Stay professional

Life is finally getting back on track for Emi when she gets to work as a designer for a record label but can she deal with her boy band clients? Will she start to see then in a different light from the hate she had before and can she remember to stay professional?


24. Birthday

Firstly I'll like to say sorry for not updating sooner, I've been on holiday for the past week and couldn't finish this chapter till I got back :( Plus this chapter is pretty long and it took me a while to edit but I hope you like it.

Stay crazy! -Mel x



Emi's P.O.V


Its late October now and we've been on tour for just under 2 months and I must admit I've loved every second of it so far. Li helped me get some vinyls for Niall's birthday which included some early Daft punk as we both agreed their old stuff is best and he seemed to really like them so that was good.

I've become a lot closer to the boys as well; Li is like a farther figure to me, Haz is a little flirt still but he and Zayn are like over protective brothers. Lou is my partner in crime when it comes to pranking and making me laugh (He is also however like my best girlfriend who takes me shopping and helps me pick out outfits which is a little strange!). Ash is teaching me to drum which is so much fun and I'm loving it! Cal, Mikey, Luke and Ash are like my best friends and music soul mates as they love a lot of the same music as me and we have countless numbers of inside jokes. Luke is always a little flirty but I'm not sure if thats just how he is like Haz so I don't really mind and I'm sure it's meaningless. And then theirs Ni... who I'm closest to out of them all and who I'm completely in love with...


We have just come from Ireland where the boys played a show and then we spent yesterday with Niall's family who are just amazing and his mum reminds me so much of mine. She's so kind, supportive, sweet and caring. Plus she is an amazing cook! It was perfect and I think I was probably just as upset as Niall when we had to leave.



"Hey Emi, were landing in 5 do you want to be getting you're stuff together." Haz said to me snapping me out of my small day dream.

"Yeah okay, thanks." 

"You okay love, I've sat next to this entire flight and you've been really quite just listening to music and working."

"Not really...It sounds strange but I kinda wish we'd had longer in Ireland and with Niall's family." 

"That doesn't sound strange at all. We all love it there but you mean because of him mum don't you?"

"Yeah... she reminds me of how my mum was."

"Hey come here, I'm sure Niall would be happy for you to visit over christmas and I was talking to her and she really likes you, said you're like the daughter she'd have wanted." He said putting his arm around me.


"Yeah, I wouldn't lie to you and I'm sure if you asked him he'd happily invite you."

"Thanks anyway will you get me my camera whist I pack up my laptop and headphones." 

"Any thing for you love." 



*At the hotel*


Luckily there weren't many fans at the airport or outside the hotel we were staying in for two nights as the tour bus wasn't here yet, probably due to the fact it was pretty much the middle of the night when we landed.

"Right we've got two penthouse suites, Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael you're in one and Emi you're with the guys in the larger one as that has 3 bedrooms compared to 2." Paul told us in the lobby before handing us our room keys. 

"Here let me take that for you." Ni said picking up my duffle bag whist I carried my small suitcase as most of our stuff was still with the tour bus.

"Thanks, I could have managed you know." 

"Yeah but I'm a gentlemen." 


The six of us got to our suite and as soon as we walked off they they all started shouting about who they were sharing with and which room was the biggest while i just stood there shocked by the amazing room we were staying in but they looked at it like it was any other room, then again this is normal to them. 

"Me and Harry call this one!" Lou said running in to one room.

"My and Li are in this one!" Zayn said before they disappeared in to another.

"Looks like you drew the short straw then." I said as me and Ni were left standing there.

"You are pretty short!"

"Hey just because you lot are all freakishly tall doesn't make me short!" I sassed as a jokingly hit I'm on the arm.

"Yeah keep telling yourself that. Anyway lets go see what room we've been left with." He said walking in to our room.

"OMG I call this bed!" I shouted Jumping backwards on to the bed closest to the balcony doors.

"You're so silly!" He laughed. 

"Thank you!" 

"Right me and the guys need to go talk to the others about something, you gonna be alright on you're own for a bit?" 

"Yeah I have some work to finish anyway."

"Okay, have fun with work and we'll be back later." He smiled before leaving me on my own. A few minutes later I heard more doors closing and then silence as I they left me completely on my own. 



Luke's P.O.V


Niall asked us all met up in Ash and Cal's room, leaving Emi on her own as he wanted to ask us to help him with something 

"Right Emi's birthday is tomorrow well today and we have a show on the night and I kinda wanted to ask you're opinion on a song I wrote for her."

