Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


38. Breakfast



Emi's P.O. V


The early morning sunlight fought its way through the curtains leaving the room in a low glow, good that means it's still only early morning. I started to move my head around in order to loosen my neck after my amazing nights sleep. Looking to the left my eyes fell upon the most amazing sight in the world. My boyfriend, Niall James Horan. His bleached blond hair sticking up in every direction and falling over his eyes even so slightly. He looked like an angle in this light so peaceful and relaxed, I carefully reached my hand out to brush is hair off his face so it wouldn't irritate him whist he slept. I pulled back the covers and wriggled out of Niall's tigh hold round my waist so that I could get up, not before pressing a lingering kiss on his now exposed forehead though.


I unplugged my phone from its charger, checking it quickly to find I only had a few texts from Amanda and Johnny asking how everything was and how I was doing. I quickly typed my responses before setting my phone down next to my cameras on the small coffee table by the sofa. Turns out the other lads had my camera last night, they'd gone out the take some photos for the website whist they were sight seeing. Zayn's idea of course, always looking out for me it seems! I had a quick flick through last night when they all came in to our room once they got back. The photos are perfect and they're just the kind I need for the website.

The boys in those photos are like brothers to me, constantly looking out for me and ensuring I'm okay. It's all they sempt to do last night, that and feel the need to apologise for some reason but me and Niall were having non of it, from Harry especially! Luke I think was the least happy that we were back together which I guess I can understand but wished I didn't have to. But anyway that was last night, today is a new day and the boys have a show tonight so we are going to be busy busy busy! Best start getting ready then.


Niall's P.O.V


I begun waking up after the best nights sleep ever. To say that I'm on cloud nine right now would be a massive understatement, there is just something amazing about sleeping next to my gorgeous girlfriend that instantly puts me in a good mood from the second I wake up. By barely opening my eyes I noticed that it was still pretty early morning meaning I can spend some time cuddling Emi before I have to get up. I reached my arm out to her side of the bed to pull her back in to my embrace seen as she sempt to have wiggled out of it during the night. Boy she must have moved a lot in her sleep to be this far away! Wait thats the edge of the bed? She's not here! Sitting up quickly I'm started to think I didn't have the amazing nights sleep I though I did. I moved to sit on the end of the bed looking round our room to if there was any sign of where she may have gone. 

I heard the room door unlock, and be pushed open. "Shit." I heard her curse making my chuckle. She's so adorable that is sounds so out of place when she swears sometimes. Just another of the little things I love about her.

As she came in to view I took her in. Her wavy hair held back slightly by her sunglasses on the top of her head but then flowing over her right shoulder. The other only covered by the thin straps of her bra and Pink Floyd vest which was tucked in loosely to her denim shorts showing off her amazing tan legs.

"I didn't think you'd be up yet." She laughed setting her purse down on the sofa along with a brown paper bag she was carrying and two to-go cups and kicking off her black and battered Toms.

"Well I intended to have a lay in and cuddle but there wasn't anybody there to do that with." I pretended to be annoyed whist pulling her on to my lap so she was sat straddling me.

"Oh well I'm sorry, I brought breakfast and coffee from that little café a block or two away though. Intended to be back here before you got up so I could set up breakfast and then wake you up." She smiled before kissing me but pulling away all too quickly. She wanted to wake me up with breakfast, she knows me so well. Yet another thing I love about her.

"I guess that kind of makes up for it, what breakfast did you bring?" I joked acting if I was still annoyed.

"Oh I'm sorry Mr grumpy gills, I got chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I also brought you a double expresso because today is going to be busy and you're going to need lots of energy and a English breakfast tea for myself because I was craving a little taste of home."

God she's perfect. She best know that!

I smiled at her, just in awe of her perfection and in wonder of how she was mine.

"What are you smiling at?" she giggled.

"You. You and you're utter perfection." I told her honestly.

"Well you're perfect to me to, now come on let's eat before everything goes cold." She giggled more as she slid off my lap and out to the balcony with breakfast. See? She's perfect!



Hi you amazing people who are reading this! This chapter is really short but it's because I've decided to go back and edit and hopeully improve the previous chapters from the beginning but I'm going to try and still write new chapters at the same time. Thank you so much for reading and like or favourite if you like but its cool if you don't, no hard feelings! 

Stay Crazy! - Mel x

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