Alien Planet

Earth is dying rapidly. Volcanoes erupt dramatically destroying landscape. Tsunamis rein over the coast. Tornadoes destroy farmland. While all this is happening, humanity tries to help Earth's legacy go on for generation, but the only living things that can fit are animals and only ten families can fit in the shuttle. Inside the shuttle is that last of Earths trees as the other burned to ash from the volcanoes lava and was also swept away by tremendous tsunamis as it was carried away in the air by tornadoes.
[Cover by GreenTide Goldlight]


2. Everything Goes Wrong



As they were all laughing a they never noticed that they were close to Mars. An alert popped and they all looked at it. A female voice came up from the speaker.

"Everybody get ready before we land at the site of the colony!" The female voice shouted.

"Come on people, hustle!" George said.

When the left the bridge another alert popped up. A meteor was coming towards them. 

"Mommy how did we get here so fast?" Anthony asked his mom.

"Well we have these rockets that can make us go fast from Earth. Whoosh woosh, landing." Isabelle said to Anthony.

Anthony started to laugh and he ran to their room.

George went back to the room to get his coat. When he saw his coat he froze. He went to the mic as fast as he could and yelled loudly.

"Everyone we have a meteor heading for us!" George yelled.

They didn't know what to. None of them were told what to do in this kind of situation. 

They saw a radio and called the people at the station.

"Help, we have a meteor coming at us, what should we do?" George asked.

They waited a little bit until someone responded.

"There should be a manual in a drawer somewhere, we'll tell what to do also. First tell me where the meteor is." The man said.

Quickly find the book!" Bill said.

They went all over the searching for the book in every single drawer. Anthony found the book and the man called them again.

"Where is the meteor and did you find the book? The man said.

"We found the manual and the meteor is ... 5 o' clock." Alphonso said.

"It's almost here guys hurry up!" Isabelle yelled.

In the cargo bay the two stowaways on board they were scared that they would be caught or something worse, crashing into Mars at high speed and die in a horrible death full of destruction and fiery.

" What should we do?" One stowaway said.

"I don't know but this is crazy, you heard the mic right? It said that the is a meteor coming this way." The second stowaway said.

"Don't remind of that you idiot. That scared me, now i need a new pair of pants Fred." One said.

"Delia is it because you-" Fred was cut off.

"Before you ask i didn't soiled my pants and forgot my suitcase before we went left. I left it there because uh the zipper broke, the handles bent, and the wheels are gone for some apparent reason and I didn'trip the wheels off with my bare hands out of rage, anger, and hate." Said Delia.












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