"Lets hear it then lover boy..." Lou said. Wait Lover boy? Niall likes Emi? But he can't she like the greatest girl I know and I was going to ask her out over the christmas so we could have some time off together. But how in the world was I suppose to compete with him! I was just going to have to step my game up and make her fall for me as I'm pretty sure she just thinks of us all as friends and nothing more at the moment. 

"...Oh, its you 

It's you they add up to

And I'm in love with you

And all these little things

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth

But if it's true

It's you

It's you they add up to

I'm in love with you

And all your little things." Niall finished singing and I have to admit the song was perfect and that just proved I couldn't compete, yes she's been the inspiration for some of our song lyrics but Niall had gone and wrote her an entire song that was just as beautiful as she was. Everyone was right to compliment him on it but I wasn't going to give up on her that easily.

"The songs beautiful you should sing it tomorrow at the concert." Harry told him. 

"Yeah, she won't expect it. Leave it for the end, we can leave you on stage to sing it last." Li suggested. 

So I have till their last song to win her over... You can do this Luke! 



Emi's P.O.V


The guys came back about an hour later making it some time around 3.00 in the morning. They'd all forgotten about my birthday which was technically today, and I know its silly but I was a little upset I'll be honest but I couldn't show it. Yes we're close but I wouldn't have expected anything so I dont really have a reason to be upset. I was laying in bed when I heard them come in so I just pretended to be asleep. 

"Emi we're bac-" I heard Ni say as he walked in. "God you're an adorable sleeper." He then whispered with a small chuckle as he pulled the sheets up over my shoulder and moved some locks of hair out of my face before doing something I could have only dreamed of. He kissed me... Not a full on kiss but he kissed my forehead before whispering "Sweet dreams beautiful" . I then heard the sound of clothes been tossed on the floor and then bed covers moving before he turned the light off and I actually fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face. He's already made this birthday perfect without even trying.




"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Emily, Happy birthday to you." I heard the group of them singing to wake me up.

"Come on sleepy head you're 17 now and you need to get up so we can give you you're gifts!!" Lou said pulling the covers off me. 

"Okay okay I'm up" I smiled opening my eyes and sitting up in bed before the nine of them piled on to the bed as well.

"Who's gift do you want to open first?" Harry asked.

"Woah woah woah it's far to early for shouting! Plus you guys didn't have to get me anything."

"Yeah we did so shhhh and open mine first." Harry said passing me a gift bag.


Harry got me a load of band tees and CDs, Liam bought me 4 lakers tickets for when were in LA but said I could take whoever I wanted, Zayn got me a new pandora bracelet with charms to do with the tour on which I could keep adding to and Lou got me three dresses that he admitted El chose. Ash got me my own personalised drum sticks and drum box which is so cool! Cal got me a Australia football kit as a joke (like socks and everything), Mikey got me a new pair Dr Martens and Luke gave me a beautiful silver bracelet with a quote engraved in it. Once they'd all given me their gifts they left and it was just me in Niall in our room.


"This is only part of my gift, I'll give you the other part this evening." Niall smiled passing my a large gift bag and small box. I opened up the bag to find he'd bought me a load of bracelets and jack wills clothing! All of which were exactly to my taste. I then opened up the box to see what had to be the most beautiful, small, silver locket with a photo of me and my mum and dad inside.

"H...How did you?" I asked shocked

"I talked to Amanda." He said blushing slightly. God he looks adorable when he blushes.

"Thank you so much." I said pulling him in to a hug with happy tears in my eyes.

"Do you want me to put it on for you?" He asked and I just nodded, turning my back to him. His soft hands brushed the hair of my neck giving me shivers before he clipped the necklace closed letting it fall on to my bare skin. The feeling of his warm breath on my skin, tickling me, knowing he was so close to me gave me butterflies. I slowly turned to face him to see we were only inches apart, it took al my self control to pull away from him before breaking the silence with just a whisper "It's beautiful Niall, thank you."

"Oh ... Well I'm glad you like it." He said stuttering over his words. "I have a gift from my mum and a couple from Amanda and Johnny for you."

"Really? You're mum got me something?" I asked a little shocked at his mum.

"Yeah she really likes you and wanted to get you something." He smiled passing me a gorgeously wrapped gift from his bag.

