a small strip of light from my doors in to my room and directly in to my eyes waking me up. I tried to shift my body to get the light out I'm my eyes but found I couldn't thanks to the perfect girl that was cuddled tightly in to my chest. I couldn't help myself from looking at the way that even in my huge shirt on, her curves still looked so amazing. She wasn't stick thin but she was no wear near fat just that perfect feminine figure that I find so attractive. I tried to stop myself but had to run my fingers through what were her curls but were now natural soft messy waves framing her face. I twisted and twirled the lock in between my fingers as I studied her peaceful face. The way her long thick eyelashes tickled her rosy cheeks and the little smile on her pink lips made me completely forget about the broken angel I comforted last night.

She stirred slightly and I quickly pulled my hand away and diverted my attention so she wouldn't think I was been creepy.

"Morning Niall." She yawned as she stretched and sat up with her legs crossed.

"Morning Emi." I said trying to keep my morning voice at bay because I really hated it.

"Thanks for last night." She smiled at me.

"Awh really you don't have to thank me I'm just glad I was there to look after you." I said sitting up also.

"You won't tell anybody will you?"

"Of course not! I promise you're secrets safe with me!"

"Thank you ... Again."

I just chuckled in response, does she really not understand I want to be there for her and I always will be.

"Do you mind if I use your shower then I'll call a cab and be out of your hair... Which I must admit looks pretty funny at the moment!" She laughed joking about my really messing hair.

"Shhh we can't all wake up with perfect hair!" I faked offended.

"I suppose you can't! But seriously do you mind?" She said flipping her hair.

"No of course not, there's a towel on the hooks, shampoo and stuff on the shelf in the shower and in the bottom draw by the sink I think there's a spare toothbrush." I said listing the things she may need.

"Thanks!" She smiled and hugged me before getting up and heading in to my bathroom.

I got up also and headed to the main bathroom to use the other shower quickly. Once I got out I wrapped a towel round my waist and headed back to my room. I couldn't hear the sound of the shower running anymore so I quickly thew on some new boxers and some dark jeans before she opened the door and walked out in just a towel with her wet hair in a messy pony tail.

"Ummm hi." She awkwardly waved and I could tell she was trying not to look at my chest making me chuckle a little.

"Enjoying the view?" I teased making her blush.

"Ummm... I... Umm just..." She said shifting awkwardly looking down at her tiny toes.

"I'm just kidding with you, never meant for you to feel awkward." I smiled putting a random white top on with out looking at my choice particularly.

"Thanks." She smiled as the blush started to fade slightly. "Could I possible borrow something to go home in, there's a weird food stain on my football tee from last night and I kinda don't have clean underwear." She mumbled the last bit.

"Yeah help yourself to whatever you want and when you come down I'll have some breakfast ready." I gestured to my wardrobe and then walked out the room to the kitchen to make some breakfast for us.


Emi's P.O.V


His morning voice is so incredible sexy... Especially mixed with his accent! And waking up to him playing with my hair and my head on his chest was seriously something I could get used I mean for goodness sake I pretended to be asleep just so I could stay there a little longer.

To say I'd only known Niall a few days I was defiantly starting to gain feeling for him, well at least I think I was I've never had feeling for someone before!


Once I heard the door click closed I walked in to his wardrobe and god did this boy have a lot of clothes and good taste. I slipped on a pair of his boxers feeling very awkward before putting my shorts from yesterday, bra and top that a slept in on not wanting to borrow another top of his. After looking out his doors quickly I noticed a few clouds in the sky meaning it was going to be colder today so I slipped on a red plaid shirt to keep me a little warmer and a pair of socks that were far to big but I needed.

I then let my pretty much dry hair down and ran my fingers through it happy with the soft natural waves before picking up my football top, yesterday's undies and socks and my phone. I checked my phone on the way down to the kitchen to see I had a new text from Johnny.

From Johnny:

'Hi honey Amanda told me you're staying at one directions house? I must admit I thought she was joking but obviously not... I know it's late notice but I have to work from 9 tomorrow (or today If you don't read this till the morning) so seen as you didn't take a key you might want to be home before 8.45! :)'

SHIT ITS 8.20!

"Niall! Can you drive me home I need to be back by 8.45 or I'm locked out!" I shouted running in to the kitchen.

"Umm yeah yeah okay... What about breakfast?" He said looking a little upset.

"Not the time! Have it when you get back but now we have 25 minutes to get me home!"

"But... But... Fine! I'll get my keys"

We rushed out the apartment letting Niall quickly tell text Liam where we were for when he wakes up and drove quickly back to mine just in time as Johnny was just about to leave!

"Cutting it close aren't we!" Johnny joked as I literally jumped out the car.

"I like to live life on the edge!" I joked back trying to play it cool.

"Of course! Nothing to do with you never checking your phone like ever."

"I'm here aren't I and that's the main thing so shhhh." I said kissing him on the cheek.

"Yeah I guess anyway I best get going can't be late. Love you and thanks for driving her home Niall!" He said before passing me my key and getting in to his car and driving off.

"Thanks Niall I had fun!" I said turning back to him.

"You need to stop saying thank you! It was nothing."

"Well thanks anyways and I'm sorry. I'll give your clothes back when I next see you."

"Keep em if you want they look better on you anyway."

"Oh wow ... okay ... you sure?"

"Yes you look beautiful in them"

"I know you're lying but thanks, I best go so I'll see you soon. Bye Ni!" I smiled hugging him before picking up things from his car.

"Bye Emi. See you" he called before getting in his car and driving off.


I didn't hang out with the boys again over the next week until our meeting, we were both busy with work but I'd still text them all the time. I had finished some drafts for the final design staying with classic black and white color scheme the boys decided on.

Me and Johnny flew out to meet Amanda on Saturday evening to spend the Sunday in Paris with her. It was great to just have some time as the three of us again they'd both been busy with work and I was going to be as the event got closer and closer. But for the hole week up until our meeting on the Wednesday I couldn't stop thinking about one of those five boys in particular...

And seeing him at that meeting reminded me why... I was falling for him and I was sure of it.


In the middle of exams right now so I haven't had much time to write.

Stay crazy! - Mel x




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