"Well tell her she didn't have to!" I said whist peeling open the paper to reveal a simple, brown paper photo album and a letter that read:


Emi it was a pleasure meeting you, you're are one of the most beautiful, smart, caring, interesting and honest girls I've ever met so please don't change. The work you showed me is fascinating and your photography skills amaze me, therefore I've bought you this album to fill with photographs that aren't for you're work but are more personal. I hope to see you soon and there's always a bed for you if you'd like to visit.

Lots of love and happy birthday xx


"Your mum is the sweetest!"

"She adores you, then again how couldn't she you're a mothers dream!" He smiled then passed me two more gifts. "These are from Johnny and Amanda, sorry about the wrapping they've been in my bag since London."

"Wow. I wouldn't worry about it." I smiled.

I opened the gifts to find Amanda and Johnny had given me a pair of shoes I'd been looking at since forever, they were black lace heels with bright red soles, and a brand new professional camera to replace my personal one that I had been using for a non work related project like the things I was going to now put in my new photo album.

"I feel so spoilt right now!" I said giving out a little excited scream.

"There's a card as well," Niall said with a laugh passing me it.


Happy 17th birthday honey, I hope you have an amazing day even though you're on tour and probably working today. We hope you like our gifts and make sure you found the £1000 we put in the shoe box so you can spoil yourself.. Make sure that the boys treat you like a princess today and we'll see you in month and a bit for Christmas!

We miss and love you lots, Amanda and Johnny xxxxxx





*at the venue*


This morning was amazing, after opening my gifts and getting ready the guys took me out for a traditional French breakfast and to a few local boutiques were they insisted on buying me things and didn't let me spend any of my birthday money. Unfortunately though the guys do have to perform tonight so we had to be here by 12 for rehearsals as per usual, I don't really get why they need to for every show but they don't seem to mind and it gave me time to call home which just made this day even better. Its 7.20 now so it's only ten minutes before 5SOS were going to go on so I was setting up my equipment to be able to update the website through out the show.

"Hey Emi, can I talk to you for a few minutes?" Luke said tapping me on the shoulder.

"Umm yeah but it has to be quick."

"Okay, come with me." He said dragging in to an empty dressing room.


Luke's P.O.V


"What did you want to talk about?" She asked me sweetly as I sat down next to her.

"Emi you're perfect you know that." I said looking straight in to her deep blue eyes.

"Haha very funny, we all know I'm not! I'm no where near perfect just look at me!" She said rolling her eyes.

"No Emily you're the most perfect girl I know and I was wondering if you would want to go out on a date with me?"

She opened her mouth to respond just as somebody shouted "1 minute till you're on!"


"Okay I need to go so save you're answer for when I come back." I said kissing her cheek and then running off before I got shouted at.



Emi's P.O.V


Luke likes me?

Luke fucking Hemmings likes me?

Fucking hell he just asked me out on a date!

But don't like him like I like Niall.

But he doesn't like me back but Luke does.

What should I do?

I should go out with Luke.

Luke likes me, I actually have a chance with him.

But I think I'm in love with Niall .

All these things ran through me head throughout the show, I could barely look at Luke during their performance. And I didn't really look at Niall through out their performance as I couldn't get my head around my feeling. That was right until the very end when Niall walked back out on his own with his acoustic guitar and sat down on a stool on the stage. Is he about to do a solo?

"Bet you weren't expecting this!" He laughed into the microphone. "However I would like to just sing one last song, I wrote this for somebody very special, so happy birthday perfect... This is for you." He smiled in my direction before he started to strum his guitar and sing the most beautiful and meaningful song I've heard.

Oh my God.

Niall wrote me a song.

Niall loves me... and he just told me in front of everyone... through a song... on my birthday.


All the thoughts of Luke washed away, yes Luke was amazing and any girl would dive at the the chance to date him but I was transfixed by Niall. He finished his song and the crowd went crazy but I sempt to block the noise out as all my attention was on Niall as he slowly got up and put his guitar down and made his was over to me. I was frozen, unable to move or take my eyes off him.

"Emily Woodson would you do me the honour of going out on a date with me?" He softly asked.

This has to be a dream!

Speechless and with a few happy tears I just nodded my head until I was finally able to get out a small, stuttered yes.

"Thank you! Thank you so much, I promise you won't regret it!" He almost shouted as he smiled wide and picked me up and hugged me causing the entire audience to go crazy whist I just laughed and smiled like a lunatic.


Best birthday ever.


Longer chapter I know but I hope you enjoyed it! What will this mean for Luke now Emi has agreed to go on a date with Niall!?!

Stay crazy! - Mel X









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